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Some Jobs Are NOT Worth Having
In the past I've written about the often negative consequences of various jobs and income situations. Today's post is on a related topic, but it centers on my own personal experience with a job I probably would have been better off if I'd never taken. And it taught me - going forward - that some job Continue Reading
Never Bankrupt Yourself For a College Education
There was a depressingly interesting article early this week - describing the fortunes of yet another couple whose financial lives have been ruined by student loans. This article dealt not with students, but with the parents who took the loans to pay for their daughters to attend college, to the tun Continue Reading
Am I the Only One Who Thinks the Published Inflation Rate is Bogus?
As you can guess from the title, I think that the published inflation rate is bogus. Completely. Let me explain. Over the weekend I was going through some old files and boxes, trying to cut down on some of the clutter that I’ve collected over the years. One of the more interesting tidbits I came a Continue Reading
Driving While Distracted – Driver Distractions, Auto Accidents And Your Car Insurance Rates
Distractions draw your attention away from the road whenever you're behind the wheel. On any given day, you might confront thousands of things that cause you to divert your attention or take your mind off traffic. Some are necessary. Stop signs, merging vehicles, traffic lights, and construction cre Continue Reading
How to Save Money Buying a Car – New or Used
Do you want to save money buying a car? Don’t go out to a dealer, at least not right away. First do some homework, get the information you need--then head out looking for cars. You’ve heard it said, “knowledge is power”, and no where is that more true than when it comes to buying a ca Continue Reading
Terrorism and Ebola – How Worried Are You?
This can be a difficult subject to discuss – which is I think exactly why we need to discuss it. Both terrorism and ebola have been in the news a lot lately, raising both public concern, and public fears. It’s not so much that either risk is so common that it warrants such fear, but more that th Continue Reading
Pay Off Existing Debt or Invest the Money Elsewhere?
Whether it is a credit card, student loan, car repayments or a mortgage, most of us have some sort of debt. Although this seems to be how the world works these days, keeping on top of such heavy financial burdens can be quite involved, and can even make you feel powerless if the debt gets too heavy. Continue Reading
Why We Need to Approach Life With the Mindset of a Student
There’s a certain irony in being an adult. We expect children to be veritable sponges when it comes to learning, living in a state of perpetual willingness to soak up and master a relentless tsunami of new ideas. We fully expect them to approach life with the mindset of a student. But when it come Continue Reading
Editor’s note: I’ve accepted this guest post from Sophia Dennis because it ties into a post I’ve written earlier - Adding Product Lines to the Multiple Income Streams Mix - an activity I‘m looking to get into very soon. But the article also sets the stage for a series of posts I plan to writ Continue Reading
How I Cut My Car Repair Bill in Half – Again
I’m not bragging here, but I just did it again – I cut my car repair bill in half. And I’m hoping that the information I’m sharing here will be of some benefit to you on your next car repair episode. Car repair bills are a major part of the stealth expenses that are raising the cost of li Continue Reading