Is Borrowing The American Way?
OR…Is Saving Money Bad for the Economy? I came across this article a few weeks ago, Industrial output falls as consumers cut back spending, and have been trying to decide what it is about it that I find so disturbing. I’m not targeting it as some sort of special case; in fact it’s one of Continue Reading
Is High Executive Pay Hurting Worker Productivity?
Or put anther way, will across-the-board pay increases improve worker productivity? We may be about to find out. Dan Price of GRAVITY Payments met with his Seattle staff April 13th. Over the next three years, he said, the firm’s minimum salary would become $70,000. He would personally take a p Continue Reading
Why Delaying Social Security Benefits Isn’t ALWAYS the Right Thing to Do
There’s been a lot of discussion about the virtues of delaying Social Security benefits, all the way to age 70 if necessary. And while it’s true that your income will be higher as a result of the delay, it’s not always the right thing to do. We’re going to take a look at the tangible benefit Continue Reading
America Suffers From Biblical Illiteracy
That title may come as a surprise to you. It’s true, though, and the nation’s evangelical leaders want to try to reverse it. Not only does it startle Christians in this nation, but believers in other parts of the world are taken aback when the facts are presented to them. Is biblical illiteracy Continue Reading
Which Is Better – Digital Cable Or Satellite?
Digital cable or satellite - that's the question many families face when they move to a new home. Fifty years ago the decision wasn’t so tough. All you did was stick an antenna up on your roof, spend a few days twisting it back and forth until you got the best picture on the most stations - then y Continue Reading
How to Balance Full-Time Work with Grad School
A graduate degree, such as a Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics, can help you reach your career goals and change your life for the better. But if you’re like many prospective graduate students, you have an adult lifestyle and adult responsibilities — bills to pay, a job, ma Continue Reading
11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance
Car insurance is virtually mandated in the Western world, and since you have to pay it, it helps to keep it is inexpensive as possible. How do you do that? Continue Reading
Does Exit Polling Work Any More?
In the 1950’s and early 1960’s if you ever saw photographs of a politician’s headquarters on election night, did you ever wonder who those people on the telephones were talking to? They were listening to reports from their contracted pollsters, giving them information on what voters were sayin Continue Reading
Why You Need to Get Your Car Loan BEFORE You Buy a Car
Whenever it comes time to buy a car there’s a strong tendency to go with the one stop shopping dealerships offer. But take advantage of that perceived convenience, and you may very well pay far more for the car than you should. Dealerships hawk ridiculously low interest rates on their financing, s Continue Reading
Ways To Increase Your Social Security Benefits
I’m always looking for ways to increase my income, so a friend recently told me about a book he was reading. Claimed the book had strategies on how to change the amount of Social Security benefits I could receive. He didn’t realize I’d already started drawing that seven years ago, so there’s Continue Reading