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Does Working Hard <em>Really</em> Get You Ahead?
How many times have we heard that phrase, "Work hard and you?ll get ahead in life!" Is it true? Does working hard really get you ahead? I ask that question because the more I read and the more I talk with other people, I doubt if there's a definitive answer. Certainly when we were younger and in sch Continue Reading
How to Get Along With Difficult Coworkers
Often, business owners like to refer to their employees as part of a corporate ?family.? Yet, the reality is that coworkers aren?t family - they aren?t even friends. Sometimes, the only thing two team members have in common is that they share the same work space. While you don?t have to be best pals Continue Reading
Four Ways Your Employer is Paying You Less than You Think
The tales of puny salary increases have become legend. In recent years, pay increases have been hovering around 2%. But that figure tells only part of the story. The other part is how your employer is paying you less than you think. For 2018 and 2019, the average increase has supposedly been/will Continue Reading
6 Actionable Steps to Achieve Your Career Goals
All professionals have dreams. Whether you want to found your own business, climb the corporate ladder, or develop a new product, discovering how to make your professional aspirations a reality is one of the most difficult ?? but rewarding ?? endeavors anyone could hope to undertake. The sad truth i Continue Reading
How the Job Boards Hurt Job Hunters and Help Employers
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the official unemployment rate is down to 3.7% for September. If that statistic is accurate, there should be a job available for everyone who wants one. What's more, there should be enough pressure on wages that salaries should be rising sharply. Bu Continue Reading
Why You Have to Think of Yourself as Self-Employed Even if You?re Not
This concept is becoming increasingly important as the economy and the job market evolve into something as yet not clearly defined. But it's even more important if you?re a relatively new entrant to the workforce, or you're an older worker, looking either to remain in the workforce, or cut a path in Continue Reading
Is 75 the New 65? There May Be No Choice
Since I?m self-employed and home-based, I generally choose to work out at the gym around mid-morning. It just works best with my somewhat unorthodox work schedule. But something I?ve been noticing when I go on weekdays is the pronounced number of people over 60 ? and more than a few over 70 ? workin Continue Reading
How to Write a Resume When You Are Just Out of College
A majority of college students after graduation come to realize that they need to apply for jobs. Statistics showed that in July 2017, 4% of freshly graduated college students were unemployed in the US. This turns out to be such a complete challenge since they do not know what to include in their re Continue Reading
11 Reasons Why You?re Not Making More Money
When the mainstream media grabs a certain negative theme, it?s usually more noteworthy than most of us think. One of the apparent contradictions in the current economic expansion has been the notable absence of increasing incomes. Different theories abound. But I've come up with a list of 11 reasons Continue Reading
Why Geographic Mobility May Be More Important than Ever
In this article I?d like to discuss a career issue that most probably don?t even think about. The human tendency is often to find a specific place, and ?put down roots?. That certainly has emotional appeal, particularly if you have family near your home turf. But from an economic standpoint, it coul Continue Reading