How to Pay for Your Retirement Home
Ah retirement, the time when you can walk away from your job and never look back.  Why not?  You’ve worked for 30-years or more and you have earned the right to enjoy your retirement.  However, there is one wrinkle when it comes to retirement which is how to pay for your retirement home.  Well Continue Reading
Celebrity Worship? Get a Life!
It’s Friday, so let’s focus on something silly. Like celebrity worship. Maybe it’s not really silly. Maybe it’s actually even destructive. But it seems to be rampant. With all the news and information that’s out there floating around the web – news and information that can actually be be Continue Reading
Seeing the Big Economic Picture
I’ve always been someone who enjoys looking at maps, charts, and graphs. They give visual pictures of what's going on and help us to see what we don't normally see, like the big economic picture. Catherine Mulbrandon has a fascinating website, VisualizingEconomics.com, where she presents someti Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Universal Healthcare Won’t Work in the US
In one of last week’s posts, Could You Afford an $1875 COBRA Payment Every Month?, reader John touched on single-payer health insurance in a comment. I confessed that I’m coming around to the idea. But I’ve been doing some thinking since the comment exchange, and have come to the conclusion th Continue Reading
Could You Afford an $1875 COBRA Payment Every Month?
You read that right – an $1875 COBRA payment – every month. That’s our new reality. Think you can afford it? I don’t know if we can either, at least not without making major sacrifices. I don’t want to beat this to the point where it turns into blatant whining – though my guess is tha Continue Reading
How the Decline of Retail Chains Could Create Hidden Opportunities for the Rest of Us
It seems that nearly every day we’re inundated with stories of the decline of retail chains, and of the destruction that will be left in their wake. But is it also possible that somewhere in the decline of retail chains could create hidden opportunities for the rest of us? The conventional Continue Reading
Solar Energy and How It Can Help Lower the Hidden Costs of Home Ownership
So, you have been house hunting for a while and finally found one you fell in love with. The realtor might say that the house costs $200,000. Most prospective homeowners would think that they will need to have a conversation with a lender about getting a loan for that amount. If you are a veteran Continue Reading
The Best Evidence of a Stock Market Bubble – Any News is Good News
Americans long ago came to the realization that Wall Street had detached itself from Main Street. That is, the stock market operates in a universe that's completely distinct from the real world economic experience of most Americans. That detachment has been so accepted, that it’s virtually taken f Continue Reading
Two weeks ago I warned of how the Dump Trump hysteria could easily turn violent. In How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience – Or Worse, I postulated that the anti-Trump movement has become so widespread and politically correct that it was already leading to civil disobedience th Continue Reading
20 Part-time Jobs With Health Insurance
What if you could get a part time job with health insurance? You’re in luck—you can. There are prominent employers that do offer health insurance for part-time staff. Continue Reading