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Why Credit Scores Matter Even if You Don’t Borrow
How much do credit scores matter? We often hear or read of someone saying something to the effect of I’m not worried about my credit scores, I don’t plan to borrow money anyway. I’m not a credit score junkie myself, and tend to have only modest interest in them. And I even tend to think that c Continue Reading
Five Reasons You DO Need a Credit Card
Credit cards can be an advantage with international travel, to build a good credit reputation and even as a back up to a well-funded emergency fund... Continue Reading
8 Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores
If your credit scores are not where they need to be, there are steps you can take that will raise them, and raise them substantially. There are companies advertising to do this job for you, but you don’t need to pay someone else to do this for you. No one knows your credit situation better than Continue Reading