The Internet is NOT Helping Rural America
This post is not intended to be a criticism of life in rural America. Nor am I pretending to be an expert on the economic fortunes of people living there. But I’ve driven long distances through remote rural areas, and it’s hard to ignore the often obvious economic distress of many who live there Continue Reading
What Should You Do If You Hate Your Job?
Do you hate your job? A lot of people do, maybe even the majority. I remember Ken, a former co-worker of mine who was nearly 40 years my senior. Ken was a curmudgeonly man with a full head of silver-gray hair, black horn-rimmed glasses, and a wicked sense of humor. He had worked in the auto parts bu Continue Reading
Going Partially Off the Grid – And Why You Should
Let me confess from the start that I am not a prepper. You know the type – they’re busy loading up on guns, ammunition, canned beans and bottled water, so they can retreat to a bug-out hideaway somewhere in the back woods. I’m not looking down at what they do, I just question the complexity an Continue Reading
Quiet Revolution – Young People Becoming Farmers
This is a trend I’ve been watching from a distance. I personally have no interest in going into farming, but my sister and brother-in-law have done just that. And low and behold, it turns out to be a quiet but rising trend. In particular, it involves young people becoming farmers. It doesn’t Continue Reading
How To Repair Bad Credit In Six Months
Poor credit is something no one wants to be forced to deal with. However, since the housing market crash in the late 2000s, thousands of consumers are doing just that. Regardless, of how low your credit score, it is possible to improve it. But it will take a bit of time, patience and diligence. If y Continue Reading
“Retiring” on Business Income
If your retirement savings aren’t where they need to be, starting a retirement business may enable you to at least semi-retire with a lot less capital... Continue Reading
General Liability Coverage:  What Options Should You be Looking for when Choosing General Coverage
Business insurance is a tricky slope to navigate under any circumstances. When it comes to carrying the bare minimum coverage for only the necessities, you certainly do not want to be missing something important. For example, some start-ups choose to only carry affordable general liability insurance Continue Reading
Finding or Creating Sustainable Work as a Life Strategy
In It’s Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement I outlined the reality that most people will not be able to retire, at least not completely. One of the main points I tried to emphasize was that most people are going to need to continue working, if even at a reduced capacity. As is often th Continue Reading
Four Alternative Investments to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
Many people are realizing how important it is to diversify your investment portfolio. This means that you don’t simply invest all of your money in one investment. You may want to add alternative investments to be truly diversified. You take the time to invest in a few different things so that if s Continue Reading
Is an Obsession with Security Stopping You From Succeeding in Your Life?
Walt Kelly is generally credited with the saying We have met the enemy, and he is us. Have you ever felt that way? It’s usually a true assessment. One way this plays out is when we have an obsession with security. It stops us from succeeding in reaching our goals. "The desire for safety stands a Continue Reading