9 Business Ideas for Nurses That Are Ideal

Nurse entrepreneurs often possess a very unique range of qualifications, skills and qualities that help them to get ahead with their business venture. Getting started in any business can be tough. But as a nurse, you will have a clear advantage over your competition in the health and wellness industry. With a strong knowledge of healthcare and medicine coupled with a caring disposition and empathy for patients alongside essential critical thinking, leadership, organization, resourcefulness and other essential skills, nurses tend to make excellent entrepreneurs. If you are currently working as a nurse and are considering a change of career that allows you to become your own boss and do the work that you love, nurse entrepreneurship could be the right option for you. Here are some business ideas that are ideal for nurses to consider.

9 Business Ideas for Nurses That Are Ideal
9 Business Ideas for Nurses That Are Ideal

Healthcare Consulting:

With qualifications such as these nursing leadership courses from Baylor University, you will be in an excellent position to start a business as a healthcare consultant. You will be working with your clients to help them interpret medical information and work closely with them to ensure that they are making the right choices for their healthcare when it comes to treatments, medications, or getting the right health insurance, for example. Patients with chronic or terminal illnesses who require ongoing, complicated healthcare will often benefit from this type of service.

Appointment Assistance:

Many nurses find that there is the option to start a lucrative business doing what they do best; helping patients. Appointment assistance is a great business opportunity where you will be helping elderly or disabled patients make and get to their healthcare appointments. This service is in high demand and as a nurse, you are able to work closely with your clients to ensure that they are given the planning, care and transport options that work best for them and their healthcare needs.

End of Life Care:

With more and more patients choosing to have the end of their life at home, end-of-life care is a business that is always in demand. As a nurse, you have the skills, knowledge and compassion that you need to provide this extremely important service to these patients and their families in their time of need. As a nurse, you will not only need the healthcare skills to look after these patients, but to support their families through a difficult time while working with patients who are in the late stages of terminal illness.

Holistic Care:

If you are interested in holistic healthcare and medicine, there are several business ideas that you might want to consider starting as a nurse. This type of business enables you to take a unique approach to providing your clients with the healthcare services that they would like to try alongside conventional treatment or as an alternative. As a nurse you will be equipped to provide your patients with expert advice on holistic healthcare approaches that might work for them and which options are more likely to complement the treatments that they are already in receipt of.

Medical Product Sales:

Nurses have extensive knowledge of the medical industry that they can put to use in a business venture selling medical products to healthcare professionals and healthcare institutions. When it comes to the products that your business could provide, there are several options to consider, from medical devices and equipment to essential items like bedding for hospitals, or scrubs and comfortable footwear for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Hospital Photography:

If you enjoy photography, hospital photography could be a great business option for you – and it’s more in-demand than you might think. Expectant parents, for example, are often the biggest clients for hospital photographers since they might want to document the birth of their child or get photos of their newborn while still in the hospital. Some hospital photographers also offer end-of-life photography services that provide families with precious memories of their loved one that they can keep forever.

Concierge Nursing:

With more and more patients now opting for plastic surgery procedures, nurses are often needed to help with their recovery after the surgery. In this business, you might often be working with celebrities and famous people. They have opted for plastic surgery and wish to hire a private nurse at a premium rate to help with their aftercare. After a plastic surgery procedure, many patients go home with dressings and drains. Many are also in a lot of pain, and will benefit from having a nurse who is able to work with them personally. You can ensure that they are receiving the best standard of aftercare at home. In that way, they’ll be able to enjoy a quick and healthy recovery.

New Mom Coaching:

If you are a nurse-midwife, you can take the skills that you have from the job and put them into a business as a coach for new moms. Having a new baby can be a scary. As a new experience, many moms are willing to work with professionals who can help them get used to this big change. You can and help them get to grips with breastfeeding, baby care and more. As a new mom coach, you could offer services that begin in the late stages of pregnancy. That can help parents prepare for the birth of their new child. You can then offer services after the birth to help parents adjust.

Wellness Coaching:

Many people are looking to work closely with somebody who is equipped to help them improve their health and wellness. As a nurse you might be the perfect choice. A wellness coach offers a wide variety of services to their clients. Those include helping them improve their mental health, make healthier choices with diet and exercise, or quit dangerous habits like smoking. Patients might hire a wellness coach to help them recover from a surgical procedure or accident. Or even to help them improve their general health and lifestyle.

Working as a nurse is very rewarding. But if you want to become your own boss and make your own rules about what you do, it’s worth considering starting a healthcare business.

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