Why You Should Make a Minimum Down Payment of 20% on a House
So many of the financial problems people face (and the country too) is the buy now, pay later mindset. That means financing most or all of major purchases. In fact, the dominant obsession now is 100% financing - on cars, recreational vehicles and even houses. It's all about putting the least down an Continue Reading
How Car Leases Torpedo Your Finances
When people are in need of a car, the focus is on the car itself to such a degree that it can seem as if the purchase is happening in a vacuum. After all, there’s always a dealer somewhere who will show us how we can afford something we’re not really sure we can. Often, that magical way to affor Continue Reading
15 Tips for New Business Start-Ups
I want to pass along some tips from Brandon Turner of www.entrepreneur.com on how to successful get a new venture up and running. Entrepreneurship is something OutOfYourRut.com encourages, so our goal is to make as many contributions to your plans as possible. These tips apply to new business start- Continue Reading
The Status Quo is the Real Winner in Iowa – Again
For months we've been treated to a presidential race buildup that's been spiced with outsider candidates - Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul, at the very least. Despite the theatrics and media attention, I've long suspected that none of these players had a serious chance of win Continue Reading
Preparing Yourself for the Next Big Thing in Your Life
I hope I'm not generalizing too much here, but I think that most people have some notion that there's something bigger and better out there for them. Call it natural human optimism. But at the same time, there's definitely a treading water quality to life. You may have big dreams, but you might also Continue Reading
Quick Tips to Save Money on Groceries
This is going to short and to the point. If you’ve read my earlier post on using coupons, some of it may sound familiar, but some of the suggestions are so simple they’re worth repeating. And they'll help you save money on groceries. First and Easiest Danielle Wagasky knows from firsthand ex Continue Reading
How to Become a Car Expert BEFORE You Buy
If knowledge is power then the lack of it is weakness! Don’t think this message is lost on your friendly neighborhood car dealer! Car salesmen can sniff the knowledge weaklings before they even get into the showroom, and will make them pay more before they walk out. The best counter strategy is to Continue Reading
Why Credit Unions Are Better than Banks
Many of us have had more than our fill with the banks. High and frequent fees, the lack of a personal relationship, and difficulty getting loans are hardly uncommon with banks. That's true even if you've been a customer of a bank for many years. But there is salvation out there, and you can find it Continue Reading
10 Budget Mistakes New Homeowners Make
Owning a home is the “American Dream.” But there are budget mistakes new homeowners make that can turn it into a nightmare! Ever since our culture began emphasizing that property possession is the epitome of personal and financial success, young marrieds have started planning for that big day Continue Reading
Whole vs. Term Life Insurance – Which is Better?
Everyone needs life insurance. They are two basic types of life insurance – term life insurance and whole life insurance. The whole vs. term life insurance debate has been going on for decades. Some want to believe that one has a clear advantage over the other, but I think it all depends on what i Continue Reading

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