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What If Your Kid Doesn’t Want to Go to College? How to Save for Any Future
Over the past 60 years or so, it’s become customary for parents to save for their kids’ college education. But times have changed, and with them, so have our financial circumstances — and our expectations. They may not want to go to college, but you may need to save for any future. After all, Continue Reading
Defying the Odds: 5 Insider Tips for Graduating College Debt-Free
Whether it came from a parent or a well-meaning teacher, everyone has received advice telling them to get a degree if they want a fruitful job. However, the process isn’t that simple, and many take out hefty student loans to work around steep university expenses. Often, student loans are referred Continue Reading
What Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Student Loans
As a financial advisor, one of the largest groups of people likely to come to you seeking guidance are college graduates saddled with loan debt. Unfortunately, the field of student loans is one of the trickier financial lands to navigate. It's full of all kinds of pitfalls and hidden paths. And that Continue Reading
Is it Time for Young People to Give up on College?
Despite the low current unemployment rate, most people know that there?s something wrong in the job market. Jobs are not as abundant as they should be at this point in an economic recovery, and the salaries don?t seem to be there. For young people, college is typically seen as the answer to the prob Continue Reading
Graduating in Debt: Easy Ways to Pay Off Your College Bills Faster
It?s no secret that higher education is a great way to get ahead in life. But it?s also no secret that many students find themselves beneath a pile of debt by the time they hold that degree in their hands. What are students to do? Graduating in debt is a situation that needs to be addressed sooner r Continue Reading
Investing Too Much in the “Bookends” of Life – College and Retirement
Much of the career, lifestyle and financial emphasis in recent decades has been centered around college and retirement. I refer to these as the ?bookends? of life because they frame opposite ends of your adult life ? the beginning (college) and the end (retirement). I?d like to suggest that these Continue Reading
Bad College Majors Magnify Student Loan Debt Problems
Have you noticed a connection between bad college majors and student loan debt troubles? Heavy student loan burdens have become a common problem. But they seem to be more concentrated among people who choose bad college majors. I've known a lot of young people with degrees in majors like history, ps Continue Reading
Never Bankrupt Yourself For a College Education
There was a depressingly interesting article early this week - describing the fortunes of yet another couple whose financial lives have been ruined by student loans. This article dealt not with students, but with the parents who took the loans to pay for their daughters to attend college, to the tun Continue Reading
When a College Degree is the Minimum Requirement for a Minimal Job
Many people are attending college - or sending their kids - out of fear that as bad as job prospects are with a degree, they?re far worse without one. Various studies and surveys support that conclusion, and I think that you?re still better off having a degree than not, at least in the long run. Continue Reading
College is a big deal these days. Without furthering your education, climbing the employment ladder is next to impossible, yet the cost of college - whether out of state or local - is hefty. To afford two or four years, many students fall back on their parents if they're able to help. As a last-reso Continue Reading