What to Do if You Don’t Want to Face a Life Insurance Medical Exam?
Have you been putting off getting Life Insurance because you don't want to face a life insurance medical exam? If so, I feel your pain. I’m documented to have white coat hypertension – the sight of someone coming at me with a stethoscope and a tongue depressor causes my blood pressure to elevate Continue Reading
Why Cohousing May be the High Cost Retirement Housing Alternative
Cohousing? I didn’t make that up. Frequent commentor Looking Ahead introduced me to the term in a comment made on Alt-Retirement and the Long-term Care Dilemma. It’s a perfect term to describe the living arrangements I outlined to deal with the prohibitive cost of long-term care. But in a muc Continue Reading
Mortgage Matters: Making the Right Choices on a Big Investment
A home loan is arguably one of the most important investments you will ever make. For many people, a mortgage matters and is #1 expense. In fact, US household debt surveys (Center for Microeconomic Data at the Federal Reserve Bank Of New York) reveal the following breakdown of the average debt burde Continue Reading
Reverse Retirement – The New Trend in “Retirement”
It’s rare to go into a big box retail store or a fast food restaurant and not see one or more older people somewhere on staff. While we might think Isn’t that nice, he/she is supplementing their retirement income, there may be a bigger story playing out here. An article in Yahoo! Finance (One-th Continue Reading
Obtaining Financing For Your Home – What Are the Pros And Cons
Are you getting ready to embark on the journey of home ownership? If you’ve already scoped out the home of your dreams, congratulations! The next step will be paying for it. Numerous factors, including your credit score and how much money you have to put down on the home, will determine if you can Continue Reading
Alt-Retirement and the Long-Term Care Dilemma
Last week in It’s High Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement the comment thread took us in an unexpected direction. It often does. It brought us right to a very difficult retirement related topic: the long-term care dilemma. We can make all the plans we want as to how we’d like to reti Continue Reading
Breaking the Savings Barrier
Last week in It’s High Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement the comments thread kept coming back to a common topic: savings. Or more particularly, the lack of it. The biggest obstacle people have in preparing for retirement, and in reaching financial independence, is the inability to save Continue Reading
How to Plan for Retirement
With most of the country unprepared to retire in the next five years, if you're nearing retirement age, you should be actively working towards how to plan for retirement. The objective is to essentially save as much as you can now to sustain a decent quality of life once your paycheck stops coming i Continue Reading
It’s High Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement
They’re all kinds of “alt” movements around. I googled the term alt-retirement and was surprised to find that it doesn’t exist. The closest references were to a couple of government programs under the title “alternative retirement plan” that apparently exist for state governments, as wel Continue Reading
A Detailed List of Experts You’ll Need to Purchase a Home
From the outside looking in, it seems simple to purchase a home. You save up for a down payment, get approved by a mortgage company, hire a real estate agent, make an offer, and move in. Though these steps are part of the process, purchasing a property is a complex process that requires a lot of exp Continue Reading