5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in RFP Software

You just received a RFP or Request For Proposal. You’re probably thinking, “Great! I’ve made it to the big time,” right?

We all know this isn’t exactly the case.

Very likely, at least several others have also received a RFP.  So, you need to write a response that will stand out from all those other responses.

Most people just toss the RFP without even reading. They think of all the work it’ll take just to put a proposal together that may or may not be selected.

Well, this is why you need RFP software.

RFP software helps you create, submit, and keep track of your proposals and all proposal-related details.

5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in RFP Software
5 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest in RFP Software

Here’s a summary of why we firmly believe you should invest in RFP software.

1. It helps you submit better responses by engaging with buyers

Using RFP software to create your response enables you to efficiently analyze your client’s requirements. This helps you create better proposals explicitly tailored for that buyer.

However, sometimes you want to engage with the buyers for a more comprehensive layout of their needs. Since they are not always available to give direct responses, the RFP software comes in handy.

The software automates the interaction with the buyers so that it is convenient for them. It provides alerts, reminders, and other helpful tools to allow ease of interaction between buyer and seller.

When you engage with the buyer in this way, a relationship is established that assists greatly in the creation and submission of successful responses.

2. RFP Software helps you save time and win more business deals

AI powers most of these RFP softwares. The AI analyzes the questions in the RFP. It then cross-references them against answered questions from previous projects. Some of the answers already exist in software libraries.

You’ll be able to fill out half the RFP response in no time. By reducing the number of manual tasks, you shorten your response time. This, in turn, allows you to fill out more RFP responses in less time and, as a result, have more and more chances to win a contract.

3. It ensures real-time collaboration

RFPs require a significant amount of collaboration among team members in order to be successful. This isn’t always an easy objective; especially now with less face-to-face interactions.

The traditional mode of sharing RFPs used to be by email but this method is no longer as effective. Statistics show that only 17.80% of all emails get opened.

This is what makes RFP software such an amazing help.

These platforms allow your team to collaborate on a RFP response project in real-time. Updates and other changes can be accessed by anyone on the team anytime, anywhere.

This increases the efficiency of your team by miles, and in turn, allows you to submit better RFP responses.

4. RFP Software increases efficiency by enabling responses in a centralized location

It’s possible that you could be working on your first RFP, but it’s far less likely that it will be your last.

To submit winning RFP responses consistently, keep track of previous proposals.

Many of the questions in the RFPs are similar and/or require similar answers. It is unnecessary to start from scratch every time.

RFP software helps you keep all your previous responses in a centralized location. This makes them accessible in case you need to draw answers from them for a current RFP response.

5. It helps you measure the progress of RFP responses

RFP software also helps you monitor your response process.

This is done by providing real-time information on deadlines, updates, and other such developments.

It also helps you to see where you are lacking by pinpointing your weak links.

As RFP software maintains previously submitted proposals, you’re able to make comparisons to measure and improve efficiency.


In summary, the easiest way to be efficient today is to take advantage of technology.

The less you have to do manually, the less time you spend on repetitive tasks. This also means that you can accomplish more.

RFP automation is one such automation tool that will help you do better work and speed up your sales success. But of course, you’d still need to hone your skills to fully utilize the benefits of RFP software.

( Photo by Nguyen Vu Hung (vuhung) )

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