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Quiet Revolution – Young People Becoming Farmers
This is a trend I’ve been watching from a distance. I personally have no interest in going into farming, but my sister and brother-in-law have done just that. And low and behold, it turns out to be a quiet but rising trend. In particular, it involves young people becoming farmers. It doesn’t Continue Reading
Finding or Creating Sustainable Work as a Life Strategy
In It’s Time to Roll Out the Alt-Retirement Movement I outlined the reality that most people will not be able to retire, at least not completely. One of the main points I tried to emphasize was that most people are going to need to continue working, if even at a reduced capacity. As is often th Continue Reading
You and Your Boss Really Are Different
Recently I was digging through some of my “digital clutter” (hard to believe that term didn’t exist a couple of decades ago!) when I came across this gem: “Differences Between You and Your Boss”. I have no idea who was the original source for this, but if your boss or supervisor or other s Continue Reading
Making Work-At-Home Work For You
There probably isn’t a soul in the workforce who hasn’t dreamed of the possibility of a comfy work-at-home arrangement. Today I want to play devil’s advocate on this topic. There are so many incredible benefits to work-at-home, but it’s important to understand the limitations as well. Not to Continue Reading
Staying Motivated When You’re Stuck in Neutral
If you feel stuck in your job, it can be exhausting just staying motivated every day. Now might not be the best time to make a job or career change, but does that mean you have to sit where you’re at and just tough it out until the skies open up and a better opportunity comes along? Don’t go qui Continue Reading
Jobs Advertised But NO Jobs – What’s Up With That???
Have you ever applied for a job that you were perfectly qualified for, but got no response? That’s become the new normal – jobs advertised but no jobs. Not only is this a practical problem – that you need an income from the job – but it also hits on a personal level. If you send out enough r Continue Reading
Work From Home – Is It Worth It?
When you spend half the day battling the heat, the humidity (or the snow and ice) and the heavy rush of traffic just to commute to work every day, work from home seems like a wonderful idea. You can lounge around all day indoors in your PJs and make a living! However, that’s not all, a freelanc Continue Reading
The REAL Job Market Problem is Underemployment – Not Unemployment
The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the government in general, economists and industry leaders have been proudly proclaiming the “low” 4.something percent unemployment rate. To hear the official dogma, unemployment is a non-problem. And they may be right. Because the real job market problem is under Continue Reading
Do You Have a Bad Attitude – or Does Your Job Really Stink?
Do you have a bad attitude, or does your job really stink? It's not always you who is the problem. Sometimes the job really is that bad, or at least a bad fit. How do you work around that? Continue Reading
7 Ways to Tell if You’re Being “Targeted” at Work
Years ago, I had a coworker who was in a management position, who was facing several obvious threats to her job. It wasn’t that she was incompetent – quite the opposite. She was very good at her job and highly sought after by other employers. But a new department head had been appointed from the Continue Reading