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I’ve Got a BA Degree But No Job
George Anders, writing n the August 17, 2015 issue of Forbes, says there are ways of turning a ?useless? Bachelor of Arts degree (some identify it as a ?liberal arts? degree) into a meal ticket. That?s kind of hard to believe in this technology-soaked culture, but in his article, he brings out some Continue Reading
Surviving College in The First Year
The first year in college is filled with momentous life changes. Some of them will be lifelong, others will only last as long as you are in school. A few will be suggestions your parents have been making for years, and some will ?just happen.? They will impact how you live as a freshman surviving co Continue Reading
What Mark Cuban Got Right About The $1 Trillion Student Loan Debt
When billionaire Mark Cuban suggested a $10,000 cap/year on student loans, he was instantly criticized as a 1% elitist. Cuban spoke out last month after Sweet Briar College announced its closure due to declining enrollment and financial struggles. But in painting Cuban as out of touch with the reali Continue Reading
7 Million Student Loans in Default – Is Yours One of Them?
I was in the mortgage business when the Real Estate/Mortgage Bubble started blowing up in 2007. From where I sit, the college/student loan alliance is heading down the same path. And the evidence is piling up - quickly. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), an agency of th Continue Reading
Eight Benefits of Attending Community Colleges
With all of the media attention being focused on the student loan crisis, as well as the individual horror stories graduates are facing, community colleges stand up as an excellent antidote to the whole student loan problem. A lot of people look down their noses at the prospect of community college, Continue Reading
The Cost of a College Degree Depends On What the Major Is
Every so often we are presented with decisions and choices that could dramatically affect the rest of our lives. And they don?t come much bigger than deciding whether to continue with higher education by attending a university or college and ultimately graduating with a degree.? The cost of a colleg Continue Reading