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Which eCommerce Trends Are Shaping the Industry?
eCommerce continues to grow at a significant rate. This growth invites more aspiring entrepreneurs to try their luck in establishing a profitable business. So which eCommerce trends are shaping the industry? Certain eCommerce niches have virtually no ceiling as far as potential profits go. Howeve Continue Reading
The Only Advice Philanthropists Will Ever Need To Hear
Philanthropists are a rare breed. Entrepreneurs tend to take advantage of exciting business opportunities in order to further their own personal goals. Philanthropists use business acumen as a way of promoting the overall welfare of humanity. This often involves charitable work, starting nonprofit o Continue Reading
Why the George Floyd Protests May Be About More than George Floyd
George Floyd was killed by a police officer on May 25. But it’s now been more than three weeks, and the George Floyd protests haven’t subsided. If anything, they’ve become more pervasive. Something is very different about these protests when compared to the racial unrest in the late 1960s. Continue Reading
15 Ways the Coronavirus Will Change Life as We Knew It
Are you one of the millions of Americans who believe the economy, social construct, and financial systems of the country will go back to normal right quick just as soon as the lockdown is lifted and we’re once again free to roam about? Regrettably, that thinking is likely to prove overly optimisti Continue Reading
PTSD: 5 effective coping strategies
According to a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) study, 39.2% of those involved in a motor vehicle accident go on to develop post traumatic stress disorder. The American Psychological Association also found that car accidents are the leading cause of PTSD among the general (non-military) po Continue Reading
9 Reasons We May Finally be Reaching Coronavirus Fatigue
An orderly sense of calm has come over the grocery stores, replacing the frenzied panic of a few weeks ago. The local TV news is leading off with stories other than the coronavirus. That’s after two solid months of the first 80% of each program being dedicated to the pandemic. Meanwhile, Wall Stre Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why the Coronavirus Grocery Panic Isn’t as Bonkers as We Think
Empty shelves in grocery stores, food warehouses and big-box superstores have become a common sight with the advance of the coronavirus. People are panic-buying, as if preparing for Armageddon. But is the coronavirus grocery panic over-done and even bordering on insanity? Probably not. In fact, I Continue Reading
Dealing with Workplace Hazards
Workplace hazards are aren't always obvious, and many times are hidden just out of sight. That includes risks that could leave an employee seriously injured. It can even make their day to day work much harder to complete than it should be. No matter what type of environment it is, from an office, Continue Reading
What?s Right About America this Fourth of July
This article is a reflection on Fourth of July, and specifically about what?s right about America as we celebrate national independence. But the ideas for it actually began taking shape this past Memorial Day weekend. And perhaps that?s fitting as well. It was the Sunday just before Memorial Day. Continue Reading
How to Prepare Your Finances for the Next Recession
This is a difficult topic to take on in the current economy. At least right now, a recession seems unlikely, and some are saying impossible. But the current economic expansion ? anemic that it is ? is now about 10 years old. That makes it the longest expansion on record. As the saying goes, what goe Continue Reading