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Tax Day Protest – More Proof America Is Delusional
I’ve always promised myself that I wouldn’t write about politics on this site, or any other. Politics is a lot like chasing your tail – no matter which direction you go, or which politician or party you support, the end result is unlikely to change much. It’s the story of a largely comatose Continue Reading
A White House Under Siege Won’t Be Good for Your Wallet
Putting the White House under siege has become standard mainstream media operating procedure these days. Donald Trump has elicited such an emotional response that where you stand on him is driven entirely by your political worldview. In this article I’m going to advocate for moderation, if out of Continue Reading
America’s Malls Are Overpriced and Running Out of Time
A couple of months ago my wife and I were walking through the Steeplegate Mall in Concord, New Hampshire. It looks like most enclosed malls do, except that there were almost no people there - on a Saturday night. Not a good sign. As is my custom, I asked a mall employee about the dearth of customers Continue Reading
Ten Financial Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make
There are strategies we need to put in place that will help lead us where we want to be in life, but just as important is avoiding financial mistakes. When making our plans, we can project working in a certain career, earning a certain income, investing and having X amount of money by age Y, livi Continue Reading
Why America is Still Fascinated With JonBenet Ramsey
It's been 20 years since the murder. The media is dredging up the case in a sort of macabre celebration of the milestone anniversary of the tragic event. America remains fascinated with JonBenet Ramsey. But why? Why this case, and not other unsolved murder or abduction cases? What's special about Continue Reading
The 2016 Election Proves America is NOT “One Nation Under God”
If you grew if you grew up in America, one of the first things you learned in school was the pledge of allegiance. One of the most telling phrases in the pledge - or at least it used to be - was "One Nation, Under God". The 2016 presidential election has shown us the darker side of the American expe Continue Reading
The Ultimate Clinton-Trump Debate Takeaway: Preparation Matters
The first 2016 presidential debate is over, and the talking heads in the media and the masses on the social media are hyperfocused on who won. I think the answer that question is pretty obvious. But I'd like to step back and consider that there may be something here that is less obvious that we need Continue Reading
Struggling on a Six-Figure Income
There is yet another of those struggling-on-a-six-figure-income stories (YahooFinance: First Person: How to Earn $100,000 and Still Feel Poor..By Laura Cone) that came out on the web, but this one was at least a little bit more tolerable than such accounts usually are. The writer provided some hard Continue Reading
7 Grocery Store Danger Zones
It’s that time of the week. Parents all over the country grab their lists, study the ads and hunt through their stash of coupons. Heaving a big sigh, they head to the grocery store. Time to restock the fridge and the pantry for the family. But as routine as it all sounds there are grocery store da Continue Reading
How Much Does It Cost to Own a Dog?
“I want a puppy for Christmas,” my granddaughter moaned last year. She’s a wise girl of 10, one with whom you can reason. And she’s got a loving heart and nature, so it tugged at the heart-strings to see how much she wanted to have a pet. My wife and I had “adopted” the terrier dog her f Continue Reading