25 Top paying jobs without a degree. Can you get a good paying job without a degree?

The post below is a reprint from Bob Lotich of Christianpf.com.

After recently writing about the debate of whether a college degree was still worth it or not, I have been doing a little bit more research on the topic. I found out about the growing FauxPloma industry and I recently stumbled on an article that talks about the top paying 25 jobs that you can get without a degree.

In the article, the author makes a couple encouraging statements for those without a college degree…

“The belief that you need a college education to have a well-paying and rewarding job is quickly fading. A four-year degree definitely has its benefits in the business world, but it?s not the only path to a successful career.”


“…according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), eight of the 10 fastest-growing occupations through 2014 don?t require a bachelor?s degree. And these jobs, which include health technology, plumbing, firefighting and automotive repair, are less vulnerable to outsourcing. After all, if a fire breaks out, you need the fire department to be a few blocks away, not halfway around the world.”

As I mentioned in the previous posts I wrote about college degrees, regardless of whether or not you get a college degree, you have to be a learner. Success comes from learning. If you don?t have a college degree, but you are a lifelong learner devoted to developing yourself and learning new and relevant skills you will be successful. If you are under the assumption (that I was at an earlier point in my life) that you can get a degree, quit learning and coast through life, you are likely to be disappointed.

The mind of the prudent acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.–Proverbs 18:15

25 top paying jobs that you can get without a degree

Here are 25 of the top-paying jobs that don?t require a four-year degree and their average salaries, based on data from the BLS and CBSalary.com.

1. Air traffic controller: $102,030

2. Funeral director: $79,517

3. Operations manager: $77,839

4. Industrial production manager: $73,000

5. Transportation manager: $72,662

6. Storage and distribution manager: $69,898

7. Computer technical support specialist: $67,689

8. Gaming manager: $64,880

9. First-line supervisor/manager of police and detective: $64,430

10. Nuclear power reactor operator: $64,090

11. Computer specialist: $59,480

12. First-line, non-retail supervisors/manager: $59,300

13. Nuclear technician: $59,200

14. First-line supervisor/manager of fire fighting and prevention worker: $58,920

15. Real estate broker: $58,720

16. Elevator installer and repairer: $58,710

17. Sales representative, wholesale and manufacturing, technical and scientific products: $58,580

18. Dental hygienist: $59,790

19. Radiation therapist: $57,700

20. Nuclear medicine technologist: $56,450

21. Power plant distributor and dispatcher: $57,330

22. Fashion designer: $55,840

23. Ship engineer: $54,950

24. Detective and criminal investigator: $53,990

25. Commercial pilot: $53,870

The author then goes on to make a couple more points worth mentioning…

“The thing to keep in mind is that there are something like 50 million jobs out there that don?t require a bachelor?s degree and pay upwards of $40,000 a year,” says Harlow Unger, author of “But What If I Don?t Want to Go to College? A Guide to Success Through Alternative Education.”

He goes on to say that according to the U.S. Department of Labor, by 2010, almost two-thirds of all projected job openings will require only on-the-job training.

So while a college degree was de rigueur for the Baby Boom generation, that?s not necessarily the case now. In today?s highly technical and service-related market, workers are judged more on their skills than their sheepskins.”

The above post is a reprint from Bob Lotich of Christianpf.com.

2 Responses to 25 Top paying jobs without a degree. Can you get a good paying job without a degree?

  1. Air Traffic Controller would seem like a risky job and Funeral Director seems like it would play on your emotions, either for good or bad. It?s good to know there are jobs out there for the less-educated, the people who didn?t get Bachelors degrees, or didn?t finish (like me).

    comment by marci
    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 1:15:06 PM

  2. Marci–There’s hope for everyone with or without a degree, but sometimes it just requires expanding the horizons a bit (or a lot!).

    comment by Kevin (admin)
    Tuesday, July 28, 2009 @ 3:35:20 PM

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