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Preparing for the Coronavirus Economic Meltdown: Why You May Need to Refinance Your Car Loan Now
We’re treated to a steady barrage of ads hawking ever lower mortgage rates, or the latest 0% introductory APR offers on credit cards. But lost in the mix are auto loan refinances. That’s unfortunate, because it appears we’re on the cusp of the coronavirus economic meltdown. That being the case Continue Reading
You Don’t Need a Car When You Work from Home
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home, one of the 12 reasons I listed was that you don’t need a car when you work from home. Most of the others were intangible benefits, like having greater control of your time and creating a better work/life balance. And though eliminating the ne Continue Reading
How Much Can You Save by NOT Owning a Car?
Pssst - wanna lower your cost of living - I mean really lower your cost of living and do it for good? Ditch your car. No, I'm not kidding, ditch your car! It's mind-boggling how much you can save by not owning a car. Most people cut costs by trimming along the edges - clipping coupons, reducing e Continue Reading
High Risk Auto Insurance: How Much Will It Hurt Your Wallet?
Car insurance is something you need before you get behind the wheel and a good driving record can translate to lower premiums. If your driving record is spotty, or your have poor credit, however, you may only qualify for high risk auto insurance. That can drive up the expense of getting covered. Continue Reading
8 Reasons Why You Should Pay Cash for a Car
One of the biggest line items in a typical household budget is car expense, and one of the reasons it?s so large is because of car loans. After decades of easy credit, we?ve been conditioned to think of car loans as a normal part of the car buying process. Not many people even think to pay cash for Continue Reading
Your Worst Enemy When Buying a New Car
When buying a car we can wrap ourselves in numbers, comparisons, interest rates and all kinds of other research projects that have a mathematical sound to them. But often, when it comes down to the moment of truth, the car we buy, how we buy it and how much we pay are determined more by our emotions Continue Reading
9 Reasons High Cost Cars Cost Even More Than We Think
Most of us dream of cars. Like the home we own and the clothes we wear, cars aren?t just something we drive ? they seem to define us. If "you are what you drive" then driving something better somehow makes us better (so we like to think). The nicer the car, the better. But nicer comes at a price, an Continue Reading
Lower New Car Prices by Refusing Useless Options
Ever notice how the advertised price of a new car is never the price that you actually get? Have you also noticed that once you settle on a price for a new car with a dealer, that it tends to creep higher and higher before he actually hands the keys over to you? You can fight back, at least partial Continue Reading
How Car Leases Torpedo Your Finances
When people are in need of a car, the focus is on the car itself to such a degree that it can seem as if the purchase is happening in a vacuum. After all, there?s always a dealer somewhere who will show us how we can afford something we?re not really sure we can. Often, that magical way to affordabi Continue Reading
How to Become a Car Expert BEFORE You Buy
If knowledge is power then the lack of it is weakness! Don?t think this message is lost on your friendly neighborhood car dealer! Car salesmen can sniff the knowledge weaklings before they even get into the showroom, and will make them pay more before they walk out. The best counter strategy is to b Continue Reading