Do Bad Credit Loans Have a Legitimate Purpose?
Bad credit loans have a bad reputation. Obviously, a big part of that is deserved. But I’m going to take the contrary opinion here, and say that bad credit loans have a legitimate purpose. Or at least they can, if they're handled the right way. Heresy, you say? Maybe. But I’ve had a lot of p Continue Reading
Ten Dark Sides of Self-Employment
I spend a lot of time on this website hawking the virtues of self-employment. I even see self-employment as the ultimate career solution. But in the interest of full disclosure, I also have to lay out the dark sides of self-employment. They’re real. The purpose of this article is to make you aware Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Self-employment is the Ultimate Career Solution
Reader Tim K. and I were having an email exchange a couple of weeks ago on the topic of universal basic income, or UBI. UBI is an idea advocated by some who see it as the solution to the problems in the job market. As technology increasingly displaces human labor, both unemployment and underemployme Continue Reading
3 Jobs You Can Land with the Right Information Technology Degree
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics offers some promising data on the future of computers and information technology within the United States. According to the federal bureau, jobs within this industry are expected to grow faster than in many other occupations over the next eight years. By 2024, it Continue Reading
Trump Is Toast – Time to Assume Crash Positions?
We have a tightly wound political situation in the US. On the one hand, we have a president who speaks and behaves impulsively. On the other, we have the Democratic Party and their lapdogs in the mainstream media, who are cocked and ready to do whatever is necessary to bring this presidency down. La Continue Reading
The Housing Bubble’s Back – Why It’s NOT Different This Time
My many years of working in the mortgage business, especially during the lead up to the last housing bust, have given me a special interest in the current housing market. From where I sit, the housing bubble’s back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to see that property values have come back, and b Continue Reading
How Do You Know When it’s Time to Leave a Job?
Recently it had become time to leave a job at a company I had worked at for many years. It wasn’t a difficult decision either – the overall culture of the workplace had shifted dramatically in recent years, and unfortunately, in my humble opinion, not for the better. What had been novel and exci Continue Reading
Surprise Revelations of the Christian Life
I can’t and won’t claim the mantle of a preacher or a minister, but I can relate a few surprise revelations of the Christian life, based on my own experience. I think that a lot of believers can relate to this as well. There’s Biblical doctrine, but then there’s also personal experience. And Continue Reading
Careers Most Likely to Survive an Uncertain Future
Nobody’s really talking about this, and that’s why we have to do it here. We’re overdue for a recession. There I said it. The stock market has been straight up like a rocket for eight years, housing prices have recovered and are pressing higher in many major markets, the official unemployment Continue Reading
Investing Too Much in the “Bookends” of Life – College and Retirement
Much of the career, lifestyle and financial emphasis in recent decades has been centered around college and retirement. I refer to these as the “bookends” of life because they frame opposite ends of your adult life – the beginning (college) and the end (retirement). I’d like to suggest th Continue Reading