8 Reasons Why You Should Pay Cash for a Car
One of the biggest line items in a typical household budget is car expense, and one of the reasons it’s so large is because of car loans. After decades of easy credit, we’ve been conditioned to think of car loans as a normal part of the car buying process. Not many people even think to pay cash Continue Reading
Is Forex Trading Right For You?
Investment is a big broad world with lots of methods for different kinds of people. You probably need to invest if you want to have a comfortable financial life in the future, especially during retirement. But contrary to what you might hear from investment advisers on TV and radio, there are more t Continue Reading
How High Income Can Lead to High Debt
Though it seems to run completely against logic, high income can lead to high debt. While it's generally thought that high income is the solution for high debt, the outcome is often the exact opposite. Often is because there is a certain amount of privilege that a higher income produces, and that ca Continue Reading
Never Bankrupt Yourself For a College Education
There was a depressingly interesting article early this week - describing the fortunes of yet another couple whose financial lives have been ruined by student loans. This article dealt not with students, but with the parents who took the loans to pay for their daughters to attend college, to the tun Continue Reading
Your Worst Enemy When Buying a New Car
When buying a car we can wrap ourselves in numbers, comparisons, interest rates and all kinds of other research projects that have a mathematical sound to them. But often, when it comes down to the moment of truth, the car we buy, how we buy it and how much we pay are determined more by our emotions Continue Reading
When Going Without Health Insurance is a Logical Strategy
In the past I stated that bad health insurance is better than no health insurance, and that is a common position in America today. But the limitation is cost. Health insurance is not just expensive, but very expensive. As in, budget-wrecking expensive. For that reason, there may be times when going Continue Reading
Knowing Your Investment Options: A Brief Rundown of Five Essential Instruments
A large number of people look to investing as a means to supplement their income or increase their wealth. The markets seem to offer dazzling opportunities for profit, and although the risks are undeniable, those who can stomach the risk are often drawn in. One of the most common misconceptions Continue Reading
When a College Degree is the Minimum Requirement for a Minimal Job
Many people are attending college - or sending their kids - out of fear that as bad as job prospects are with a degree, they’re far worse without one. Various studies and surveys support that conclusion, and I think that you’re still better off having a degree than not, at least in the long run. Continue Reading
The Many Benefits of Renting a Home
You keep hearing how it’s a buyer’s market. It seems like everywhere you go, someone is always talking about how they just bought a new house. While there is no disputing the fact that current mortgage rates are in favor of today’s buyers, that doesn’t mean that buying a new home is for ever Continue Reading
20 Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance 2016
This article represents my third on this topic, with the original written back in 2011. That was followed with a complete update in 2015, due largely to the fact that the health insurance landscape had changed so dramatically as a result of the implementation of Obamacare. I'm now planning to make m Continue Reading

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