34 Reasons to be a Freelance Blog Writer

I?ve discussed how a person could become a freelance blog writer in The Perfect Side Hustle: Freelance Blog Writer, but here I?d like to discuss why you might want to take a stab at it yourself. In an economy where not only are jobs hard to land, but getting pay increases has become dicey once you get there, one of the very best ways to make more money is to create your own revenue streams.


Would you want to be a blog writer?
Would you want to be a blog writer?
This doesn’t mean quitting your job to be self-employed on a full-time basis either. The idea is to create additional income sources that will supplement your main job, and provide you with an outlet for your creative talents as well as to give you a chance to advance your career.

There are a lot of reasons why I like freelance blog writing?as an additional income source?and why I enjoy doing it. In fact, I was able to come up with 34 reasons, and I didn?t have to try too hard!

  1. You?re creating a side business. Blog writing is something you can do on the side without disturbing your regular job. And a successful side business can grow into a successful full time business.
  2. You?ll be self-employed. When you blog, you?re running your own business. You develop business relationships with blog owners, create content, and get paid for what you create.
  3. Adding a second income. Blog writing is a chance at a separate income stream. Once you?re doing it for a while it can be a substantial supplement to your regular income.
  4. You?ll have career independence. No commute, no meetings, no out of town travel, no time clock–you?ll be your run your own game.
  5. You?re building a whole new career. Few employers offer training to people who are completely new to their field, so trying to get into a new career is tough to do in the conventional job market. With blog writing, you?re able to build a new career from the ground up.
  6. Writing skills will help you in nearly any job or career. Can you think of a career where writing skills wouldn?t be an advantage? When you write for blogs you?re learning how to communicate in a way that will put money in your pocket, and that?s the best kind of writing skill.
  7. It?s recession proof. Blog writing is one of the very few fields that grew during the Great Recession, and it grew spectacularly at that.
  8. You won?t need licenses or certifications. You don?t need a license or any certifications in order to write for the worldwide blogging community.
  9. You?ll be layoff-proof. Oh sure, you can lose an assignment with any given web log, but by writing for several you can guarantee you?ll always have work?and an income.
  10. You?ll have an unlimited market. Some sites may fold, but new ones always start and grow. There are tens of thousands of viable blogs out there and many, many of them are looking for content writers.
  11. You?ll be working in a creative capacity. Blog writing is a chance to let the creative juices flow, to create a ?unique voice? that?s yours alone. Not many jobs enable you to do that.
  12. You can work from home. This is a true work-at-home situation. Work in your pajamas, work while you?re home with your kids, it?s the real deal.
  13. You?ll have no geographic limitations. You can do this from the mountains, the beach, a big city, a small town or even a foreign country. And if you pick up and move, it comes with you. Anyplace with an internet connection is a suitable ?office?.
  14. There are no start up costs. If you already have a computer and an internet connection?and if you’re reading this article you already have both?you won?t need to spend a dime extra.
  15. You won?t need any special equipment. No equipment, no supplies, blog writing is truly ?virtual?.
  16. You can build a working business network. There?s a real blogging community out there, and when you start doing it, you?ll make connections with others who can help you as you help them. Networking is an excellent way to learn and to gain new contacts that will lead to new income sources.
  17. You?ll have growth potential. Because your market is virtually unlimited, you can grow your business as much as your time and talents will allow. There are no limits of any kind.
  18. You can write on other sites can help promote your own site. If you have a website, or plan to, writing on blogs will help to promote it. Most blogs will allow you one or more back links to your own site, and that will draw visitors from those sites to yours, in addition to creating links that will improve your search engine rank.
  19. You may get recognition by mainstream media. Well written, well placed posts have a way of getting recognized by the mainstream media. One or more of your posts might be linked to a major publication, it could be the subject of another article, or you might even be interviewed!
  20. You?ll have a chance to get your ideas and opinions out before the public. Putting a post on a major blog is a way of getting your ideas out to thousands of people. As the author of the post, you?ll be the ?authority?.
  21. You can build a writing portfolio. If you?ve ever dreamed of being a professional writer, a portfolio filled with paid blog posts could be your ticket in.
  22. You might get noticed by potential employers. Ever read in those how-to-find-a-job books that one of the best ways to get hired is by writing articles in trade publications? By writing on blogs you can do just that?only you?ll be getting paid to do it.
  23. You?ll have a tangible skill to add to your resume. You?ll be able to add ?professional blog writer? or ?professional website content writer? to your resume?do you think that might improve your candidacy on a few jobs? Most employers have websites these days?your new skill might be a benefit to an employer?the ?up-sell? that gets you hired.
  24. You?ll have a chance to help people. Each one of us has ideas that could help others, and blogging is a way to put them out where they might be read by others who can benefit. You can write posts on how to save money, make money, be healthier, be happier, or even just vent about their problems?you name it. That?s the basic reason people read blogs!
  25. You?ll be learning a real business. You?ll learn quickly that blogging is a real business. You?ll deliver your ?product??which are your articles?in exchange for payment from websites. Even if you?ve never run your own business, you can run this one. And if you can run one business, you can run others. It?s often a matter of making that transition from the job world to the entrepreneurial one.
  26. You won?t need any special skills. If you can write coherently you can blog. Even better, blogging is more conversational in tone so you don?t need to be steeped in the formalities of journalism or of technical writing.
  27. You?ll have an opportunity to meet interesting people. For starters, blog owners are entrepreneurs; they create and promote their web sites to the global market, and that alone makes them interesting people to meet. But along the way you?ll also meet other bloggers and quite literally people from all around the world.
  28. It?s a solid income for stay-at-home moms, retirees or college students. Because it?s literally a work-at-home situation, blog writing is perfect for those looking to make some extra money in their spare time without having to commute or to deal direct with the public.
  29. There are no barriers to entry. It doesn?t matter if you?re rich, poor, old, young or very young, what religion or color you are or even where in the world you live. No one will care because the world wide web is an arena of ideas. Your credibility then will be established by the caliber of what you write, not by any background factors.
  30. You can have anonymity?if that?s your preference. Many writers have a nom de plume?or ?pen name?, and bloggers are no exception. In fact, more than a few web site owners also use an alias for a variety of reasons. If you want to keep your private life and your writing persona separate, have at it!
  31. You?ll be working in the technological cutting edge. Many careers and jobs are disappearing because the industries they?re in are heading for obsolescence. But blogging is happening on the worldwide web, the place where everything is happening and projected to be happening in the future. You can be a part of that.
  32. You?ll have an unlimited future. You may never get rich blog writing, but you may develop other avenues as a result of your writing that might move you in that direction. You?ll be developing communication skills, network contacts and even an audience, and all can lead to other opportunities. Some possibilities include professional speaking, commercial writing, and I?ve even heard of people getting jobs as a result of articles (or a series of them) they?ve written.
  33. If you feel stuck in a rut you can step out and do something completely different. If you have a day job that you don?t feel is using your talents, blog writing is a way to channel those abilities that your employer isn?t recognizing. Get good enough at it, and you may not need your day job anymore!
  34. You can work as little or as much as you want. Blog writing is an informal occupation, so you can hit it hard, play it slow, or go with any variation in between. You can even shift gears as your circumstances change?it?s completely flexible.

Do you think you?d like to give freelance blog writing a try?

If you?d like to try your hand at blog writing, you can order a copy of my e-book, The Freelance Blog Writer Side Hustle. It will show you how to write blog articles quickly and completely, how to find ongoing sources of topics, how to find blogs to write for, and just about everything else you?ll need to make it work. Even if you?ve never written professionally in the past, this e-book will give you a step by step guide to make it happen for you.

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27 Responses to 34 Reasons to be a Freelance Blog Writer

  1. It really depends on your motivation and if you want it to be a side business or a full time occupation. You could write for one site a month and earn $100 (4 posts per month), or ten sites for $1,000 (40 posts per month). As to full time, there are people making six figures doing it. I’m not one of them, but that isn’t my intention. (I’m using $25 as an average per post since that’s what a beginner can expect, as you do it longer the average will be higher.)

    That flexibility is one of the best parts. If you only want an extra income, you can work a few hours per week–at home and on your own schedule–and make a few hundred dollars per month. I think this is what most people would use it for. If you have the talent and motivation, you can build it into a full time business and make a lot more.

  2. Hooray for professional bloggers! I’ve really enjoyed the flexibility I have as a freelance blogger. It’s been a great way to earn a living.

  3. Hi Miranda–thanks for weighing in! I’m not doing it full time but I can definately see the potential to take it that far. The flexibily is hard to beat, and it’s much better for than starting a blog if you’re looking to make money quickly and build your business in a hurry.

  4. Miranda, when I think of Frelance Blog Writers, you are the first one that comes to mind. You have been awfully busy lately.

    Kevin, my problem is that I take way too long writing each article to make any serious money from it. Even monetizing my own blog isn’t that lucrative and I have been blogging for over five years. I love blogging, but I could make a lot more money wearing a paper hat selling french fries.

  5. Hi Bret–That’s a valid point. But what I’ve found is that as you move into it you become faster at it. You develop shortcuts (which I outline in the ebook), and also once you’ve written hundreds of posts research is easier because you know where to look. It’s like anything else, the more you do it, the easier it is and the faster you can do it.

    BTW, posts on my own site generally do take longer. That’s because I ramble more, in a way that I don’t when I write for other sites. I guess what I’m saying is that you can’t always guage by what you do on your own site. Your own site is you baby and you do tend to put more time in.

  6. I’m a freelance blogger and I could think of 1000 more reasons why my job is the best. But I really do love this list, especially 12 and 24 (and definitely not number 26). My favorite part is that I can even write my blogs on-the-go and I know that so many of my readers follow me on-the-go too (cell phones, iPad, etc), I’ve been looking into mobile ad networks like one called Mobicow.com. They offer 60% of net revenue, which is perfect for me right now when I’m getting lots of clicks.
    Keep loving and blogging!

  7. Hi Stephanie–To one degree or another, I like all 34. But then I would since it’s my list!

  8. I am a CPA by profession; but when I made the choice to leave the corporate world to spend more time with my daughter, writing has kept me financially independent despite lack of regular job. It has provided me the fulfillment too since writing is also a passion that I wasn’t able to pursue when I had a full-time job. Now I feel like I enjoy the best of both worlds — I get to write and earn while I also get to spend quality time with my daughter.

  9. Hi Joy–That’s the kind of arrangement where freelance blog writing can really work beautifully. I wish I was doing it when my kids were young. I was working from home in mortgage sales back then which was a lot harder to juggle with the stay at home parent role. But there were no blogs back in the 1990’s. Still, I’m enjoying it now – full-time blogging, no mortgage work, and 100% home based. And if I have an appointment somewhere where I have to wait (auto repair, medical) I just pack up my laptop and work from where ever I am. It’s a hard work-life to beat!

  10. It’s true that freelance blog writing can be a lucrative career. There are lots of companies these days who would be willing to pay a profilic writer to ghost write for them. You can dictate how much you will earn and you can work at your most convenient time.

  11. Hi Stacey–That’s been a pleasant surprise for me. Once you get out there circulating the business seems to come to you. I’ve been able to go from doing it as a side business to full-time. I never planned it that way, it just happened!

  12. Who says you can’t start a lucrative venture without high capitalization? Freelance writing only needs your time and writing skills. You don’t need that much to start earning from this kind of business. Of course you will need a computer and an internet connection; but come to think of it, almost everyone has computer and internet these days. Thanks for sharing this article. It made me more interested in starting my own career in freelance writing.

  13. Hi Calra–That’s one of the most attractive aspect of freelance writing, no upfront capital. It’s also liberating because you don’t work with the notion that you have to recover (or protect) your capital investment. That frees you to simply be productive.

    I’ve always thought that talent trumps capital even in the business world. If you can start a business with your skills and talents, you don’t need a lot of capital. It also increases the chance of success, since you don’t need to contually feed money into your business to make it work.

  14. I definitely agree that freelance blog writing is a much more sure way to make some side income. When you start a blog, who knows, you may make money after 1 month, 2 years, or never! haha

    One downfall I suppose is that the blog article that you wrote doesn’t scale. In other words, once it’s written you don’t make any more money off of it since it’s on another site, unless you have a specific agreement set up.

  15. Hi Jacob–True on all counts! Starting your own blog is speculative, something like 95-99% don’t survive past six months. And it can take a long time to make money even if yours survives. Freelance writing is an immediate income source that seems to compliment building a blog.

    Excellent point though about writing not being scalable. Maybe we should switch to royalty arrangements!

  16. You’re definitely right; there are so many advantages of becoming a freelance blog writer and you don’t need to exert a lot of effort to name them one by one. I personally like the advantage of being able to work at the comfort of my own home. I can work in pajamas and rest when I want to. Had I known that this can be a good source of income, I would have chosen this kind of job over traditional ones without hesitation.

  17. Hi Kelly–Me too! I wish this had been around 20 years ago! Especially when I think about some of the really bad jobs I had early in my life. But on the happy side, those jobs helped form the basis of my writing career!

  18. Kevin,
    I am a first time visitor and I am really liking what I am reading. I am looking for extra income as my wife is a stay at home mom. We have a special needs child and she needs to be available for him. I am really interested in the freelance blogging thing. I am not a writer, but may have potential with some polishing. Hopefully, your Ebook would help with that. I am a member of Mturk and notice they have a lot of writing jobs as well.
    I’m really glad I found your post. The fact that your a fellow Christian makes it even better.

  19. Thanks John, keep in touch when you get started and we’ll compare notes along the way.

  20. As an aspiring freelance writer, I agree with everyone one of these points–excellent list! If I could paraphrase them all into a single line, I would say it’s the allure of being in control of my destiny. I’m not quite there yet, but I know what awaits me if I put in the effort!

  21. Hi Jacob–I think that having a good bit of control over your destiny will also increase your level of happiness in life in general. So many people feel trapped by their careers today that it’s a breath of fresh air just to know that enjoying your work is even possible.

    BTW, while I have various income sources, freelance blog writing is now my primary income source. Have to admit that when I started doing it I didn’t imagine that happening.

  22. I have a dumb question. It sounds like in all of this one must have the talent of writing? Putting your thoughts or knowledge on paper? Is this not a prerequisite?

  23. Yes Ruth Ann, and I think most people have a hidden writer in them. If you have deep ideas/convictions/passions the mechanical writing skills can be acquired. I know that was the case with me with the very extensive technical aspects of blogging. I knew none of that. As well, when I look at my early articles, I realize that I’ve come a long way in that regard as well. It’s about challenging yourself to do what you believe you can do deep inside, and being willing to put in the time and effort to make it real. That’s probably the process with anyone who wants to go from ground zero to making money at any skill.

  24. I want to start a blog. Can you tell me two things:
    what is the best place, is Word Press good?
    and, do Need to have a website first?

  25. Hi Steven – Word Press works well because it’s free, user friendly and common. You can choose preseleted templates and modify them. I’d go with either GoDaddy or Bluehost as the webhost. GoDaddy is a bit high on the price, but their customer service is perfect for newbies, and they will even help you with Word Press. And no you don’t need a website first. Your blog will be your website.

  26. I want to be a freelance blogger,too. 🙂 Can anyone give me any sites or ideas on how to start doing the blogging thing? 🙂 You can email me through here : [email protected] . That would be much appreciated. thank you! 🙂

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