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New Car or Used Car – Which is the Better Deal?
Question: is a car an asset or a liability? That was a theory question in a sophomore level accounting course I took in college way back when. After some debate among the class, the professor confirmed what we all knew, that the technically correct classification is “asset”, but felt compelle Continue Reading
7 Ways to Keep Your Car Longer
One of my core beliefs about the US economy is that we all need to get more out of less, and it should be obvious that this is no longer a temporary situation. Cars are one of the biggest expenses in the typical household, so there's plenty of economy to be had on that front. Learning ways to keep y Continue Reading
How to Sell Your Car Yourself
In an earlier post we covered the importance of having your down payment ready before you buy a new car and now we’ll take a look at the mechanics of how to sell your car yourself to help raise that down payment. By selling your car yourself, you can maximize the amount of money you’ll get fr Continue Reading
5 Ways to Find the Cheapest Car Insurance
As I've written so many times in previous articles on cars, I'm not a "car guy" - a.k.a., a car expert. But I'm always excited to find ways to reduce the cost of car ownership in any way possible. This includes car insurance. We're required to have it by law (though not here in New Hampshire), so it Continue Reading
We Beat “The Man” On Yet Another Major Car Repair
This post is the most recent edition of how we once again beat “The Man” on yet another major car repair. “The Man” is of course a high priced car repair shop, you know the kind where they’re all ready to charge you anywhere from $500-$1,000 or more for even the most routine repairs. So Continue Reading
10 Ways to Buy a Car Without Getting Ripped Off
Buying a new car has never been one of my favorite things to do. It’s not that I don’t absolutely love the idea of having a new car, I sure do! But the flaming hoops you have to jump through at the dealership to buy a car takes some of the fun out of what should be one of the most exciting event Continue Reading
Why You Need to Get Your Car Loan BEFORE You Buy a Car
Whenever it comes time to buy a car there’s a strong tendency to go with the one stop shopping dealerships offer. But take advantage of that perceived convenience, and you may very well pay far more for the car than you should. Dealerships hawk ridiculously low interest rates on their financing, s Continue Reading
What to Do After an Automobile Accident
A car accident completely disrupts your life. There are things you need to take care of; it's hard to focus. You know what to do to help reduce injuries, save lives, and in the end simplify the insurance claims process - but you can't get started. So what to do after an automobile accident? CRASH! Continue Reading
Never Lock Yourself into Working With One Car Dealer
Have you ever decided to buy something—furniture, an appliance, even clothing—but walked out of the store thinking “I can get that same item in another store for less”? Why is it then that so often we don’t shop around when buying a car? I can think of a few valid sounding reasons: Continue Reading
How to Buy a Car with Poor Credit
We often hear or read about how to buy a car when you have credit problems. That can result in a loan with high—sometimes very high—interest rates, prepayment penalties and all kinds of unpleasant consequences in the event you can’t make your payments. But since the financial meltdown of 20 Continue Reading