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God <em>Isn’t</em> Dead – Despite “Official” Reports –  And What that Means to You
You’ve got to love a culture so intoxicated with itself that it has the audacity to infer that God – or at least religion – is dead. Maybe I’m reaching here, but any person, culture, or planet that believes it can make God go away, by public consensus or otherwise, has in fact declared itsel Continue Reading
Who Do You Give Thanks to at Thanksgiving?
In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we?re going to take a break from the regular fare of careers and money on this site. There are, after all, some things that are more important than money?and even careers! One of them is marked by this very holiday, but I think it often gets lost in the shuffle. Continue Reading
Surprise Revelations of the Christian Life
I can?t and won?t claim the mantle of a preacher or a minister, but I can relate a few surprise revelations of the Christian life, based on my own experience. I think that a lot of believers can relate to this as well. There?s Biblical doctrine, but then there?s also personal experience. And what I Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Work is a Gift from God
A lot of people hate work. Not just the effort it requires, but the whole concept. I used to count myself among them. Work was something to be minimized, and eventually eliminated through the attainment of wealth. But now that I'm older and I've been through a lot more, and I've had the opportunity Continue Reading
The Separation of Christianity and Politics – Why it’s Necessary
It's high political season here in the US of A. It is after all, a presidential election year, and we're just a few weeks away from Election Day. We'll be treated to the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump this very evening. It's one of those times when all things seem to be coming Continue Reading
Why Psalm 23 is a Psalm About Life – Not Death
If you have ever attended a funeral service, you have almost certainly heard the reading of Psalm 23. It's quite possibly the most famous psalm in the Bible (and there are 150 of them!), almost certainly because of its connection to funerals and ultimately death. And there's no question that it is a Continue Reading
What to do When You?re Unemployed Long-term
Millions of people had well paying, benefited jobs before the recession are now balancing part-time, temporary or contract work with of complete unemployment. How do you cope with that? Continue Reading
Why We Should Tithe – Or Should We?
This is a touchy subject among people of faith, but one that many of us struggle with - including me. I've been dealing with a series of long-term career and financial issues which have made tithing very difficult for me, and often impossible. But I still feel a need to tithe in some way. We get ble Continue Reading
But I Think God Is?
Many argue that faith is personal, that it?s different for all people, and that we must respect people of all faiths, and even those of no faith at all. I agree on all counts. But in this forum, I like to put forth my own set of personal beliefs - and those of anyone willing to add to the discussion Continue Reading
America Suffers From Biblical Illiteracy
That title may come as a surprise to you. It?s true, though, and the nation?s evangelical leaders want to try to reverse it. Not only does it startle Christians in this nation, but believers in other parts of the world are taken aback when the facts are presented to them. Is biblical illiteracy real Continue Reading