Bringing Christmas Cheer to Soldiers and Their Families

By Isabella York

America is all about national pride and love for the country, and no one embodies this more than the brave men and women who knowingly endanger their lives for their countrymen. One downside of their efforts is that they don’t get to enjoy the normal, everyday affairs we are lucky to have.

In fact, not many of them will get to come home this season to be able to spend Christmas with their families. In light of this, a number of concerned individuals have banded together to form charities. Their objective is to provide all sorts of aid, from financial to recreational, for US troops and their families.

Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas. They may hail from a single state, but the Airborne Angel Cadets of Texas charity is dedicated to helping US troops from all 50 states. Their main objective is to provide aid financially or via packaged goods such as canned food, toiletries, medical supplies, and other necessities. Efforts are concentrated on troops who serve in the most remote areas of the world, but the charity strives to extend a helping hand to all soldiers everywhere.

Military Connections. Another organization that strives to provide financial and material aid for soldiers is Military Connections. This holiday season, in honor of Christmas, they have created a project entitled Christmas Stocking. It aims to provide cheer to US soldiers who won’t be home for Christmas with their loved ones. One way they do this is by sending Christmas cards included in the care packages. They have also affiliated themselves with Macy’s department store, offering gift wrapping services for donations, which are forwarded to the troops via care package.

The Armed Services Blood Program. Being in a perilous occupation, army men and women are prone to possible heavy injuries and trauma. This charity aims to address this issue by providing blood and blood products that are vital to the survival of our soldiers. Even though some won’t be able to give blood, the charity still accepts volunteers who are willing to organize a blood drive or provide donors for blood or blood products.

Peace Greeters. This charity proves that no matter how small a good deed, it still makes a difference. By focusing their efforts on greeting and providing services for troops who pass through Pease International Airport en route to Iraq or Afghanistan, they are able to provide a measure of comfort. Aside from making soldiers feel welcome, they also provide various refreshments and free use of telephone services for those who wish to get in touch with their families and friends overseas.

Kids Link Downrage. Aimed at the children of US troops, this charity strives to build a connection between them and their parents who are serving in the frontlines. Volunteers are responsible for creating card kits which enable these children to correspond with their parents. It is important that our troops receive regular personal communication from loved ones, and this charity accomplishes just that.

Subscriptions for Soldiers. Even our troops enjoy reading about current events and entertainment, and Subscriptions for Soldiers aims to provide that. This charity allows you to donate a one-year subscription to any soldier for as low as $10. If you wish, you can also be assigned to a specific army member and act as their subscription sponsor every year.

Military space . In order to help army members feel a bit of the Christmas spirit, Military Space has dedicated volunteers who make it their duty to ensure that every soldier receives a care package. Their main objective, however, is to organize projects during special days of the year so that our troops feel like they’re still part of the celebration. They are also committed to providing aid for US military families who are in need, whether financially or materially.

Opperation Troop Aid. Through organizing public fundraisers and events, Operation Troop Aid collects thousands of dollars in financial aid for troops. They use donations to compile care packages, which are delivered monthly to each brave soldier until their return home. They also accept donations from public organizations that are willing to show military support.

Pick a charity this holiday season and ensure that the love and warmth of our US military families reaches our troops overseas.

Isabella York is a mother dedicated to helping other families this holiday season. Along with raising her son, she works for Balsam Hill, a purveyor of Artificial Christmas Trees and Christmas Trees.

( Photo by The U.S. Army )

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  1. Thank you so much for providing this information. It is great that organizations like this exist for our troops who are doing so much for us.

  2. Isabella:

    I just had a few minutes to check this site, been a while since I have. I am so GLAD I did. This is information I always wanted – thank you!

    I will make sure I tweet this to share with others.

    Question: I know holidays are a big deal, but I am concerned about the in between times.

    Any programs handle those times?


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