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We’ve Found Workarounds for High Prescription Costs
When January 1 hit, we got some good news – and some bad news. The good news is that we’re finally back in an employer-sponsored health insurance plan. As I reported in the middle of last year, we’ve been on a COBRA plan for the second half of 2017, paying a monthly premium of $1,875. But my Continue Reading
6 Strategies for the Early Retirement Health Insurance Dilemma
Early retirement has become a favorite topic in the personal-finance blogsphere. There are even blogs devoted primarily or entirely to the topic. The general theme is save enough money regularly, and invest it faithfully (in S&P 500 index funds), and you’ll be able to retire at 55, 50, 45, 40, Continue Reading
10 Reasons to Buy Health Insurance in Younger Days
Health insurance is pivotal to everyone and one should opt to buy health insurance when one is younger. The rising costs associated with medical bills are not going to stop in the near future. Hence insuring oneself and their family is the way to go. Also, there are multiple advantages to securing h Continue Reading
It’s All Good News with Obamacare – Or Is It???
There’s nothing to fear folks because our healthcare crisis has been solved. It’s all good news with Obamacare. That’s the word from the US Census Bureau. According to their data, the number of uninsured in America has been falling steadily for at least the past three years. Is that what’ Continue Reading
7 Reasons Why Universal Healthcare Won’t Work in the US
In one of last week’s posts, Could You Afford an $1875 COBRA Payment Every Month?, reader John touched on single-payer health insurance in a comment. I confessed that I’m coming around to the idea. But I’ve been doing some thinking since the comment exchange, and have come to the conclusion th Continue Reading
Could You Afford an $1875 COBRA Payment Every Month?
You read that right – an $1875 COBRA payment – every month. That’s our new reality. Think you can afford it? I don’t know if we can either, at least not without making major sacrifices. I don’t want to beat this to the point where it turns into blatant whining – though my guess is tha Continue Reading
20 Part-time Jobs With Health Insurance
What if you could get a part time job with health insurance? You’re in luck—you can. There are prominent employers that do offer health insurance for part-time staff. Continue Reading
Our Health Insurance Premium was Over $21,000 Last Year
This past week the W2 from my wife's employer came in. In box 12c was a very large number, albeit an "informational" one only. It represents the amount paid for health insurance during 2016. Including both the employee and employer portions, our health insurance premium was over $21,000 last year! T Continue Reading
Will Donald Trump Make Good on His Promise to Fix Obamacare?
On the campaign trail and in the debates, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to fix Obamacare. No - he actually vowed to dismantle Obamacare. He never did quite get around to articulating exactly what he would replace it with. But now that he has been elected president, we can only hope th Continue Reading
How High Can Healthcare Go Before it Blows Up?
The cost of healthcare in the US is high by any measure, but the more ominous reality is that it continues to get even more expensive. Most assume that rising healthcare costs are a natural phenomenon, or are concerned only that the growing costs of healthcare are covered by insurance or by governme Continue Reading