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Find a person who could find some use for your "junk" and would be willing to pay for it, rather than throwing it out... Continue Reading
By Kevin M Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Digg, Stumbleupon. When we think of the social media, we often think of it as mostly a toy to be used to connect with others and to entertain ourselves, or as a place to peddle income producing wares. But what about using it to drive ideas that are important Continue Reading
By Kevin M Using a tool to control the flow on the social media One of the things that can make the social media seem a bit intimidating is the constant flow of messages. How do you get a handle on a flood tide of information, and channel it into a more limited form that will be of practical Continue Reading
By Kevin M Last week in What Twitter Can Do For You we discussed how Twitter can be used to generate activity, connections and traffic, as well as enable you to get your ideas out into the world. Obviously, the more followers you have, the larger the potential market for your messages, or tw Continue Reading
By Kevin M Twitter can seem daunting at times. It’s the preverbal “fire hose of information” coming at you so fast it’s almost incomprehensible--the information superhighway of the information superhighway. To the outside observer, it can seem as if there’s no logical purpose to it, Continue Reading
By Kevin M With nearly 8,000 followers on Twitter, this is a question I’m getting pretty regularly these days. Most people assume I’ve signed up with an automated follower system, which isn’t remotely true. No, it’s just a regular routine—what’s now a habit—applied consistently ov Continue Reading
Anyone with a laptop within a reasonable distance of our house can hook up to our internet line for free! How do you stop that? Continue Reading
By Kevin M Last Saturday night, we decided to go see Avatar, a highly acclaimed movie that lived up to its billing. It was the first time we’d been to the movies this year, and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that the reason we decided to go at all was that our daughter was at a weekend slee Continue Reading