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Why We Need to Approach Life With the Mindset of a Student
There’s a certain irony in being an adult. We expect children to be veritable sponges when it comes to learning, living in a state of perpetual willingness to soak up and master a relentless tsunami of new ideas. We fully expect them to approach life with the mindset of a student. But when it come Continue Reading
Editor’s note: I’ve accepted this guest post from Sophia Dennis because it ties into a post I’ve written earlier - Adding Product Lines to the Multiple Income Streams Mix - an activity I‘m looking to get into very soon. But the article also sets the stage for a series of posts I plan to writ Continue Reading
How I Cut My Car Repair Bill in Half – Again
I’m not bragging here, but I just did it again – I cut my car repair bill in half. And I’m hoping that the information I’m sharing here will be of some benefit to you on your next car repair episode. Car repair bills are a major part of the stealth expenses that are raising the cost of li Continue Reading
The Big Business Fixation on Systems Over People – And The Unintended Consequences
Official claims are that the economy is improving. New numbers come out monthly about the economy gaining jobs instead of losing them. Despite this, the widely held unspoken belief is that any recovery which has occurred has done little to heal the economic scars our nation has been awarded for surv Continue Reading
The Cost of a College Degree Depends On What the Major Is
Every so often we are presented with decisions and choices that could dramatically affect the rest of our lives. And they don’t come much bigger than deciding whether to continue with higher education by attending a university or college and ultimately graduating with a degree.  The cost of a col Continue Reading
Big Eats Little – Why the Economy Will Never Take Off
Until last week we had the best trash disposal service we’ve ever had. It was a small, locally owned and operated independent company that not only charged much lower fees than the big haulers, but they also delivered superior customer service. But on Monday – the day that we normally have pick Continue Reading
Are You A Foreclosure Sitting Duck?
What’s a foreclosure sitting duck? It’s a person sitting in a house that he knows he’s probably going to lose, but he hangs around and…just sort of lets it happen. You’ve probably seen examples of this happening. Maybe you’ve been in that position yourself. I don’t want to minimize Continue Reading
How Technology is Changing How to Sell Your House
Technology is sweeping across the economy – or more precisely, technological change is what's doing the sweeping.  It’s affecting every nook and cranny of the economy, and how we do business. It’s been having an effect on the real estate business for several years; Zillow and Craigslist are t Continue Reading
How Much Should You Invest in a College Education?
If you’ve ever read any of my posts on the state of college education today, you know I’m not a big fan of using college as some sort of default option for young people who aren’t sure what else to do with their lives. That kind of strategy says less about a kid’s goals and ambitions in life Continue Reading
Multiple Income Streams to replace One Man-One Job?
You may be employed at the moment - in fact you may even be well-employed. But look at many others around you and what do you see? With millions unemployed, millions more under-employed, and hundreds of thousands of jobs being outsourced to lower wage countries, what does the future of employment ho Continue Reading