The Many Benefits of Renting a Home
You keep hearing how it’s a buyer’s market. It seems like everywhere you go, someone is always talking about how they just bought a new house. While there is no disputing the fact that current mortgage rates are in favor of today’s buyers, that doesn’t mean that buying a new home is for ever Continue Reading
20 Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance 2016
This article represents my third on this topic, with the original written back in 2011. That was followed with a complete update in 2015, due largely to the fact that the health insurance landscape had changed so dramatically as a result of the implementation of Obamacare. I'm now planning to make m Continue Reading
Fact Vs. Fiction: Common Money Myths That Could Ruin Your Retirement
It is quite common and perfectly understandable to worry about your retirement and whether you will have enough money to do the things that you planned in your twilight years. Following certain common myths could even ruin your retirement. Life and your finances can sometime be unpredictable in Continue Reading
How might tickets and accidents affect your car insurance premiums? One speeding ticket in the last three years will likely not have a significant impact on your car insurance rates, unless it is a teenage driver. However, multiple tickets and accidents most certainly will impact your rates. If y Continue Reading
Build Savings or Pay Off Debt – Which Comes First?
Newsflash: You can’t get out of debt until you stop being broke! Some argue that if you’re in debt the priority needs to be to payoff your debts before attempting to build savings. Many call for the establishment of a small emergency fund—typically $1,000 — to handle contingencies, and then Continue Reading
Get What You Need Without Over Extending Yourself
Emergencies happen. They are usually unexpected. That means we have generally made no contingency plan for them. Such emergencies drive us into one desperate scheme after another. We turn to charities, only to discover how little they supply during times of need. We try to borrow money from family. Continue Reading
Why Paying Off Your Mortgage Isn’t Always the Best Strategy
This is something of a controversial topic. Ask just about anyone in the personal finance arena, and most will tell you that you need to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible. The basic concept is enabling yourself to live "rent free", so you'll have more money for everything else. It's hard to Continue Reading
Living the Carefree Life: A Retirement Preparation Planner
Everyone wants to have a care-free retirement, but the sizzle is often much louder than the steak. With financial planners switching gears to offer retirement planning advice to older generations, you’d think you would have nothing to worry about. But you do. Not all financial planners have Continue Reading
College is a big deal these days. Without furthering your education, climbing the employment ladder is next to impossible, yet the cost of college - whether out of state or local - is hefty. To afford two or four years, many students fall back on their parents if they're able to help. As a last-reso Continue Reading
Why Psalm 23 is a Psalm About Life – Not Death
If you have ever attended a funeral service, you have almost certainly heard the reading of Psalm 23. It's quite possibly the most famous psalm in the Bible (and there are 150 of them!), almost certainly because of its connection to funerals and ultimately death. And there's no question that it is a Continue Reading

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