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Why You Have to Think of Yourself as Self-Employed Even if You?re Not
This concept is becoming increasingly important as the economy and the job market evolve into something as yet not clearly defined. But it's even more important if you?re a relatively new entrant to the workforce, or you're an older worker, looking either to remain in the workforce, or cut a path in Continue Reading
Is 75 the New 65? There May Be No Choice
Since I?m self-employed and home-based, I generally choose to work out at the gym around mid-morning. It just works best with my somewhat unorthodox work schedule. But something I?ve been noticing when I go on weekdays is the pronounced number of people over 60 ? and more than a few over 70 ? workin Continue Reading
How to Write a Resume When You Are Just Out of College
A majority of college students after graduation come to realize that they need to apply for jobs. Statistics showed that in July 2017, 4% of freshly graduated college students were unemployed in the US. This turns out to be such a complete challenge since they do not know what to include in their re Continue Reading
11 Reasons Why You?re Not Making More Money
When the mainstream media grabs a certain negative theme, it?s usually more noteworthy than most of us think. One of the apparent contradictions in the current economic expansion has been the notable absence of increasing incomes. Different theories abound. But I've come up with a list of 11 reasons Continue Reading
Why Geographic Mobility May Be More Important than Ever
In this article I?d like to discuss a career issue that most probably don?t even think about. The human tendency is often to find a specific place, and ?put down roots?. That certainly has emotional appeal, particularly if you have family near your home turf. But from an economic standpoint, it coul Continue Reading
Becoming a Digital Nomad Can Transform Your Life
I can?t remember when I first heard the term digital nomad. But I got a strong whiff of the romanticized version in an article Is the ?Digital Nomad? Life as Good as It Sounds?. As something of a digital nomad myself, I?ve always thought becoming a digital nomad can transform your life, and in more Continue Reading
A Jaded Employee?s Career Burnout Guide
After you graduated with a shiny bachelor?s degree, the real world seemed full of exhilarating opportunity. Now, a few years later, you feel like you couldn?t care less. The challenges you face in your job aren?t interesting, and you rarely feel motivated to put in more than 25 percent of your effor Continue Reading
The Internet is NOT Helping Rural America
This post is not intended to be a criticism of life in rural America. Nor am I pretending to be an expert on the economic fortunes of people living there. But I?ve driven long distances through remote rural areas, and it?s hard to ignore the often obvious economic distress of many who live there. Continue Reading
What Should You Do If You Hate Your Job?
Do you hate your job? A lot of people do, maybe even the majority. I remember Ken, a former co-worker of mine who was nearly 40 years my senior. Ken was a curmudgeonly man with a full head of silver-gray hair, black horn-rimmed glasses, and a wicked sense of humor. He had worked in the auto parts bu Continue Reading
Quiet Revolution ? Young People Becoming Farmers
This is a trend I?ve been watching from a distance. I personally have no interest in going into farming, but my sister and brother-in-law have done just that. And low and behold, it turns out to be a quiet but rising trend. In particular, it involves young people becoming farmers. It doesn?t come Continue Reading