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The Benefits of Working Remotely: Why You Should Consider Going Completely Online
Remote work is now a way of life as more organizations are going completely online to comply with social distancing regulations. This has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The world has been forced to find ways to maintain productivity while reducing the spread of the virus to their employees Continue Reading
9 Business Ideas for Nurses That Are Ideal
Nurse entrepreneurs often possess a very unique range of qualifications, skills and qualities that help them to get ahead with their business venture. Getting started in any business can be tough. But as a nurse, you will have a clear advantage over your competition in the health and wellness indust Continue Reading
Grow Your Career Using LinkedIn: Stand Out In The Crowd
There’s no denying that as far as social media sites go, LinkedIn is the most effective in growing your career and selling your skills, or finding the talent your company needs. It’s a great place to showcase your talents, represent your skill set and sell yourself to potential employers. You ca Continue Reading
5 Careers That Are So 2021
If you're looking for something different as a career option then 2021 has a whole host of opportunities. Connectivity is better than ever before. There’s more access to information and the way that people are doing business has changed radically. All of these mean that there are so many mor Continue Reading
5 More Reasons to Consider Leaving Your Job
A few years ago, I wrote an article for Out Of Your Rut titled How Do You Know When It’s Time to Leave a Job? While I certainly wouldn’t disagree with the content that I wrote for that first article, I realize in retrospect that it was not as complete as it could have been. As time marches on, Continue Reading
The Top Jobs in Fintech
Financial Technology (Fintech) is an evolving industry. It integrates innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Blockchains with personal and commercial financial services. Once an exclusive forte of financial institutions, fintech is now in use by a range of organizations. The EY FinTec Continue Reading
6 Tips for Implementing a Work-From-Home Policy at a Small Business
Working from home isn’t the way of the future ––it’s the way of the present! Indeed, millions of employees already work remotely at least some of the time. And all small businesses need to have a work-from-home policy in place as they get started. Otherwise, they could risk losing out on tal Continue Reading
Observations on My Lifetime of Work – And What’s My Next Move?
It’s been the better part of a year since I have contributed anything to OOYR. As the saying goes, “Life has a habit of getting in the way of your plans.” So I have not been as active on here as I would like. At the same time, this period has been a good opportunity for me to re-evaluate my li Continue Reading
You Don’t Need a Car When You Work from Home
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home, one of the 12 reasons I listed was that you don’t need a car when you work from home. Most of the others were intangible benefits, like having greater control of your time and creating a better work/life balance. And though eliminating the ne Continue Reading
How to Create Work-at-Home Gigs to Free You From Your Cubicle Forever
In 12 Reasons Why Your Next Gig Should Be Work-at-Home we discussed the why of working at home ? as in why you should. My hope was that in spelling out why work-at-home is a better way to earn a living, you?ll be sufficiently motivated make any effort needed to make it happen. It?s how I work, and I Continue Reading