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Bad College Majors Magnify Student Loan Debt Problems
Have you noticed a connection between bad college majors and student loan debt troubles? Heavy student loan burdens have become a common problem. But they seem to be more concentrated among people who choose bad college majors. I've known a lot of young people with degrees in majors like history, ps Continue Reading
Never Bankrupt Yourself For a College Education
There was a depressingly interesting article early this week - describing the fortunes of yet another couple whose financial lives have been ruined by student loans. This article dealt not with students, but with the parents who took the loans to pay for their daughters to attend college, to the tun Continue Reading
When a College Degree is the Minimum Requirement for a Minimal Job
Many people are attending college - or sending their kids - out of fear that as bad as job prospects are with a degree, they’re far worse without one. Various studies and surveys support that conclusion, and I think that you’re still better off having a degree than not, at least in the long run. Continue Reading
College is a big deal these days. Without furthering your education, climbing the employment ladder is next to impossible, yet the cost of college - whether out of state or local - is hefty. To afford two or four years, many students fall back on their parents if they're able to help. As a last-reso Continue Reading
Last Minute Moves – Student Housing, Clearing and the Search for Housing
Alright. It’s time to find a place to live - the elusive search for housing. You’ve filled out all the forms. You have your books. You’ve got all your tuition taken care of. But, without a place to live, you’re going to find it pretty hard to go to school. Here’s what you do to sort it all Continue Reading
Monster Student Loans – Is a Lack of Financial Education to Blame?
Earlier this year, MarketWatch reported that the average student loan debt load for the college class of 2015 is $35,051. That represents a $2,000 increase - or more than 10% - above the 2014 figure. As the situation with student loans continues to get worse, it’s time to ask if a lack of financia Continue Reading
Life is Good: Apartment Rental Advice for College Students
Getting to attend university can be exciting and scary at the same time. There are so many challenges to settling in and finding your feet. One of your first challenges is finding a place to call your own. A university student hall is usually one of the first places to try as the accommodations are Continue Reading
Attending College on the Cheap
Unserviceable student loan debts. New college graduates unable to land their first job. Hundreds of thousands more are under-employed (either working part-time or in a job that doesn’t require a degree). The benefits of a college degree are simply not worth what they used to be, and that might mak Continue Reading
I’ve Got a BA Degree But No Job
George Anders, writing n the August 17, 2015 issue of Forbes, says there are ways of turning a “useless” Bachelor of Arts degree (some identify it as a “liberal arts” degree) into a meal ticket. That’s kind of hard to believe in this technology-soaked culture, but in his article, he brings Continue Reading
Surviving College in The First Year
The first year in college is filled with momentous life changes. Some of them will be lifelong, others will only last as long as you are in school. A few will be suggestions your parents have been making for years, and some will “just happen.” They will impact how you live as a freshman survivin Continue Reading