Why You Should Ignore the Unemployment Rate If You’re Unemployed
If you're unemployed, under-employed or just looking for a better employment situation, you may do well to ignore the unemployment rate. Like the official inflation rate and so many other statistics, the unemployment rates is - shall we say - highly optimized. It's more of a misleading indicator, an Continue Reading
Here’s Why You Can’t Get a Job or a Promotion
If you've been having difficulty finding work, or thriving in your current position, there are big picture factors that are playing a huge role. Though the government, economists, and even the mainstream media try to make it look like it's all your fault (not enough education, wrong skillsets, not e Continue Reading
6 Reasons to Hire a Business Advisor
As a business owner, you already know the importance of keeping your books tight and planning strategically for your business’ benefit. You can’t make a profit if you aren’t fully in control of finances, and it’s important to know where every cent goes. If you are contemplating hiring a busi Continue Reading
Becoming a Saver – The Foundation of Financial Success
There's are a lot of high-minded financial strategies being written about on the web. But it seems that for most people, finances are a lot closer to the ground. Given that 62% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings we may need to be concentrating on something much more basic. Becoming a save Continue Reading
7 Unexpected Challenges With Early Retirement
The topic of early retirement is a serious favorite among personal-finance blogs. While I believe that it’s a worthy goal, there are challenges with early retirement that are rarely discussed. I came up with seven that I think that if you are not prepared for, they can be a serious threat to the w Continue Reading
The Upper Middle Class Addiction to Conformity
Shouldn't higher income and greater net worth lead to a life of greater flexibility and individuality? Logic would seem to suggest as much. More commonly however, as people make the transition from middle/working class to the upper middle class, the addiction to conformity seems to grow ever larger, Continue Reading
Is Renting Becoming the New American Dream?
I first wrote on this topic back in 2012 (updated in 2013) when I posted Is America Becoming a Nation of Renters? What's interesting is that while the real estate market has shown some improvement since then, the basic trend toward renting remains firmly in place. This is despite the cheerleading co Continue Reading
Three Things to Do When You Are Facing Seemingly Insurmountable Debt
Most people will face seemingly insurmountable debt at some point in their lives. According to a study published by the Associated Press, more than three-quarters of American families were facing "some kind of debt" in 2004. In the wake of the 2008 recession and what it did to the job market and inf Continue Reading
The High Asset – High Debt Connection
Last month I wrote about How High Income Can Lead to High Debt. It seems to be an unlikely connection, but there are tangible reasons why it happens. Today I want to discuss a related, but also seemingly unlikely toxic debt association, the high asset - high debt connection. Record stock market valu Continue Reading
Finding Sources of Extra Money During Retirement
And they all lived happily ever after... That's the popular last sentence in so many fairy tales and nursery rhymes. But if you're over 30, you're probably painfully aware that real-life doesn't usually work that way. Life can be good, but it’s usually punctuated with times of difficulty. And so i Continue Reading

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