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Struggling on a Six-Figure Income
There is yet another of those struggling-on-a-six-figure-income stories (YahooFinance: First Person: How to Earn $100,000 and Still Feel Poor..By Laura Cone) that came out on the web, but this one was at least a little bit more tolerable than such accounts usually are. The writer provided some hard Continue Reading
7 Grocery Store Danger Zones
It’s that time of the week. Parents all over the country grab their lists, study the ads and hunt through their stash of coupons. Heaving a big sigh, they head to the grocery store. Time to restock the fridge and the pantry for the family. But as routine as it all sounds there are grocery store da Continue Reading
How Much Does It Cost to Own a Dog?
“I want a puppy for Christmas,” my granddaughter moaned last year. She’s a wise girl of 10, one with whom you can reason. And she’s got a loving heart and nature, so it tugged at the heart-strings to see how much she wanted to have a pet. My wife and I had “adopted” the terrier dog her f Continue Reading
What to do When You’re Unemployed Long-term
Millions of people had well paying, benefited jobs before the recession are now balancing part-time, temporary or contract work with of complete unemployment. How do you cope with that? Continue Reading
Super Tuesday Is Setting Up President Clinton II
This is my second attempt at writing a political article, something I swore from the beginning I'd never do. As a rule, I find politics to be boring. I'd even classify myself as apolitical. In most elections, no matter who wins - or which party prevails - the outcome is roughly the same. But this el Continue Reading
The Status Quo is the Real Winner in Iowa – Again
For months we've been treated to a presidential race buildup that's been spiced with outsider candidates - Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Ben Carson, and Rand Paul, at the very least. Despite the theatrics and media attention, I've long suspected that none of these players had a serious chance of win Continue Reading
Why Global Warming Is Probably a Load of Crap
At the outset, let me make it clear that I don't completely discount global warming. But I do see outside of the theory enough to believe that global warming is probably a load of crap. Not that the theory is completely impossible, but rather that it's almost certainly been given more credibility th Continue Reading
4 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal
I’m sitting my upstairs office using my PC writing this piece. I could also get my laptop and go to the bedroom where my wife is watching Dr. Phil and work on it there. Or I could take my tablet and work downstairs in the kitchen. (But I’m not very good on the tablet keyboard, hunting and peckin Continue Reading
Going Green – Legitimate Effort, Marketing Hoax, or Something More Sinister?
Everyone it seems is obsessed with Going Green. Is it legitimate? If you’re old enough you might remember those energy commercials where the narrator described some massive energy generation project—years in the works and costing billions—that would provide “barely enough energy to keep the Continue Reading
What if the economy isn’t turning the corner? What if the “Great Recession” wasn’t a recession at all, but the early stage of a longer term economic devolution? I consider this as more than a reasonable possibility. As much as we might cling to the notion of “business as usual”, the h Continue Reading