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Why Christians Need to Keep a Sense of Detachment – Part I
“And the child grew and became strong in spirit and he lived in the wilderness until he appeared publicly to Israel.” - Luke 1:80 This verse describes the childhood of John the Baptist. The footnote to this verse in the NIV version of the Bible says this of the passage: “By living in Continue Reading
Do Science and Technology Invalidate Faith in God?
Nuclear energy…the microchip…the electron microscope…the internet…we even put a man on the moon! Darn, we’re pretty stinking smart these days, aren’t we? We’re impressing the heck out of ourselves—what will they (meaning we) come up with next? If we can do all of this, if we can Continue Reading
As Christians, we know that life can only be lived, it can never be possessed! We’re just passing through here, and when our time comes, none of our possessions will come with us. Continue Reading
Do You Give to the Homeless?
Do you give to the homeless? It can reveal our true heart because it’s a demonstration of what we’ll do when no one else is looking, or when there will be no benefit to us of any kind. Continue Reading
Do We Put Too Much Faith in Money?
Do we put too much faith in money? Money is often seen as something that can fix just about anything. But money can't give us happiness, can't win us favor with God and can't make people like us. Continue Reading
Easter is the day that celebrates Christianity’s most outrageous claim—that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Why is the resurrection so important to Christians? Continue Reading
By Kevin M In light of the Thanksgiving holiday, we’re going to take a break from the regular fare of careers and money on this site. There are, after all, some things that are more important than money—and even careers! One of them is marked by this very holiday, but I think it often get Continue Reading
PART 5 OF “OUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT GOD” March 13, 2010 By Kevin M “There are starving children in the world, so how can there be a God?”. Have you ever heard that question, or a variation of it? Have you maybe wondered about it yourself? If you’re not a believer, rest assu Continue Reading
Does religion really cause war? No! The assertion that more wars are started in the name of religion than anything else is totally invalid as a matter of historical fact. Continue Reading
PART 3 OF “OUR ASSUMPTIONS ABOUT GOD” December 10, 2009 By Kevin M Diversification is an imperative in the financial world, but maybe many of us have taken the liberty of extending its reach into faith as well. How many times during a discussion of faith do we hear a phrase along the l Continue Reading