5 Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Inviting Again

With all of life?s demands, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize cleaning and sprucing up your home. ?This can be especially tough during the holiday season, when most of your free time is probably spent baking, wrapping presents, and sending out holiday cards. ?If your space could use some TLC, here are 5 small ways to make your home feel fresh and inviting again.

5 Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Inviting Again
5 Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Inviting Again

Make Your Home Smell Good

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your home is simply by making it smell good. ?This can be achieved by using a plug-in air freshener in a warm and inviting scent. Bath & Body Works Wallflowers are some of the best, and they come in tons of different holiday scents that will fill your home with high-quality fragrance. ?Using a plug-in air freshener is one of the best and most effective ways to make your home smell good, but if you?re looking for a lighter, more subtle scent, consider investing in an essential oil diffuser. ?This will deliver a nice scent into your home without being too overpowering, and you can try out different essential oils depending on how you?re feeling that day. ?Lemon, for example, will give your home a clean, fresh scent, while eucalyptus works as a natural decongestant and can help clear up any sinus issues.

Add Cozy Elements

Purchasing things like fuzzy blankets and soft pillows can really add an element of comfort to your space. ?This is especially important if your home tends to get cold during the winter months, causing you to bundle up more than you normally would. ?If your home has hardwood floors, lay down a nice, soft area rug to add some extra coziness to the space. Candles are also great for making your home seem more inviting, and lighting a few around the house will instantly make you feel more cozy and relaxed. ?If you?re expecting guests this time of year, they will be delighted by the warmness and ambiance of your home.

Hang Up Some Photos

Hanging up photos of friends and family is another great way to make your home feel more inviting, especially when people come over to visit. ?Photographs give a home life and allow you to display your favorite memories in different parts of your house. You can get creative with the way you display photos in your home by straying away from traditional styles and using trendy new ideas. ?If you have a bunch of old polaroids laying around, try hanging them on a piece of string or twine with clothespins for a cute, retro look. Don?t have a lot of wall space? Try having your favorite photos printed on mugs, throw pillows, and other items around your house. ?Thinking outside of the box when it comes to how you display the photos in your home will have your guests buzzing this holiday season!

Use Removable Wallpaper

Painting your walls is a large task that is best done during the warmer months, so that you could open your windows and get rid of any toxic paint fumes. ?However, that doesn?t mean that you can?t still show your walls some love during the holiday season! Removable wallpaper is a great way to play with different colors and patterns without totally committing. ?Using removable wallpaper also won?t decrease your home value, as it can easily be removed if you ever put your home on the market. ?If you?re using removable wallpaper in a funky color or pattern, try sticking it on just one wall. ?You?ll still be able to make a statement, but it won?t look so bold and overwhelming.

Add Warm Lighting

The lighting in your home says everything, so take a look at the lightbulbs you?ve been using and consider switching out ?cooler? bulbs with ?warmer? ones. ?One easy way to add warm light to your home is by switching off your overhead lights and opting for smaller lamps. ?Turning on one or two small lamps instead of a big overhead light can make a huge difference in a room, and you?ll instantly feel more relaxed. ?If you?re unsure of what kinds of lightbulbs to buy in order to achieve warm lighting, head to your local hardware store and ask a sales associate for help. ?This is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel more inviting, and you?ll notice a big difference in the overall vibe of your home once you switch over to warmer lighting.

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  1. Light means everything. Especially up here in the cold and dark winters of the Great White North. I am sure that S.A.D. is caused in part by too little light, in part by too little oxygen (indoors, with doors and windows shut for months) and too little vitamin D from staying out of the sun all winter.

  2. Hi David – Long time no talk! Hope all is well with you and your family. BTW, I’ve since moved up near the Canadian border (New Hampshire), so I know what you mean about the cold and dark winters. But the rest of the year is so fine!

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