10 Employers that offer Work-at-Home Jobs

Employers that offer work-at-home jobs
Employers that offer work-at-home jobs

Sometimes it seems as if most work-at-home promises are scams, but not nearly all are. There are legitimate work-at-home arrangements offered by some very well known companies. Below is a list of ten of them, and trust me, there are more?you just have to know where to look.

It?s important to remember that while the companies listed below do hire for work-at-home arrangements, the positions are subject to availability. There may or may not be work-at-home jobs listed when you go to the websites, so be sure to check back regularly.

In most cases, when you go to the employer job site, you will have to enter ?work from home?, ?work at home?, or ?telecommute? in the keyword search to find the jobs that offer the arrangement.

American Express. Most of the home based jobs are for customer care and travel counselors, but do some digging to see what else might come up.

Uhaul. Typically emergency road side service agent and sales and reservations are in the work-at-home category.

Amazon. Customer service associates are typical in the work-at-home category, and they can be either full or part-time positions.

Hilton Hotels. When I checked the site there was a job posted for a part time customer care coordinator, but the type and number of jobs available for work-at-home will vary based on availability.

Capital One. Search under the ?US Hourly? tab on the right hand side of the page. They?re currently looking for part-time customer service specialists.

Aetna. Aetna is one of the more work-at-home friendly companies; when you go to their job postings, there?s a dedicated column for ?Potential Telework Position? that applies for all positions. It will either indicate ?Yes? or ?No? next to the job, or it will be blank. There are numerous positions that offer the telework option.

Xerox. They have a listing for a part time call center rep, but it?s worth keeping an eye on this company for future opportunities.

Kaplan. Go to the Kaplan job site and enter ?virtual? in the keyword box and you?ll see a variety of jobs that they offer for work-at-home.

Esurance. Esurance boasts that over 50% of their customer service representatives are home based; check them out and see if you can be one of them.

Cigna. As of the date of this post, Cigna is looking to fill work-at-home positions in the following jobs: RN Utilization Review Nurse, Business Analytics Project Specialist, Informatics Senior Specialist , (RN) Nurse Case Manager Specialist/IPCM, and Business Reporting/ Analytics Specialist. I don?t claim to know exactly what any of those positions involve but they do look like some meaty jobs if that?s what you?re looking for.
In looking at this list, please keep two ideas in mind:

  1. If an employer offers work-at-home for one type of job, there?s a solid chance they do so for other jobs as well, or they may be open to it for a job that doesn?t normally offer it. It?s always worth asking.
  2. If an employer in one industry offers work-at-home, there?s an excellent chance that its competitors do too. For example, notice that there?s more than one employer in both the credit card and insurance categories.

If you?re looking for more employers who hire on a work-at-home basis, go to one of the major job boards, such as Indeed.com, enter ?work-at-home? or ?work from home? and check out the listings. Good luck!

Have you ever held a work-at-home job? How did it work out for you?

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  1. A customer care representative basically is the first contact person that clients ?meet? in their engagement with a firm. In this role customer care representatives perform the following tasks: Answer questions from customers, suggest products, place orders, and deal with trouble shooting issues. This job is done via phone or through the internet. Before being enlisted as a work from home customer service representative you will be required to have the following skill sets: Good verbal and written communication skills.

  2. The personal qualities needed for a customer care representative are patience, being flexible with one?s time, and someone who can work independently. Before you are enlisted as a work from home customer service representative of any firm you will need a bare minimum of a high school GED, and some six months of experience.

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