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Counting the Cost of Convenience – Do We Even Bother?
The traffic getting my wife into work yesterday was much lighter than either of us anticipated. With the extra time we had, we stopped in at Dunkin’ Donuts to get coffee. There was a line of seven or eight cars queued up at the drive-up window. As is our usual custom, we parked the car and went in Continue Reading
Why Politics Won’t Solve Our Problems
Have you noticed that despite all of the bold-sounding political claims, the media political churn, and the numerous books claiming political insight, that our problems as a nation seem to chug forward as if we're destined for disaster? It's as if the more we immerse ourselves in the politics of the Continue Reading
The Do Not Call List Is Not Working for Me
Monday Morning Musings… I’m going to try something a little different. Once a week, probably on Mondays, I’m going to put out a list post on a variety of topics. The topics will be interesting, but probably won’t rise to the level of being standalone posts. So let’s lead off this post with Continue Reading
Celebrity Worship? Get a Life!
It’s Friday, so let’s focus on something silly. Like celebrity worship. Maybe it’s not really silly. Maybe it’s actually even destructive. But it seems to be rampant. With all the news and information that’s out there floating around the web – news and information that can actually be be Continue Reading
Seeing the Big Economic Picture
I’ve always been someone who enjoys looking at maps, charts, and graphs. They give visual pictures of what's going on and help us to see what we don't normally see, like the big economic picture. Catherine Mulbrandon has a fascinating website,, where she presents someti Continue Reading
Two weeks ago I warned of how the Dump Trump hysteria could easily turn violent. In How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience – Or Worse, I postulated that the anti-Trump movement has become so widespread and politically correct that it was already leading to civil disobedience th Continue Reading
How Trumphobia Could Lead to Widespread Civil Disobedience – Or Worse
The other day I was trying to come up with a word or phrase that would adequately describe the current Donald Trump hysteria. What I came up with was Trumphobia. That’s it!, I thought - I’m totally brilliant! But as it turns out, I’m not that brilliant. As a blogger, one thing I’ve tra Continue Reading
Trump Is Toast – Time to Assume Crash Positions?
We have a tightly wound political situation in the US. On the one hand, we have a president who speaks and behaves impulsively. On the other, we have the Democratic Party and their lapdogs in the mainstream media, who are cocked and ready to do whatever is necessary to bring this presidency down. La Continue Reading
What Are You Doing With the “Hyphen” That Will be on Your Tombstone?
Last month our pastor revealed that the father of one of his best friends from high school had died at age 71. His friend, also a minister, did the eulogy at the funeral, and gave our pastor permission to read a portion of it to our congregation. His friend is a brilliant writer, and surprisingly em Continue Reading
Tax Day Protest – More Proof America Is Delusional
I’ve always promised myself that I wouldn’t write about politics on this site, or any other. Politics is a lot like chasing your tail – no matter which direction you go, or which politician or party you support, the end result is unlikely to change much. It’s the story of a largely comatose Continue Reading