Advice for Bloggers Caught Off Guard by Recent Search Engine Drama – Keep Calm and Carry On

Advice for bloggers caught by search engine changes
Advice for bloggers caught by search engine changes

The internet is an ever evolving landscape and as a relatively new entity it has some time to go before it will be stable and established. As is normal with such things, physical or virtual, that means that a lot of storms pass through, tides and sands shift, and for those of us trying to occupy the landscape, things can be unpredictable and at times seem pretty insane.

I’m writing this post for all bloggers who have been freaked out by the recent acts of one of the internet gods, Google.

In recent months Google has been making huge waves and laying down fire and brimstone in what it claims to be a quest to purge the internet of all things bad, and create a happy perfect place of only useful and quality content.

Not all of the search engine changes are bad

I personally think that day by day, they are succeeding in their quest despite the constant fight back from the spammers and short-cutters who constantly want to use their service for their own good and not for the good of the internet community.

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As a normal blogger I am sure you have done things that Google and other search engines count as wrong. You may have willingly listened to a so-called guru and purchased some low quality links or even built them yourself. You may have produced thin content to match a keyword you know will bring traffic or you may have taken payment for advertising that is designed to help the provider gain trust from Google

Because of this sort of activity, a lot of changes are taking place that have upset a lot of websites?and their owners. Google started hammering down poor quality content, penalizing sites known to have accepted paid ads for ?dofollow? links that manipulate search results, began crushing link-farms and discounting poor quality backlinks. On top of that, a big kerfuffle is happening because for the first time it seems, Google is actually penalizing you if you have seemingly low quality or paid links into your site!

It will all work out in the end?no matter how bad it looks right now

For those who are new to the web and to blogging, all this is a little overwhelming. It sure is a big storm, but for those of us who have been here a while it isn’t anything new.

In the past, I have

  • gotten poor quality links
  • accepted terrible, poor quality ads
  • written terrible content
  • chased keywords
  • and a host of other things I really shouldn?t have been doing

Working hard to clean things up after each beating has often led to me regaining my positions in search, and once again being friendly with the big G. In this storm I have been severely hit again and attacked by Google’s new beats Penguin and Panda. I believe it happened due to old but poor quality links and a some awful content that didn’t deserve to rank.

Although I am concerned, the number one thing I have to remember is that similar things have happened before. My site will recover if I go forward if I make changes and adjustments as Google and other search engines suggest and in the right manner.

Google is demanding that we now play by their rules and to be honest I think their rules seem rather fair and will only benefit us all in the long run.

Blogging Your Passion 101
Blogging Your Passion 101

For those who feel they have been directly targeted or that all of this is unfair realize that it is a privilege to be shown in Google’s results and enter into a mutual working relationship with them. The same goes for Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile and any other search engines that feature your website.

So to the title of this post?we all need to calm down and to carry on doing the good stuff. Think about the opportunity that this forest fire has brought; sure a lot has been burned to the ground, but now we can all see the sun and our seeds can grow towards the light.

Google wants us to produce the best content we can. They want us to share it with our friends via social media. They want us to provide value so they can serve value to their users.

So let?s do just that.

Has your site been affected by the search engine changes? If so, what are you doing to improve the situation?

6 Responses to Advice for Bloggers Caught Off Guard by Recent Search Engine Drama – Keep Calm and Carry On

  1. That’s a good addition Forest. I hope we’re not scaring people away from blogging though! It is an excellent way to a) bring out your creative talents, b) make some extra money, c) have a chance to express your ideas, and d) spread your wings and try something new. We have to deal with the search engine issues as they arise, view them as an occupational hazard, and keep going forward. At worst, they’re a temporary set back.

  2. Yes my website used to appear on page 1 or 2 when people searched for information on how to protect their electronics from an EMP attack. I received hundreds of visitors everyday. Then suddenly my website vanished completely from the search results and ironically several other websites who had linked to my artcle and given it praise, now appeared way before mine. All because because one empowered twit at Google decided for the entire world that my website was not good enough for them to read. I never made any money on the website anyway, but it was all about putting vital information out there. Anyway, I use Bing now.

  3. Hi Tim – I get what you’re saying. But we have to understand that with all the new content flooding the web that a high position is usually only temporary. None of us owns the position occupied by a particular article, nor do we own any current page rank. I’ve seen some pretty strong sites losing both ranks, so it seems to cut across all lines.

  4. Kevin, thanks for your comments and I totally agree nobody is “entitled” to a high ranking for any lenght of time, but the article had high ranking for a couple of years, and then overnight just vanished from the search results. So it was a very arbitrary and from my point of view vicious and unfair action, the result probably of one person who didn’t like what I had to say.

    We do know that Google is a very progressive company and I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they didn’t start taking a closer look at a website’s content to see if it meets their progressiveness standards. If it is deemed by Google to be regressive it could disappear over night. Well they don’t quite own the internet and I happy with Yahoo Search and Bing and i don’t have to look at their goofy cartoons as an added bonus.

  5. Unlike the good, old days when a bricks-and-mortar business in a prosperous community meant financial success for life, the internet is a highly dynamic environment. We have to keep moving forward to stay relevant. Along the way, we have to view the ups and downs of everything – including rankings – as an occupational hazard. This is a much more fluid business environment than we’d like to believe, but if we’re going to play the game, we have to embrace it. I’ve had several ups and downs in my six years on the web, some large, some small. But you come out ahead if you don’t quit. I’ve even surprised myself at how adaptable I can be! I think that’s really the key to the whole thing.

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