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Quiet Revolution ? Young People Becoming Farmers
This is a trend I?ve been watching from a distance. I personally have no interest in going into farming, but my sister and brother-in-law have done just that. And low and behold, it turns out to be a quiet but rising trend. In particular, it involves young people becoming farmers. It doesn?t come Continue Reading
Is Society In a Rut?
ears ago, when I was a young college student, I was in a class where we were discussing a well-known and controversial work by the political theorist Francis Fukuyama, ?The End of History and the Last Man.?? The basic premise of Fukuyama?s treatise was that the nations of the world were on an unstop Continue Reading
Who Do You Give Thanks to at Thanksgiving?
In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we?re going to take a break from the regular fare of careers and money on this site. There are, after all, some things that are more important than money?and even careers! One of them is marked by this very holiday, but I think it often gets lost in the shuffle. Continue Reading
Las Vegas Shooting ? Thoughts on Why These Tragedies Are Becoming More Common
The Las Vegas shooting ? just the latest episode of Murder and Mayhem, American Style ? has left 59 dead, and some 500 wounded. The details are still being unwound, and it?s unlikely we?ll get any conclusive answers given that the shooter killed himself. Like everyone else, I have no idea what speci Continue Reading
Equifax Breach Shows How Ridiculously Complicated Everything Has Become
So now we have a breach of our identities, one that we were powerless to prevent. That?s 143 million of us, including ? as recently confirmed ? yours truly. 143 million identities are now floating around unaccounted for somewhere in cyberspace. All because we were involuntarily enrolled in the syste Continue Reading
Counting the Cost of Convenience ? Do We Even Bother?
The traffic getting my wife into work yesterday was much lighter than either of us anticipated. With the extra time we had, we stopped in at Dunkin? Donuts to get coffee. There was a line of seven or eight cars queued up at the drive-up window. As is our usual custom, we parked the car and went insi Continue Reading
Why Politics Won’t Solve Our Problems
Have you noticed that despite all of the bold-sounding political claims, the media political churn, and the numerous books claiming political insight, that our problems as a nation seem to chug forward as if we're destined for disaster? It's as if the more we immerse ourselves in the politics of the Continue Reading
The Do Not Call List Is Not Working for Me
Monday Morning Musings? I?m going to try something a little different. Once a week, probably on Mondays, I?m going to put out a list post on a variety of topics. The topics will be interesting, but probably won?t rise to the level of being standalone posts. So let?s lead off this post with this litt Continue Reading
Celebrity Worship? Get a Life!
It?s Friday, so let?s focus on something silly. Like celebrity worship. Maybe it?s not really silly. Maybe it?s actually even destructive. But it seems to be rampant. With all the news and information that?s out there floating around the web ? news and information that can actually be beneficial ? a Continue Reading
Seeing the Big Economic Picture
I?ve always been someone who enjoys looking at maps, charts, and graphs. They give visual pictures of what's going on and help us to see what we don't normally see, like the big economic picture. Catherine Mulbrandon has a fascinating website,, where she presents sometime Continue Reading