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How Much Student Loan Debt Is Too Much?
The state of the economy over the past few years has called into question our cultural love affair with debt of nearly all types. The once unassailable notion that home mortgages in nearly any type and in almost any amount were ?good debt? has all but crumbled. A mailbox stuffed with credit card pre Continue Reading
5 RISKS to getting a College Education
The college game is changing. A number of factors have turned the one time ticket to the good life into a high risk proposition. Here are 5 risks... Continue Reading
10 Reasons Why People Cannot Get Out of Debt
Everybody knows that too much debt is bad; the financial universe is filled with blogs, experts, and gurus who tell us as much and even how to get out. So why is it that people cannot get out of debt? Is it because debtors behave badly, that they fail to adequately confront their credit problems?o Continue Reading
When You?re Serious About Getting Out of Debt Try These Strategies
There?s a lot of talk about getting out of debt. It happens in coffee shops and over kitchen tables. Dozens of books are written about it each year. It?s a virtual cottage industry on the Internet, and it makes the rounds on TV financial programs as well. And yet tens of millions of people are still Continue Reading
Pay Off Existing Debt or Invest the Money Elsewhere?
Whether it is a credit card, student loan, car repayments or a mortgage, most of us have some sort of debt. Although this seems to be how the world works these days, keeping on top of such heavy financial burdens can be quite involved, and can even make you feel powerless if the debt gets too heavy. Continue Reading
Should You Use Retirement Savings to Pay Off Debt?
Despite the near sacrosanct status of tax sheltered retirement savings accounts, there are situations in which liquidation makes abundant sense. From the outset, let me say that I don?t advocate raiding retirement accounts except under extreme circumstances. When to consider tapping retirement s Continue Reading
By Kevin M The economy and the job market are finally showing signs of life. Unfortunately, debt problems are cumulative in nature and often take years to work out. In the process, many are dealing with an unwelcome semi-professional: the debt collector. Now, when you?ve been through tough Continue Reading
One of the trends taking place right now is a desire to move away from using credit. Another point of interest is the idea that you can get by without a good credit history. After all, if you aren't applying for a loan, do you really need to worry about what's in your credit report? Many think that Continue Reading
Payoff your credit cards by freeing up your budget and putting away some saving. Begin paying off the smallest cards first, then hit the big ones. Ignore interest rates. Continue Reading