Are pursuing Your Own Goals – or Filling Quotas Set By Others?

Others cannot set goals for you, only you can – “Goals” set by others are really “quotas”

By Dave Kelly, Professional Speaker

?I am in excellent, physical condition.?

So goes one of the affirmations that I tell myself on a daily basis. Yet, I must admit, it is not true?not now, anyway. Affirmations do not have to be true in the here-and-now to be valid, but they do have to be something we commit to making true in the future.

I have had people ask me how can I be a ?motivational? speaker and not be in peak physical condition? Well, after all, there is a niche for everything and everyone! Actually, changing my physical status has not been a goal for me, until now. I believe in speaking things into being and also sharing your goals and dreams with others. By writing this post, I am committing myself to making some positive changes that you should be able to see very soon.

Why not before now? Because it was not a priority for me. It has not been a goal that I could or would truthfully pursue.

Goals versus Quotas

I have had plenty of people tell me that I should do something. I may have even lost speaking opportunities as a result. The thing to understand, though, is that no one?not a boss, not a loved one, not a client?can ever set a ?goal? for you. If they attempt to do so, they are actually making a ?quota? for you. A quota is someone else?s expectation of what your performance should be.

Are you in sales? Your boss is not giving you a monthly, quarterly, or annual goal. You are getting a quota.

Does your spouse or partner want you to make a certain amount of money? It?s not a goal, it?s a quota.

Does your child want you to play for so many minutes before you do something else? If you do not buy into it, commit to it, and believe in it, then it is a quota. And quotas are not any fun.

Ever hear of anyone offering a ?Quota Achievement Program?? Probably not. How about sitting down to do some ?quota setting?. Oooooo, how fun (he said sarcastically).

And by the way, I will stack up my record of achieving my goals against anyone. I know how to do it and I always succeed.

So, here I go! Stay tuned and let?s see how things look come New Year?s Eve. Along the way, I will share with you how I am progressing on my journey.

In the meantime, don?t get discouraged by other people?s ?quotas?. Get energized by your goals!

So my questions to you: Are pursuing your own goals ? or filling quotas set by others? Do you believe in “speaking things into being”, also known as “affirmations”?

Dave Kelly is a professional speaker and host of the website, and a contributing writer here on His career story is also a feature here at Professional Speaking?Turning a Hobby Into a Career. Dave is available for speaking engagements either through his website or by emailing Kevin at OutOfYourRut.

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2 Responses to Are pursuing Your Own Goals – or Filling Quotas Set By Others?

  1. Really encouraging post – reminds me to make sure I am doing things for the right reasons. It definitely gives me something to consider as I think about my goals for the upcoming year. I am not a big believer in ‘speaking things into being’, but I do believe in prayer and that God can help me achieve those desires in my heart that I bring before Him. I look forward to reading about your journey!

  2. Thank you for your comment, NW! I also use prayer and taking my goals, wants, needs, etc, to God and have found that He always has a way for me. Maybe not always the way I want, but it always seems to be the best way for me. Prayer is a way of speaking things into being, but even just stating our goals is of value. We speak a lot of negativity-“I’m fat”, “I’m ugly”, “I’m tired”, “I’m a loser”, etc and our brain buys into that and we become those things. Why not speak positive things? I told myself several times every day for years, “I am a successful professional speaker” before I even began marketing myself as a speaker. Finally, something clicked and today I am a successful professional speaker! So, speak your goals (direct that towards God if that is where your faith is) and see where that takes you!

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