The Restaurant of the Future? Only If We Can Say Goodbye to the Sports Bar
This infographic was forwarded to me a few days ago by another blogger, and I decided to publish it. It suggests the path that will ultimately result in the restaurant of the future - a sort of gaming lounge. It makes sense, given the advances in technology, particularly the marriage between smartph Continue Reading
Are You Preparing for Non-Retirement?
In Preparing for Semi-Retirement I made the case that due to economic conditions, many people would be forced to accept a modified version of retirement, and that such a retirement should be fully anticipated and prepared for. I b Continue Reading
How to Buy a Car with Poor Credit
We often hear or read about how to buy a car when you have credit problems. That can result in a loan with high—sometimes very high—interest rates, prepayment penalties and all kinds of unpleasant consequences in the event you can’t make your payments. But since the financial meltdown of 20 Continue Reading
An Under-Appreciated Skill: Leveraging Limited Resources
In a world that’s so hyper-focused on technical skills, “getting a good education”, and getting into “the right career”, it’s easy to overlook the critical importance of what we might refer to as “soft skills”. As shaky as things are in the economy and in the job market today, soft s Continue Reading
10 Reasons Why People Cannot Get Out of Debt
Everybody knows that too much debt is bad; the financial universe is filled with blogs, experts, and gurus who tell us as much and even how to get out. So why is it that people cannot get out of debt? Is it because debtors behave badly, that they fail to adequately confront their credit problems Continue Reading
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance 2015
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance is one of the most popular articles that I’ve written on this website. But it was written back in 2012, and my family and I have had to make significant changes in our health insurance during that time. I’d like to take this opportunit Continue Reading
Don’t Break These Rules for Your Family Summer Vacation
Spring break is over. Next up – the summer vacation! Are you ready? Traveling is not easy on any of us, but don't worry! The time together can be enjoyable and fun. Follow these tips and your next family summer vacation will be the best one yet. Before You Leave Pick out a family trip that' Continue Reading
A friend of mine spent several years working for a prominent local car dealership in the area, and though I’m not a “car guy”, I got a chance to learn about some of the inner workings of the business from a guy who was living it. And that’s what they do in the car business, by the way—the Continue Reading
10 Qualities of the Self-Employed Mindset
Mindset plays a bigger role in entrepreneurial success than anything--how you process and react will drive you forward even when there seems to be no way forward. Continue Reading
10 Driving Distractions That Can Cost – Everything
Driving a car - a several ton mass of metal, plastic, rubber, and electronics - is serious business. It takes training, paying attention, experience and alertness. Getting behind the wheel can have a lasting impact on more than just yourself. Driver education courses in schools are doing a much bett Continue Reading