Income Security VS Job Security – Does it Matter?
My friend Jay and I were talking about jobs this past weekend and he pointed out something that I hadn’t thought about: There are no astronauts any more! That may not mean too much if you’re under 30, but when he and I were growing up being an astronaut was the ultimate “hero career”. Bac Continue Reading
Good Retirement Planning Should Include a Low Cost – Debt Free Lifestyle
Most articles on the subject of retirement planning focus completely on growing tax sheltered retirement savings plans like 401k’s and IRA’s. It’s an effort to build a large capital base as a way of creating a strong retirement income to enable us to maintain the lifestyle we’ve become accus Continue Reading
Why Global Warming Is Probably a Load of Crap
At the outset, let me make it clear that I don't completely discount global warming. But I do see outside of the theory enough to believe that global warming is probably a load of crap. Not that the theory is completely impossible, but rather that it's almost certainly been given more credibility th Continue Reading
Life is Good: Apartment Rental Advice for College Students
Getting to attend university can be exciting and scary at the same time. There are so many challenges to settling in and finding your feet. One of your first challenges is finding a place to call your own. A university student hall is usually one of the first places to try as the accommodations are Continue Reading
An Alternative to Obamacare?
The following is a guest post from Amy Rosebush of United Health Advisors, provided at my request. Amy left a long, detailed comment response to my article, What To Do If You Absolutely Can't Afford Health Insurance 2015. It may offer an alternative to Obamacare, which is why I asked her to do a ful Continue Reading
New Car or Used Car – Which is the Better Deal?
Question: is a car an asset or a liability? That was a theory question in a sophomore level accounting course I took in college way back when. After some debate among the class, the professor confirmed what we all knew, that the technically correct classification is “asset”, but felt compelle Continue Reading
7 Resources for the Newly Self-Employed
As a small business guy myself, I get why so many people have trouble getting their businesses off the ground. You can have an outstanding idea, and a sterling business plan, but it's so easy to get hung up on small details. Those details could include missing just one or two pieces to the puzzle, s Continue Reading
5 Effective Ways to Enjoy Best Deals at Amazon
I have recently been bitten by e-shopping bug and loving it! There are so many online shopping sites but Amazon enjoys its monopoly in the virtual world. The online megastore, which offers you a larger selection of products, is like a megastar on the dot-com horizon. They are a darling for the onlin Continue Reading
7 Ways to Keep Your Car Longer
One of my core beliefs about the US economy is that we all need to get more out of less, and it should be obvious that this is no longer a temporary situation. Cars are one of the biggest expenses in the typical household, so there's plenty of economy to be had on that front. Learning ways to keep y Continue Reading
4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal
I’m sitting my upstairs office using my PC writing this piece. I could also get my laptop and go to the bedroom where my wife is watching Dr. Phil and work on it there. Or I could take my tablet and work downstairs in the kitchen. (But I’m not very good on the tablet keyboard, hunting and peckin Continue Reading