7 Tips to Increase Blog Web Traffic

No one starts a blog with the intention of staying undiscovered forever. We all want people to read and enjoy our content ?? and we especially want to improve our businesses as a result of our work in blogging. The good news is, you can increase blog web traffic ?? no matter what you write about ?? by following these seven simple tips:

Increase Blog Web Traffic
Increase Blog Web Traffic

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Keep a Regular Schedule

For businesses who maintain a professional blog, hammering out a routine should be a breeze. However, it can prove more daunting for freelance blog writers to nail down a set regimen. After all, one of the great pleasures of making money in your spare time is that you can set your own work hours. Still it?s important that however you manage your time, you establish a modicum of regularity. By sticking to a schedule, your readers will learn to anticipate when new blogs are forthcoming and look forward to them more as a result.

Don?t Tease

Yes, you want people to click on your website. That?s a given. But you can?t promise them the moon in a blog title or social media post and fail to deliver in the actual blog. Not only will it rankle your loyal readership, but it can affect your performance with search engines as well. Writing blogs that are rich and informative will help boost your SEO performance ?? in addition to engaging your readership. That?s why it?s vital to make sure your headline and the body of your work are in sync.

Write Clearly

Of course it?s imperative that you write your blogs with an eye for detail. No one?s going to struggle through a poorly-worded, unintelligible article ?? no matter how valuable the content might be. In addition to following basic rules of grammar and style, you can also help increase your blog?s ?readability? by breaking long sections up with subheadings and images. You don?t want your readers encountering a daunting wall of text when they land on your site.

Blogging Your Passion 101
Blogging Your Passion 101

Mix it Up

Even the most prolific writers need a break from time to time. So don?t tax yourself or your copywriter to the extreme with an ungainly workload. Rather, you can give your regular writer a break and increase your blog?s viability at the same time by incorporating a guest writer from time to time. An intelligent, erudite guest will give your readers a new reason to peruse your blog. Just ensure that whoever you approach to write for you, understands not only the subject matter, but your expectations as well.

Focus on Social Media

For many bloggers, the last thing they consider before publishing a blog is the social-media content attached to it. Really though, how you promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter, etc. should be a high priority. That?s because many of your readers will only interact with your post on a social-media platform. Furthermore, a compelling social-media post can work to draw interested readers to your website. To that point, always be sure to include an image in your promotional material. Otherwise, your hard work will likely get lost in the shuffle amid cat videos and political posts.

Learn from the Best

Just like any other profession, bloggers should look to success stories in their industry for inspiration. Finding blogs that you enjoy on a personal level will help you brainstorm ideas for your own blog. What helped them gain readers just might work for you too. There?s no shame in recognizing that you don?t know everything about blogging ?? after all, no one does!

Practice Practice Practice

Whether you write for a scientific journal, or you review fashion trends on a personal blog, everyone wants more clicks on their website.? The only way to improve your blogging skills ?? and by extension your blog?s performance ?? is to work at it.

One way to sharpen your abilities for writing professional blogs is to cultivate your own personal work. Applying yourself to a passion project might not garner you the same attention as the content you write in your professional field, but it will provide you with a playground to try new and exciting techniques out. Plus, writing about things that interest you will help keep your mind fresh and focused ?? so you can dominate your blogging schedule 24/7!

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