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Cryotherapy  – The New “Cool” in Alternative Medicine
Editor’s Note: Here at we believe that healthcare costs in the US are politically programmed to go only higher. Obamacare was little more than a “sweeping” cosmetic effort to pretend that everyone would have health insurance, while masking the real intent, which is to feed the Continue Reading
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance 2015
What To Do If You Absolutely Can’t Afford Health Insurance is one of the most popular articles that I’ve written on this website. But it was written back in 2012, and my family and I have had to make significant changes in our health insurance during that time. I’d like to take this opportunit Continue Reading
20 Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance 2015
My first go round with this topic was written back in 2011, which was before the roll out of Obamacare. Now that Obamacare has been in force for a complete calendar year, it’s time for an update on this very important topic. Herewith, 20 part-time jobs with health insurance 2015. In a way, the Continue Reading
Why We Passed on Health Insurance Exchange Coverage
I’ve written about Obamacare in several articles in the past, but I got a chance to get up close and personal with it on a recent expedition into the health insurance exchange. In the past, my view on Obamacare has been something close to neutral. Part of me thinks that it’s a good thing, since Continue Reading
Yes – Part-time Jobs With Health Insurance DO Exist
Due to our recent move from the Deep South to New England, we’ve been forced to completely reorganize our health insurance coverage. We’ve actually done it using one of the strategies that I have outlined on this site in the past – a part-time job. And I am here to report – happily – that Continue Reading
How to Take Control of Your Medical Bills
Last summer my wife had shoulder surgery, and eight months later the bills are still coming in. Yes, we have health insurance, but as everyone who’s ever had a large medical procedure knows, you get bills from people you didn’t even know were in the operating room. So here's come advice on how t Continue Reading
Is It Time to Reform Healthcare Reform (Obamacare)?
Obamacare hasn’t even been around for a year yet, but I think the evidence is mounting that it’s already high time to reform healthcare reform. Health insurance premiums have done nothing but rise, and tens of millions of people continue to go without coverage. If Obamacare is to fulfill its Continue Reading
The Obamacare Open Enrollment Period Is Over – Now What?
By Art Forrest The Obamacare open enrollment period is over. So it is too late to enroll through the government’s “federal facilitated marketplace” ( and get a subsidy to help with premiums. In fact, it’s probably too late to get a traditional individual health insurance pl Continue Reading
There is No Perfect Health Insurance Plan Anymore
Health insurance plans are expensive and the coverage can be full of holes—we all know that don’t we? You can do your best to find the most effective coverage you can afford and still find that a procedure that you need isn’t covered or that the monthly premium rises to the point where you ca Continue Reading
How to Buy Health Insurance Without Paying Too Much
By Art Forrest The recent (and ongoing) health care debate has illustrated how expensive health care is, regardless of whether it’s financed by insurance premiums, higher taxes by the government, or cash out of your pocket. It’s important, then, for both individuals and small & large busi Continue Reading