5 Things to Do, To Maximize Your Income from Online Surveys


The technique of utilizing online market surveys and focus groups was developed in order to provide manufacturers with a keen insight into the psyche of the consumer. With time, the concept of an incentive-based or paid survey was also introduced. It attempted to find more willing participants, who were more likely to offer honest, unbiased and objective responses. Income from online surveys is potentially the easiest way to make money in 2018. They are open to people of all age and from all walks of life. No prior technical knowledge of the product or the company is mandatory on your end.

5 Things to Do, To Maximize Your Income from Online Surveys
5 Things to Do, To Maximize Your Income from Online Surveys

Here are the five most effective tips that experts insist you follow to enhance your annual earnings from virtual surveys:

Credibility of the survey site

The most important tip that you need to pay attention to is the fact that the survey sites you choose to work with must have a good reputation of clearing the due payments. In many cases, survey-participants are duped out of their promised money. In yet others, the survey sites end up asking for an initial investment from the survey-participants. This done in the name of giving them access the surveys on their site.

A good way to look up reliable paid survey sites is to consult online directories. For instance, SurveyClarity is an excellent example, where you can find a number of safe survey sites to work with. It’s based on the consumer demographic to which you belong. You can also look into survey sites that well-known companies partner with. They tend to be more legitimate.

Be regular with your work to increase income from online surveys

Obviously, the more surveys you complete, the more you earn. However, that is not the only advantage of being a survey-participant who is regular with their work. The more you access the site, the more traffic you generate on it. Certain survey sites play favorites with their users. It means frequent users are offered the best surveys available on the site. These are the surveys that pay more than the usual. They’re also closer to the kind of surveys you are comfortable with.

Moreover, an increased usage of the site on your part will also enable the site to track the types of surveys that you prefer to do. For example, a person without a physics degree or in-depth knowledge of the current tech market will not be able to answer complicated questions on software and peripherals.

Register with a fully complete user profile

Just like you would like the survey site to be 100% credible, the site would also like the same from all its users. One of the ways in which it determines this is by the user profile. So, when you register, make sure that you enter the data required for all the fields. The email and phone number that you register with should also be accessible to you at all times. This way, when the site sends you news about a survey, you can immediately accept the offer.

Moreover, there are quite a few fields in your user profile that provide the site with vital information. This includes  your strengths, weaknesses, preferred topics, qualification, and others. All are necessary for them to determine which surveys they should send you. If you have security concerns, do not upload the user picture.

Do not be casual with surveys

While surveys are remarkably easy to answer, your attitude towards them should be serious. Do not take any of them for granted. Give each question some thought before putting down your final answer. Product surveys are an extremely important part of the manufacturing process and you should always remember that your answers will help your demands as a consumer be met more efficiently. In case of essay-type questions, always try to make your answer as nuanced as you can. The more information you provide, the more will be your worth as a survey-participant.

Also, certain sites record your answers and compare them across different surveys. In case, you contradict yourself and the site administrator deems it to be suspicious, your time with them might just be cut short. Always be truthful with your answers and make sure that you justify your stance to the maximum if given the opportunity.

Help expand the reach of the site

A recent development across online survey sites is the strategy of using referral codes to increase the number of their users. If you can get a friend to join the site using the referral code provided, you will probably be rewarded with a bonus. Check the site’s policy statement to verify whether this program is offered by that particular site. Sharing the referral code on social media platforms will allow a larger number of your friends to register.

Getting other people to join the site will not impact your assignments negatively. You will still be provided with the same opportunities as before. The sites like to increase the number of their users so that they can assign diverse surveys to people more appropriately, based on their skill-sets and preferences.

Concluding remarks

Learning how to optimize your earnings is not only beneficial for you, but also for the companies who are able to sustain the same survey-participants and study consumer behaviors over prolonged periods.

Have you ever tried to make money with survey sites? Were you successful? Would you recommend it to others as a way to earn extra income?

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  1. I haven’t tried online surveys except the ones from Burger King, that they tell you to go to this link and complete a survey then you will get a free soda drinks or fries. Other than that, it’s a no. I always thought the surveys are scams. The details or personal information you provide them will be used to scam you of any sort. And some sponsored ads saying you will earn something by just answering the survey, they just sound hazy to me.

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