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Start and Grow Your Nest Egg – Even if Your Broke
If you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, and struggling just to get by each month, that situation won’t improve until you reach the point where you have a cushion to back you up. You might think that the pressure would be eased by an additional income source, but the problem with higher income is Continue Reading
10 Things You Should Buy Used
America is often described as a “throw away society”. We buy things—usually brand new—use them for a while, get rid of them in some form or fashion, then move on to the next thing. This creates an enormous pile of stuff sitting somewhere—much of it of pretty good quality—and presen Continue Reading
The Connection Between Happiness and Being Frugal
On Friday we considered the effect that being frugal has on your ability to achieve financial freedom in The Connection Between Financial Freedom and Being Frugal. Today, we are going to dare consider that there may also be a connection between happiness and being frugal. While being frugal may s Continue Reading
Why Earning More Money is More Important than Frugality
Frugality works best when it's used to help us to increase our income earning capabilities... Continue Reading
4 EASY Ways to Save Money, Time and Stress on Christmas Shopping
Here are some tips that will save you money, time and stress, freeing you up to actually enjoy the Christmas season… Continue Reading
Save a Bundle With Movie Night In
Remember those dinner-and-a-movie nights that were commonplace when you were dating? Maybe you kept the tradition going when you were married and before the kids came along. But once you have kids, a fact about this simple evening out becomes painfully obvious: dinner and a movie is an expensi Continue Reading
Save Money With Trade or Barter
With trade or barter you can save money without even spending money. Find networks, web sites or neighbors you can trade or barter with and you're on your way. Continue Reading
By Alban Chances are, you’ve recently found yourself lamenting the cost of things these days, and wondering how everything got to be so expensive. Well, rather than automatically hand over the sticker price for a purchase learn how you can negotiate a better deal and save yourself some money. Continue Reading
By Kevin M If your computer is running poorly and you think it may be about to crap out, don’t junk it—the problem may not be the computer itself. It may be the operating system. Our kid’s computer, a desk top, got hit with a virus about a month ago, one that the AVG system wasn’t a Continue Reading
By Kevin M There’s a “stealth expense” that chews through budgets and often leaves us with an empty bank account or even a little deeper in debt each month; its called entertainment expense, and at least part of the problem may lay in the fact that we’re usually reluctant to even view Continue Reading

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