Would You Move to Another State to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium?
In 11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance suggestion #11 to lower your car insurance premium was to relocate to another state: 11) If all else fails, relocate… I’m not suggesting that you relocate to take advantage of lower insurance rates, but...car insurance can vary significantly based on geogra Continue Reading
Surviving a Drought
I’m not certain what to believe. Evidence has some doubting the existence of a “global warming” problem, but there’s no question there has been some “climate change.” Admittedly that “change” may be part of a regular cycle of Earth, but it has manifested itself in some attention-grab Continue Reading
How to Do Business Credit Right
When you, as a lowly employee, gained access to your first company credit card, you likely celebrated with a couple less-than-respectable purchases. Now that you own your own small business, you can be sure your employees will behave the exact same way. However, business credit cards are tricky. Continue Reading
Cutting Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers
I have more than a casual interest in this subject. That's because I have a 21-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter. When you're that age, car insurance rates matter more than usual. Cutting car insurance rates for young drivers becomes something of an ongoing part-time occupation. As if getting Continue Reading
Staging A Home On The Cheap
There’s a lot of activity in the residential real estate market right now, so you face a lot of competition if you're trying to sell your home. To grab an advantage and hold on to it (as well as to hold on to what extra money you can) you need to know how to “stage” your home in the most cost Continue Reading
But I Think God Is…
Many argue that faith is personal, that it’s different for all people, and that we must respect people of all faiths, and even those of no faith at all. I agree on all counts. But in this forum, I like to put forth my own set of personal beliefs - and those of anyone willing to add to the discussi Continue Reading
What to Do About Your Retirement Savings During Estate Planning
Estate planning is irrefutably a difficult process, and there are hundreds of things that can go wrong if you aren’t diligent and precise.  Drafting a will is not a one-step process; proper estate planning — which certainly includes more than a single will — takes a lifetime of alterations an Continue Reading
8 Real Lessons From Motivational Speakers
Professional speakers usually have a lifetime of struggle and success in other disciplines to inform and inspire their speeches, which makes them experts in their fields and symbols of achievement beyond their eloquence and expression.  From such speakers as these, it is possible to learn quite a b Continue Reading
Surviving College in The First Year
The first year in college is filled with momentous life changes. Some of them will be lifelong, others will only last as long as you are in school. A few will be suggestions your parents have been making for years, and some will “just happen.” They will impact how you live as a freshman survivin Continue Reading
10 Ways to Buy a Car Without Getting Ripped Off
Buying a new car has never been one of my favorite things to do. It’s not that I don’t absolutely love the idea of having a new car, I sure do! But the flaming hoops you have to jump through at the dealership to buy a car takes some of the fun out of what should be one of the most exciting event Continue Reading