7 Reasons Super Bowl Monday is THE Day to Start a Diet

By Kevin M

OK sports fans, The Big Game is over; it’s time to get down to real life. That means OUR lives, and not the ones of the stars on the field. Got a few pounds to lose? There’s no better day than today to get to it. Why?

I can think of seven reasons:

  1. You doubtlessly over-indulged on food and liquor during this past weekend and doing without is looking pretty stinking good right now.
  2. The long fooball season, with it’s succession of beer, chicken wings and pizza weekends, is finally over.
  3. The brilliant plays and athleticism we saw demonstrated yesterday should inspire us to get in better shape.
  4. The winter holiday season is well behind us.
  5. There is no threat of broken New Year’s resolutions; you’ve probably broken all of them by now anyway.
  6. Even though it’s still winter, bathing suit season is a mere 90 days away—still enough time to lose a meaningful amount of weight but no longer enough to be complacent.
  7. There’s nothing better to do this time of the year!

So cancel the extra sports channel subscriptions, toss the left over junk food, put the beer in cold storage, sign up for Weight Watchers, take advantage of one of the many $10-a-month gym memberships and get rolling.

Can you think of a better day than TODAY?

( Photo by Ted Kerwin )

2 Responses to 7 Reasons Super Bowl Monday is THE Day to Start a Diet

  1. You’re right Kevin, there is nothing better to do this time of year. This is the worst time of year for sports. Can’t wait til March Madness! =)

  2. Yeah, can you hear the quiet! This is an excellent time to take on any project we’ve been putting off–diet, exercise plan, learning a new skill, projects with the family. The excuses are gone! (At least for a while…)

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