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Income earning ability is our single greatest financial asset. Obsessing on frugality can only hurt that effort. Continue Reading
By Alban Chances are, you’ve recently found yourself lamenting the cost of things these days, and wondering how everything got to be so expensive. Well, rather than automatically hand over the sticker price for a purchase learn how you can negotiate a better deal and save yourself some money. Continue Reading
By Kevin M If your computer is running poorly and you think it may be about to crap out, don’t junk it—the problem may not be the computer itself. It may be the operating system. Our kid’s computer, a desk top, got hit with a virus about a month ago, one that the AVG system wasn’t a Continue Reading
By Kevin M There’s a “stealth expense” that chews through budgets and often leaves us with an empty bank account or even a little deeper in debt each month; its called entertainment expense, and at least part of the problem may lay in the fact that we’re usually reluctant to even view Continue Reading
By Kevin M Companies are always trying to get us to take their bundle plans, neat packages that promise a veritable one-stop shopping trip for all of our communication needs. Cable TV, internet, land lines, cell phones—they’ll load them all into a pretty little bundle for us and provide a Continue Reading
Action needs to precede acquisition in the quest for health and fitness By Kevin M Maybe it’s a cultural thing here in America that when ever we need to strike out in a new direction we impulsively believe that it requires spending money to make it happen (see the National Debt for tang Continue Reading
By Paul Williams Budget. It's a four-letter word to many people. We hate the restriction, the deprivation, and tracking all the little details. But personal finance experts continue to tell us we need a budget. Don't get me wrong. Budgets are very useful tools. I think everyone should try Continue Reading
By Kevin M If you have teenagers who play musical instruments or if you’re into instruments yourself, your wallet will love a company called Musician’s Friend. My son got into playing drums when he was ten years old, not just through the school music program, but as a personal hobby an Continue Reading
If you normally average $200 per week on groceries, and you can cut that by 20%, or $40, you can save over $2000 per year. That can make a difference! Continue Reading
Tickets, fines and penalties cost real money By Kevin M An article this week from USA Today (Speeding 'cushion' may dwindle due to recession) reports that the 5-10-mph speeding "cushion" we’ve been enjoying most of our lives may be disappearing as cities and states work to close budget gap Continue Reading