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Why Most People Make Bad Leaders and Managers
Years ago I read a Wall Street Journal article that estimated about 80% of managers are unqualified. With life's experience, I think they were wrong. I think the number is much higher. The unfortunate reality is that most people make bad leaders and managers. I bet you've noticed the same thing. Continue Reading
Are Things Getting Worse ? Or Better?
In this article we?re going to go high altitude, and debate the question, are things getting worse ? or better? This is a completely subjective debate, of course. Most likely, if you?re in the ?bottom? 90% you see things getting gradually worse. But if you?re in the ?top 10%? you see progress all ar Continue Reading
The Message from the Financial Media: It?s Your Fault You?re Not Rich
Last week MarketWatch published the following article: Opinion: Social Security benefits too low? It?s mostly your own fault. Now I don?t want to be too critical of this article ? it makes the valid point that Social Security benefits are reduced by early retirement. I don?t agree with their premise Continue Reading
The Sears in Our Local Mall is Closing This Month ? What?s Next?
It seems as if every few months we?re treated to a list of store closings by Sears. I?ve noticed in the past they?ve mainly closed stores located in rural areas or in very small cities. But this year they?ve taken to closing stores in prime locations. So, we weren?t surprised to read that the Sears Continue Reading
Young Americans No Longer Work ? What?s Up with That?
We just returned from a summer vacation at the beach. As is my usual affliction, no matter where I am or what I?m doing, I can?t help but notice the ?little things?. I think it?s the writer?s curse ? the inability to simply look past the subtle, in search of some elusive deeper meaning. One little t Continue Reading
Online Resources to Help You
?What Should I Do With My Life?? That question is one that many of us continually ask ourselves. I still ask myself that question as a 41 year old as much as I did when I was 21. Sometimes, that question becomes riddled with anxiety, and instead we begin to say in worry and frustration: ?I don?t kno Continue Reading
4 Ways to Demonstrate Charity to Your Kids as They Head Back to Class
Returning to school is too often a grand excuse to shop. From books and supplies to clothes and activity fees, we frequently get caught up in making sure our kids have not only everything that they need, but everything that they want, as well. If you?re a person of faith wanting to make a difference Continue Reading
Another Mall Dress Shop Closed ? Why Retail Can?t Keep Blaming Amazon
Earlier this year a new dress shop opened at our local mall. It was one of those high-end boutique dress shops. My own assessment of the situation was that it would never last ? the last thing this or any other mall needs is another boutique dress shop. Yesterday morning I walked by the same sho Continue Reading
Should You Invest in Bitcoin?
The Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency camps are still divided. Bitcoin supporters advocate investors embrace the digital currency mainly due to its decentralized nature. Critics point out that these currencies are like dust in the wind with no intrinsic value and only fueled by vague speculation. Moreo Continue Reading
Dealing with Addiction and Its Financial Consequences ? A Personal Story
Dealing with addiction. Now that's not a topic I thought would ever be on this blog. Why? The story is too personal. It's too painful. And it's too darn difficult to talk about. Yet here we are. What does this have to do with personal finance? Plenty! Read on to learn how and why this is the c Continue Reading