11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance
Car insurance is virtually mandated in the Western world, and since you have to pay it, it helps to keep it is inexpensive as possible. How do you do that? Continue Reading
Does Exit Polling Work Any More?
In the 1950’s and early 1960’s if you ever saw photographs of a politician’s headquarters on election night, did you ever wonder who those people on the telephones were talking to? They were listening to reports from their contracted pollsters, giving them information on what voters were sayin Continue Reading
Why You Need to Get Your Car Loan BEFORE You Buy a Car
Whenever it comes time to buy a car there’s a strong tendency to go with the one stop shopping dealerships offer. But take advantage of that perceived convenience, and you may very well pay far more for the car than you should. Dealerships hawk ridiculously low interest rates on their financing, s Continue Reading
Ways To Increase Your Social Security Benefits
I’m always looking for ways to increase my income, so a friend recently told me about a book he was reading. Claimed the book had strategies on how to change the amount of Social Security benefits I could receive. He didn’t realize I’d already started drawing that seven years ago, so there’s Continue Reading
Jobs for New College Graduates – You May Have to Make Your Own
Despite the improving job market there is considerable evidence that jobs for new college graduates continues to be a problem. A Huffington Post article published this past spring, Recent U.S. College Graduates Disillusioned, Underemployed Says Poll, indicates that more than 40% of recent college gr Continue Reading
Cryotherapy  – The New “Cool” in Alternative Medicine
Editor’s Note: Here at OutOfYourRut.com we believe that healthcare costs in the US are politically programmed to go only higher. Obamacare was little more than a “sweeping” cosmetic effort to pretend that everyone would have health insurance, while masking the real intent, which is to feed the Continue Reading
Save Money By Taking Better Care of Yourself
In Is Now A Good Time To Go On A Diet?, we talked about using a diet as a way to save some money. As most of us understand, typical diet plans are expensive, requiring membership in the diet program, the purchase of healthier but more expensive foods, or even the purchase of food and meals directly Continue Reading
Why Real Estate Shouldn’t Be DIY
More than 80 percent of potential homebuyers begin their search for a new home online. Thanks to sites like Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow, prospective buyers can not only look for properties anywhere in the world, they can find out the exact address, get a glimpse of the interior of the home, and Continue Reading
Micro-frugality VS. Macro-frugality
Last week in How Frugality Becomes Counter Productive I wrote about how increasing income was more productive than cutting expenses. But the main take away in the post turned out to be what I thought was a minor point—one that I added just before publishing: micro-frugality and macro-frugality. Continue Reading
How Millennials are Achieving Work-Life Balance
It’s important not to overly generalize an entire generation, especially one as large as the Millennials. But with lots of 20- and early-30-somethings proving to be an odd fit in the traditional corporate landscape, many analysts are starting to take a look at common expectations that Millennial-a Continue Reading