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When Going Without Health Insurance is a Logical Strategy
In the past I stated that bad health insurance is better than no health insurance, and that is a common position in America today. But the limitation is cost. Health insurance is not just expensive, but very expensive. As in, budget-wrecking expensive. For that reason, there may be times when going Continue Reading
20 Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance 2016
This article represents my third on this topic, with the original written back in 2011. That was followed with a complete update in 2015, due largely to the fact that the health insurance landscape had changed so dramatically as a result of the implementation of Obamacare. I'm now planning to make m Continue Reading
6 Tips for Everyone Who Wants to Buy Health Insurance in 2016
Health insurance is not an option but a compulsion. You might fall sick and need to stay in a hospital for few weeks. Or even worse, the doctors prescribe you a surgery. How would you manage to pay for it? Either by breaking your savings or by borrowing money. That leaves little choice other than to Continue Reading
5 Reasons Why Health Insurance May Be Higher in Retirement – And What You Can Do About It
Do you think that your health insurance premiums are outrageous right now? (You're probably right, by the way) It may actually get worse! A lot of people (mistakenly) believe that health insurance will be reduced to a non-problem in retirement. In fact, health insurance costs are commonly ignored wh Continue Reading
An Alternative to Obamacare?
The following is a guest post from Amy Rosebush of United Health Advisors, provided at my request. Amy left a long, detailed comment response to my article, What To Do If You Absolutely Can't Afford Health Insurance 2015. It may offer an alternative to Obamacare, which is why I asked her to do a ful Continue Reading
Cryotherapy  – The New “Cool” in Alternative Medicine
Editor’s Note: Here at we believe that healthcare costs in the US are politically programmed to go only higher. Obamacare was little more than a “sweeping” cosmetic effort to pretend that everyone would have health insurance, while masking the real intent, which is to feed the Continue Reading
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance 2015
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance is one of the most popular articles that I’ve written on this website. But it was written back in 2012, and my family and I have had to make significant changes in our health insurance during that time. I’d like to take this opportunit Continue Reading
20 Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance 2015
My first go round with this topic was written back in 2011, which was before the roll out of Obamacare. Now that Obamacare has been in force for a complete calendar year, it’s time for an update on this very important topic. Herewith, 20 part-time jobs with health insurance 2015. In a way, the Continue Reading
Why We Passed on Health Insurance Exchange Coverage
I’ve written about Obamacare in several articles in the past, but I got a chance to get up close and personal with it on a recent expedition into the health insurance exchange. In the past, my view on Obamacare has been something close to neutral. Part of me thinks that it’s a good thing, since Continue Reading
Yes – Part-time Jobs With Health Insurance DO Exist
Due to our recent move from the Deep South to New England, we’ve been forced to completely reorganize our health insurance coverage. We’ve actually done it using one of the strategies that I have outlined on this site in the past – a part-time job. And I am here to report – happily – that Continue Reading