The High Asset – High Debt Connection
Last month I wrote about How High Income Can Lead to High Debt. It seems to be an unlikely connection, but there are tangible reasons why it happens. Today I want to discuss a related, but also seemingly unlikely toxic debt association, the high asset - high debt connection. Record stock market valu Continue Reading
Finding Sources of Extra Money During Retirement
And they all lived happily ever after... That's the popular last sentence in so many fairy tales and nursery rhymes. But if you're over 30, you're probably painfully aware that real-life doesn't usually work that way. Life can be good, but it’s usually punctuated with times of difficulty. And so i Continue Reading
7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Paycheck
Financial issues are some of the most challenging parts of life for many people. This is even more true in a tough economy. Financial difficulties are extremely emotional matters for many people, which adds an extra level of complexity to finding solutions. There are countless sources of financial a Continue Reading
EFTs vs. Index Funds vs. Active Investing
To help you build the best possible portfolio for yourself, here’s a closer look at EFTs (exchange-traded funds), index funds, and active investing. Each of these investment opportunities has its benefits and drawbacks, and knowing the differences between them will help you create a profitable and Continue Reading
Why the Dow Will Probably Top 20,000 This Year
A lot has happened in the past few weeks. We have finally chosen two front running presidential candidates and Britain has voted to exit the European Union. We've now settled into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, but with a stock market hovering in record territory. All of this makes me think t Continue Reading
Struggling on a Six-Figure Income
There is yet another of those struggling-on-a-six-figure-income stories (YahooFinance: First Person: How to Earn $100,000 and Still Feel Poor..By Laura Cone) that came out on the web, but this one was at least a little bit more tolerable than such accounts usually are. The writer provided some hard Continue Reading
8 Reasons Why You Should Pay Cash for a Car
One of the biggest line items in a typical household budget is car expense, and one of the reasons it’s so large is because of car loans. After decades of easy credit, we’ve been conditioned to think of car loans as a normal part of the car buying process. Not many people even think to pay cash Continue Reading
Is Forex Trading Right For You?
Investment is a big broad world with lots of methods for different kinds of people. You probably need to invest if you want to have a comfortable financial life in the future, especially during retirement. But contrary to what you might hear from investment advisers on TV and radio, there are more t Continue Reading
How High Income Can Lead to High Debt
Though it seems to run completely against logic, high income can lead to high debt. While it's generally thought that high income is the solution for high debt, the outcome is often the exact opposite. Often is because there is a certain amount of privilege that a higher income produces, and that ca Continue Reading
Never Bankrupt Yourself For a College Education
There was a depressingly interesting article early this week - describing the fortunes of yet another couple whose financial lives have been ruined by student loans. This article dealt not with students, but with the parents who took the loans to pay for their daughters to attend college, to the tun Continue Reading

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