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The Perfect Combination: Full-time Business and Part-time Job
Rosy employment numbers aside, it remains very difficult to find a job, particularly a full-time job with benefits. And while we’re at it, it’s not at all easy or certain to keep a job once you find it either. Becoming self-employed may now be the preferred way to find some measure of career sta Continue Reading
Mortgage Rates May Never Be Lower Than They Are Right Now
If you’ve been thinking about either buying a house, or refinancing your current mortgage, there may be no time like the present. According to Bankrate.com, 30 year fixed rate mortgages can be had at rates below 4% with no points. That’s just a fraction above the record low mortgage rates that w Continue Reading
Some Budget Tips to Increase Your Wealth
This post is aimed at those who are coming out of school and looking to get established financially, but it can also apply to anyone at any point in life who decides to wipe their monetary slate clean and start fresh again. When you’re young, like college age, you’re working your first job witho Continue Reading
Will Social Security Be There When You Retire?
It’s become almost fashionable these days to talk about the impending bankruptcy of Social Security, as if its demise is all but a done deal. But is that even the case? Will Social Security be there when YOU retire? And how should we plan for what ever we might expect to get from the system when o Continue Reading
Eight Benefits of Attending Community Colleges
With all of the media attention being focused on the student loan crisis, as well as the individual horror stories graduates are facing, community colleges stand up as an excellent antidote to the whole student loan problem. A lot of people look down their noses at the prospect of community college, Continue Reading
Five Unexpected Expenses of Self-Employment
When you first start working for yourself, being self-employed seems to offer nothing but benefits. No commuting (usually), no boss looking over your shoulder, and no 9-5 routine dominating your everyday existence. And best of all, you can keep all of your profits to yourself, right? Not exactly. Th Continue Reading
Zero Down Payment Mortgages Are Coming Back – But Don’t Fall For It
If you’re hoping to buy a house in the very near future but are finding it tough to save money for a down payment, help may be on the way. Last month, federal regulators took steps that may restore zero down payment mortgages. It’s thought that the cherished zero down payment mortgage is just wh Continue Reading
The Future of Student Loan Debt In America
While a college education is still seen as one of the best paths to success, the cost of paying student loans ends up damaging young adults more than they might realize. Today, more than 70 percent of students graduate with loans averaging around $29,000. It doesn't end there though; college graduat Continue Reading
Why Paying Down Your Mortgage is More Important Than Ever
The foreclosure wave and forced short sales of the past few years have shown that paying down—and ultimately paying off—your mortgage isn’t just desirable, but perhaps even a completely necessary step toward securing you financial future. Continue Reading
The Power of Saying NO
Have you ever noticed that truly successful people have little trouble saying “no”? They may do it politely, but they do it and do it often. And they’re on to something - it's the power of saying NO. “No” is a control word, a word that has real power. When we use it, we’re in control. Continue Reading