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Relearn Credit Card Behaviors that Build Good Credit History
Lots of people get to a point in life where our personal credit is a mess. Maybe it’s the day when you check your credit score only to learn that it is a miserable 539. Maybe it’s the day you realize you now have five figures of credit card debt. Maybe it’s the day you’re denied a loan from Continue Reading
Are Credit Card Rewards Really Worth Pursuing?
Some people believed credit card rewards are worth pursuing. After all, they represent free money or benefits you can take advantage of just by using your card for expenses you would pay anyway. There are many reasons why you should be using your credit card on your next purchase especially if it en Continue Reading
Are Identity Theft Protection Services Worth What You Pay?
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes around the world. There have been more than 13 million victims annually. There are radio and television ads screaming that if you're serious about protection, sign up with one of the “identity theft protection services.” But are these products Continue Reading
Should You Pay By Cash, Check Or Credit Card?
There are dozens of “gurus” offering advice on how to keep your financial house in order. Check out your local bookstore and you can find shelves of books and tapes and CDs on how to eliminate your debt. There are even those who advertise on TV with plans to help you cure your indebtedness (for Continue Reading
Is Borrowing The American Way?
OR…Is Saving Money Bad for the Economy? I came across this article a few weeks ago, Industrial output falls as consumers cut back spending, and have been trying to decide what it is about it that I find so disturbing. I’m not targeting it as some sort of special case; in fact it’s one of Continue Reading
Some Budget Tips to Increase Your Wealth
This post is aimed at those who are coming out of school and looking to get established financially, but it can also apply to anyone at any point in life who decides to wipe their monetary slate clean and start fresh again. When you’re young, like college age, you’re working your first job witho Continue Reading
Credit Cards vs Debit Cards – A Different Take
I hate the credit cards vs debit cards topic — so why am I writing about it? Because it seems to be a staple topic of the personal finance blogosphere! And almost universally, the conclusion will inevitably come down on the side credit cards as the better deal. Warning: If you’re looking for Continue Reading
When Credit Score Mania Reaches Absurd Levels
As a financial blog owner and writer, I’m drawn to articles on credit. I find any that smack of credit score mania to be especially interesting. Yesterday, on Yahoo Finance I found an article entitled, How Not Driving Can Hurt Millennials' Credit Scores. Driving and credit scores? What’s the con Continue Reading
Why Credit Scores Matter Even if You Don’t Borrow
How much do credit scores matter? We often hear or read of someone saying something to the effect of I’m not worried about my credit scores, I don’t plan to borrow money anyway. I’m not a credit score junkie myself, and tend to have only modest interest in them. And I even tend to think that c Continue Reading
Five Reasons You DO Need a Credit Card
Credit cards can be an advantage with international travel, to build a good credit reputation and even as a back up to a well-funded emergency fund... Continue Reading