Saving Money With Verizon’s New Plans
My wife and I use Verizon cell phones under a legacy plan from a former employer. We’re very happy with what we pay, and what we get. Call us old-fashioned, but we’d rather call someone than text them, and any photo op we have we can handle by waiting until we have a camera. The feel of a keypad Continue Reading
Going Green – Legitimate Effort, Marketing Hoax, or Something More Sinister?
Everyone it seems is obsessed with Going Green. Is it legitimate? If you’re old enough you might remember those energy commercials where the narrator described some massive energy generation project—years in the works and costing billions—that would provide “barely enough energy to keep the Continue Reading
What if the economy isn’t turning the corner? What if the “Great Recession” wasn’t a recession at all, but the early stage of a longer term economic devolution? I consider this as more than a reasonable possibility. As much as we might cling to the notion of “business as usual”, the h Continue Reading
Are You Prepared for a Home Disaster?
An unforeseen catastrophe can explode in your placid, contented home anytime. Calamities know no time schedule, and when they strike, there’s no avoiding them. Are you prepared for a home disaster? You should be! Once a disaster happens, the time to prepare is gone and all you can do is cope …an Continue Reading
Attending College on the Cheap
Unserviceable student loan debts. New college graduates unable to land their first job. Hundreds of thousands more are under-employed (either working part-time or in a job that doesn’t require a degree). The benefits of a college degree are simply not worth what they used to be, and that might mak Continue Reading
The True Cost of Owning a Home is Rising Relentlessly
When real estate agents are selling houses, they largely talk about monthly house payments, at least if it has anything to do with cost. And often they'll talk about the monthly payment as if it's the only expense associated with the purchase of a home. But the true cost of owning a home is rising r Continue Reading
5 Ways to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance
As I've written so many times in previous articles on cars, I'm not a "car guy" - a.k.a., a car expert. But I'm always excited to find ways to reduce the cost of car ownership in any way possible. This includes car insurance. We're required to have it by law (though not here in New Hampshire), so it Continue Reading
7 Ways to Better Couponing
Five years ago a show surfaced on TLC called “EXTREME COUPONING” that purported to show how average people could save enormously in their grocery shopping by using manufacturer’s and store coupons. Viewers watched in suspense as the shoppers piled their purchases on the belt, then waited in b Continue Reading
7 Great Activities for Business Professionals to Try Outside of Work
If you’re a business professional, there are several activities outside of work that can help shape you in many different ways. Certain activities may be effective in sharpening certain skills and making you feel rejuvenated. Here are 7 great activities for business professionals that are some of Continue Reading
We Beat “The Man” On Yet Another Major Car Repair
This post is the most recent edition of how we once again beat “The Man” on yet another major car repair. “The Man” is of course a high priced car repair shop, you know the kind where they’re all ready to charge you anywhere from $500-$1,000 or more for even the most routine repairs. So Continue Reading