6 Ways How Technologies Make Your Small Business Grow

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates

Technology is all about innovation and curiosity, and it is continuously evolving for the better. Technology has a significant impact on a business’s operation. The growth of a company directly depends upon the type of technology used to leverage its services. While the right kind of technology can give an exponential rise to a business, old and outdated technology may lead to a step backward in the industry.

6 Ways How Technologies Make Your Small Business Grow
6 Ways How Technologies Make Your Small Business Grow

Technological advances have helped all industries to gain momentum in the customer service domain, whether it is a coffee shop that uses the latest technology to customize the coffee orders or an online retail store that makes use of chatbots to handle customer queries. Technology has touched every aspect of businesses, and now it is up to the companies to harness the best of it and utilize the techniques to their maximum potential.

In this post, we will explore some ways in which technologies make your small business grow.

1) Build Your Company Website to Make Your Small Business Grow

According to a report 85% of consumers use the internet to find a local business. Thus, it has become essential for a business of any size to create an online presence through which they can reach their target audience. For small or local businesses, having a company website is essential to growing your customer base and building customer loyalty.

Here are some points that explain the importance of a business website for your company:

  • Helps you show up in local search results
  • Markets your products and services
  • Improves your business’s credibility
  • Collects customer information in the form of leads
  • Builds a customer care strategy

2) Store All Your Data On Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has already made communication more comfortable and convenient. For your business to run smoothly, you need easy and organized access to your files whenever required. That’s why so many companies are moving towards cloud solutions. Moving from the traditional computer storage to the cloud can help your small business save costs.

According to Forbes, 70% of organizations have at least one app on the cloud. Let’s see why it has become essential for your small business to opt for cloud-hosted solutions:

  • Allows you to access your files anytime, anywhere
  • Cost-effective as compared to traditional systems
  • Enables easy collaboration with other team members
  • Prevents data loss
  • You can choose your plan according to the requirement

3) Redefine the Marketing Strategies

In this rapidly evolving era of businesses, effective digital marketing strategies are not only essential for success but survival too. Thus, your small-medium enterprises need to utilize digital technologies to make maximum impact. Also, digital marketing campaigns drive better results and offer higher returns as compared to the traditional forms of marketing.

With marketing software, you can use geo-targeted advertisements to reach the right audiences. Technology helps your business to formulate an effective marketing strategy by:

  • Creating channels such as social media marketing, email marketing and pay per click advertising
  • Use of various traffic analyzer tools to measure the website traffic
  • Use of software to analyze the marketing results
  • Reaching out to a wide range of audiences
  • Effectively collecting user data and generate leads

4) Increase Productivity and Improve Customer Service

Amidst all the different elements that contribute to business growth, providing exceptional customer service is the most important one. Technology can help your business to achieve the desired objective of business growth.

Increasing productivity is key to reducing costs and maximizing revenues, which can then be invested in growing the business. Productivity software can reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by:

  • Integrating with all business applications, ex- CRM software
  • Automating call, data, email, receipt tracking
  • Tracking your finances like expenses, savings, revenue
  • Organizing virtual client and employee meetings
  • Providing efficient customer support

5) Expand Your Reach with Social Media

According to a report, more than 3.8 billion people are using social networks across the globe to engage with brands. Whether you own a small or a large business, social media technology is essential for your business marketing strategy.

Social media platforms help your business connect with your customers, increase brand awareness. Investing in social media technology can be a wise move your business to:

  • Create brand awareness and reach target users
  • Generate leads and increase website traffic
  • Improve your search engine optimization
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Promote your business in an efficient way

6) Enable Web-Based Payment Systems

Web-based payments make it easy for your business to make and receive payments. This flexibility in payment allows the small business to gain access to entirely new customer segments. That is, enabling payment gateway technology allows your business to offer your products and services to a larger group of people.

The internet also allows you to accept payments online for your sales securely, fast, and quickly. Online payment technology is equally beneficial for the customers, too, as it makes the paying process hassle-free. Web-based payment technology is:

  • Easy to set up and integrate with business workflow
  • Affordable with lower transaction charges
  • Providing quality customer experience
  • Allowing secure payments
  • Managing your subscriptions

Apart from the points mentioned above, some other ways technology helps your small business are:

  • Access to project management software
  • Increase mobility among employees
  • Cut down communication costs
  • Enable remote working for employees

Bottom Line to Make Your Small Business Grow

Let’s face it. Small businesses don’t really have big budgets to work with. Therefore, it becomes utmost important to carefully streamline all your business operations and promote growth with limited capital.

Technology is advancing by leap and bounds; thus, your business must aim towards grabbing the right technology and at the right time. Since the world has gone absolutely competitive, the type of technology you choose for your business will also decide some essential factors like customer outreach, business gains, and revenue.

You have just seen some ways by which technology is enhancing business operations. Therefore businesses need to be smart when making investments in technology and adopt the right solutions for their business growth.

Author Bio: Kritagya Pandey is a technical as well as a creative content writer at CallCenterHosting, a prominent call center solutions provider. Deeply motivated by arts, she invests her time reading novels, exploring literature and photography. She can be contacted via her Linked In page.

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