6 Side Hustles that Will Help You Make Money Fast

There?s no better feeling than being financially secure. But, you can only stretch your salary so far in order to quickly pay off debt, fund an emergency savings account, and save up for next year?s vacation. Thankfully there are all sorts of ways that will help you make money fast without having to pick up another full-time job.

Side hustles have become a very popular way of supplementing your monthly income. There?s no shortage of side hustles either, so you?re sure to find one that you not only enjoy, but one that increases your cash flow!

6 Side Hustles that Will Help You Make Money Fast
6 Side Hustles that Will Help You Make Money Fast

Are you ready to make more money and achieve your financial goals? Keep reading to learn about 6 of the best ways to make money fast.

1. Sell Items on Amazon

Chances are you have plenty of unused items that you don’t need anymore. From clothes to books to CDs to electronics, your old unused items are still worth some cash! You can sell old stuff on Amazon and make a decent amount of money doing so.

Other online options for selling items include Craigslist, eBay, eBid, and Offer Up.

Selling unused items is a double win. Not only can you make money, but you’re also able to free up space in your home, which reduces clutter.

2. Use Fiverr

Known as a micro-selling site, Fiverr allows people to sell all sorts of random projects for $5. On the site, you’ll find that there are all different kinds of gigs, and most start at no less than $5. Using Fiverr you can:

  • Record videos talking about a brand
  • Design websites
  • Create travel plans
  • Sell hand-made items

There’s no shortage of things you can do on the site. If you’re passionate about a certain thing or have skills in a certain niche, make money by offering them on Fiverr.

3. Get Paid for Your Opinion

We all have opinions, but what if you could share yours and get paid for doing so? There are many companies that pay people for simply providing their feedback. With paid surveys, you won?t become rich overnight, but it?s a great way to make a couple extra bucks each week.

There are many paid survey websites to choose from, but the top sites are Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and Swagbucks. Both allow you to cash out your earnings via PayPal, or you can put what you?ve earned onto a gift card.

4. Search the Internet

We all search and browse the internet on a daily basis. With this side hustle, you can get paid for searching the web! Swagbucks not only rewards users for taking paid surveys, but you can also get paid for using their search engine. The site also offers rewards for watching videos.

By using the Swagbucks search engine, you earn points after many searches. Points can range from 10-15 points and you’re able to cash out points once you reach 500 points.

Another company that pays money for browsing the internet is Neilson Digital. You download the app and it keeps track of what you search and browse in the background. You’re entered to win rewards, plus the company pays you $50 a year!

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you enjoy blogging, writing, and social media marketing, becoming a virtual assistant is a great side hustle that can pull in some serious cash. As a virtual assistant, you’ll help clients run their social media account and websites. For most positions, this side hustle only requires putting in a few hours each week. But, with the right client, working as a virtual assistant can easily become a well-paying part-time job.

Virtual assistants are a highly diverse group, and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much you can earn. But an excellent guide, Virtual Assistant Salary: The Definitive Guide (2019) provides detailed research on what you can expect.

What?s great about this side hustle is you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a reliable computer, internet connection, and some background in creating online content.

You can use a variety of sites to find virtual assistant positions including UpWork as well as traditional job boards like ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and App Jobs.

6. Sell Stock Photos

Put your camera skills to use by selling photos online. There are many sites such as iStockPhoto and Depositphotos that are always looking for people to contribute their photographs. Each time one of your photos is purchased, you’re paid a royalty. This is a great way to turn your artistic abilities into cold hard cash!

For artists who don?t take photographs but instead make images, there?s a side hustle for you as well? Companies are always looking for digital art submissions as well. Create, post, and sell!


Picking up a side hustle is a great way to boost your monthly income. No matter if you choose to take surveys or de-clutter your home by selling unused items, there are all sorts of ways to make money without dedicating too much time.

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13 Responses to 6 Side Hustles that Will Help You Make Money Fast

  1. Thanks for the info Kevin – we are always on the lookout for ways to make an extra few bucks!

  2. 12 years ago I was helping a neighbor move and made the rounds in my 4 door hatchback looking for boxes. Pulled behind Staples to check the disposal area and there was over 400 boxes of new tax software discarded. It was May and no longer tax season. They filled every nook and cranny of the hatchback. Over 20,000 MSRP. After listing many on eBay a guy from Chicago expressed interested in the entire batch. Quick $3,500. For the next several years could not resist “box hunting” in May, but each year they improved inventory control and the supply dwindled. Total tax free take was over 6K. During that time period it was obvious, from perusing the listings on eBay and CList, there were many enterprising box hunters.

    IRS was paying examiners $9.60/hr in 1986 = 17.60 in 2006. 6K tax free = over 10 weeks of inflation adjusted take home in 1/10th the time. The Chicago buyer is still in business to this day.

  3. Hi George – If you’ve ever heard or read the Lazy Man’s Way to Riches, that’s how Joe Karbo got started, selling boxes. Many years ago at an accounting firm I worked for there was a box company that was fabulously profitable, partially because they had no debt. But there’s money in the things most of us think aren’t worth much, precisely because everyone else is ignoring them.

  4. Doing time behind the wheel is presenting some opportunities other than Uber and Lyft.

    1)Grocery delivery
    2)Prepared food delivery
    3)Picking up electric scooters to be recharged and then returning them to the sidewalks. Your title is BIRD CHARGER !!

    Bird Scooters: Public Nuisance or The Future of Transit?

    All the Bird Charger has to do is to unlock the scooters, put them in the car, and drive them home. It helps to have a decent sized car, truck, van, or SUV. Once home, they simply plug them in and charge them.

  5. Today they call it ‘side hustle’ but when I grew up it was called ‘moon lightning’. The younger generation has perfected this as a way of segwaying into being self employed. A full time gig but working on their side hustle during the other time.
    Thought has crossed my mind that what they really may be doing is working themselves to death? I want it to work for them but I want them to be smart about it.
    The older generation is doing it because so many of our retirements are not turning out as planned. Im self employed w a full time job and have an online shop, too. Three of my 5 grown kids (all in their 20’s) have side gigs to help w college debt-baby sitting, tutoring, pet sitting, and selling online. The most successful is the one who pet sits w an avg of $600/mo! Who knew?
    Side Hustle is definitely the buzz words, right now.

  6. Hi Ruth Ann – I remember the term moonlighting, which basically referred to a night job. But side hustle is a broader term, and includes gig work and self-employment. It seems to be catching on. According to the IRS there are some 55 million small businesses, but fewer than 10 million are full-time. The other 45 million plus must be side hustles. If so, its fast becoming the new normal. And if it allows people to gravitate toward self-employment all the better.

  7. Photographers: Be careful selling your photography to some of the stock photo companies. I have heard so many stories about photographers getting only pennies for a photo on some of those sites. One guy made a grand total of 23 cents!

  8. I’ve heard of that too Mary. I depends on the market for what you’re putting out there. I’d be careful with nature and cats and other things that are cute and inspiring. Lean more toward photos with clear business applications, that’s where the money is. Like anything about taxes, money, investments, etc.

  9. There’s really no money anymore in photography. I’m in this industry in a way. Being in the print business I know several people who are photographers.
    The invention of cellphone cameras and user friendly editing software have reduced this industry to basically an anybody can do it type of business.

    They are right. I sold two framed pictures at a friends are gallery which I took with an i phone and five minutes of editing.
    It’s not really a specialized field anymore.

    There are people who make money but they usually are doing weddings or working for publications.

    I have a small gallery on instagram and have been contacted by people who want to use my photos but I don’t make any money with them. Nobody is willing to pay for things because it’s so easy now to do yourself.

    Most of the instagram guys I know or follow offer classes, preset editing tools and many other ways to make money. Their picture is just the advertising..
    Places like I stock or other places will pay you a penny of two on the dollar. They get millions of stock photos. Most use it for a way to get other side kind of business out of it.

  10. That’s true Tim, it’s another example of how technology has taken the profit out of an entire industry. But again, I do think if you specialize, you have a chance. Too many are taking pictures of generic subjects, that have no commercial value.

  11. Yes, but to become specialized in an area kind of takes it out of the side hustle kind of category.

    It’s like anything I guess. It all depends on the level you want to take it. You can take it to other levels but it becomes pretty involved and time-consuming.
    This is an area I started dabbling in. Took some classes but having my own business also I had a hard time doing both. So I just take some photos for fun. I just didn’t wanna devote the time.

  12. Thank you Kevin for sharing this list of the side hustle is incredible. I see at least 2 that we can try ourselves in your business and personally I like the idea of sell products on Amazon. I can’t wait to try them.

  13. That’s great news Brooks. I think nearly everyone needs a side hustle these days, especially with the COVID virus. Jobs and incomes are no longer certain.

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