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The Rise of the Geographically Mobile Workforce
We read and hear a lot about immigration, mostly as a national crisis. But whether we like it or not, I believe immigration is here to stay. As circumstances in Third World countries become increasingly desperate, people are leaving those countries in favor of the rich countries. But with the rise o Continue Reading
The Real Purpose of Having Money: Living Life on Your Own Terms
In 7 Dark Reasons Why Good Workers Don?t Get Promoted reader/commenter Jodie made an astute observation. She wrote: ?I am retired and advise everyone to do whatever you need to do to stash away $ for when it is time to ?get out of Dodge?. The ability to thumb your nose and walk away when it is time Continue Reading
2017 Had the Fewest Births in 30 Years ? What Does that Say About the Economy?
The US experienced plunging birth rates during the economically troubled decades of the 1930s and 1970s. That's not an unlikely scenario. Historically, birth rates tend to rise during good economic times, and decline in weaker ones. In recent years, birth rates have been on the decline. 2017 had the Continue Reading
7 Reasons Super Bowl Monday is THE Day to Start a Diet
OK sports fans, The Big Game is over; it?s time to get down to real life. That means OUR lives, and not the ones of the stars on the field. Got a few pounds to lose? There?s no better day than today to get to it. Why? Because Super Bowl Monday is THE day to start a diet. Let's be honest, the Supe Continue Reading
Breaking Free of the Constraints of Being Middle Class
Back in the 1990s, our metropolitan newspaper was doing one of those local-boy-does-well pieces, focusing on a 30-something-year-old guy who started his own IT company from scratch, and had recently sold it for something like $10 million. The article was a loose interview with the young man, Continue Reading
The Anti-Trump Revolt that Wasn?t
When I first began this blog back in 2009, I promised myself I wouldn't write about politics. It?s divisive, and in the end it solves nothing. I think that's exactly what we're seeing right now in the American political circus. But on the other hand, that circus is getting just too entertaining t Continue Reading
Why Most People Make Bad Leaders and Managers
Years ago I read a Wall Street Journal article that estimated about 80% of managers are unqualified. With life's experience, I think they were wrong. I think the number is much higher. The unfortunate reality is that most people make bad leaders and managers. I bet you've noticed the same thing. Continue Reading
Are Things Getting Worse ? Or Better?
In this article we?re going to go high altitude, and debate the question, are things getting worse ? or better? This is a completely subjective debate, of course. Most likely, if you?re in the ?bottom? 90% you see things getting gradually worse. But if you?re in the ?top 10%? you see progress all ar Continue Reading
The Message from the Financial Media: It?s Your Fault You?re Not Rich
Last week MarketWatch published the following article: Opinion: Social Security benefits too low? It?s mostly your own fault. Now I don?t want to be too critical of this article ? it makes the valid point that Social Security benefits are reduced by early retirement. I don?t agree with their premise Continue Reading
The Sears in Our Local Mall is Closing This Month ? What?s Next?
It seems as if every few months we?re treated to a list of store closings by Sears. I?ve noticed in the past they?ve mainly closed stores located in rural areas or in very small cities. But this year they?ve taken to closing stores in prime locations. So, we weren?t surprised to read that the Sears Continue Reading