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What to Do After an Automobile Accident
A car accident completely disrupts your life. There are things you need to take care of; it's hard to focus. You know what to do to help reduce injuries, save lives, and in the end simplify the insurance claims process - but you can't get started. So what to do after an automobile accident? CRASH! Continue Reading
Never Lock Yourself into Working With One Car Dealer
Have you ever decided to buy something?furniture, an appliance, even clothing?but walked out of the store thinking ?I can get that same item in another store for less?? Why is it then that so often we don?t shop around when buying a car? I can think of a few valid sounding reasons: We don Continue Reading
How to Buy a Car with Poor Credit
We often hear or read about how to buy a car when you have credit problems. That can result in a loan with high?sometimes very high?interest rates, prepayment penalties and all kinds of unpleasant consequences in the event you can?t make your payments. But since the financial meltdown of 2008, th Continue Reading
A friend of mine spent several years working for a prominent local car dealership in the area, and though I?m not a ?car guy?, I got a chance to learn about some of the inner workings of the business from a guy who was living it. And that?s what they do in the car business, by the way?they live it. Continue Reading
10 Driving Distractions That Can Cost – Everything
Driving a car - a several ton mass of metal, plastic, rubber, and electronics - is serious business. It takes training, paying attention, experience and alertness. Getting behind the wheel can have a lasting impact on more than just yourself. Driver education courses in schools are doing a much bett Continue Reading
Never Go Into a Car Dealership Alone!
Most of us dislike confrontation. In fact, unless you?re certifiably neurotic you?d probably rather deliver a speech to a large crowd rather than engage in face-to-face confrontation. OK, that was a bit over the top, but I?m going somewhere with this? One place you can fully expect confrontation - n Continue Reading
Your Kid Does Not Need a New Car
Comedian Jeff Dunham says people who buy new cars for their kids have it all wrong. 16 or 17 year old kids, he emphasizes, don?t need a new car - they need a bumper car. And he was talking about his own daughter! I totally agree! A kid does not need a new car! It's mostly a want, either by the kid, Continue Reading
How to Save Money Buying a Car ? New or Used
Do you want to save money buying a car? Don?t go out to a dealer, at least not right away. First do some homework, get the information you need--then head out looking for cars. You?ve heard it said, ?knowledge is power?, and no where is that more true than when it comes to buying a car. Here Continue Reading
How I Cut My Car Repair Bill in Half – Again
I?m not bragging here, but I just did it again ? I cut my car repair bill in half. And I?m hoping that the information I?m sharing here will be of some benefit to you on your next car repair episode. Car repair bills are a major part of the stealth expenses that are raising the cost of living sig Continue Reading
Know the Value of the Car You?re Buying ? and the One You?re Selling
When ever we buy a car, a process known as ?haggling? is set in motion. From a car dealer?s perspective, this process has two over-riding objectives: a) To charge as much as possible for the vehicle they?re selling us, and b) To pay as little as possible for the vehicle we?re trading in. O Continue Reading