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Why Most New Businesses Fail – And How Not to Become One of Them
Are you thinking about starting your own business? If so, you have a lot of company. According to the Department of Labor, more than one million new businesses are formed each year. But most new businesses fail. Depending on the source quoted, somewhere between 50% and 90% will fail, usually in the Continue Reading
Create an Income Diversification with Blogging
The job market is forcing us to think in terms developing an income portfolio. Blogging is a way to begin to create income diversification. One extra income will get it going for you, and you’ll never have to worry about layoffs again. Continue Reading
10 Part Time Jobs with High Pay
There are part-time jobs with high pay, and they’re flexible jobs that can be used to supplement business or retirement income, to pay off debts, or to increase retirement savings. Continue Reading
A Side Business May be Your Best Opportunity For the Future
It seems certain that a respectable amount of improvement in both the economy and the job market has taken place since the depths of the recession. But if we’re honest, the job market has not returned to normal, at least not “normal” in the way that it was in 2006, and certainly not for most o Continue Reading
Earn Extra Cash With Micro-Projects
As a freelancer, I'm always interested in learning about new ways to make money. I recently became aware of something new, something that's been developing only in the past few years, called micro-projects. These are projects that you do as they become available, and as you are available to complete Continue Reading
Start your own online store--it's today’s version 21st Century cottage industry. It's a way for “the little guy” to have his own internet business. Continue Reading
Investors and Partners for <em>ProtoPit–</em>Are You Interested in an Opportunity?
If you're looking to get into the ground floor on the electric smoker grill market, here's your chance... Continue Reading
By Kevin M Just about everyone has stuff sitting around the house doing close to nothing, but some of it could put some money in your wallet, or better, your bank account. On an otherwise uncommitted weekend, convince yourself you’re moving soon, and will need to pare down your collect Continue Reading
Income sources you'll be Richer for NOT having tried - Part 3 By Kevin M In the previous posts in this series we've covered the implications of TV infomercials as well as real estate, insurance and car sales as a means to overcome a career- or financial crisis. All of these efforts are an att Continue Reading
The Big Three Sales Careers: Real Estate, Insurance and Car Sales By Kevin M Sooner or later every person who finds him- or her-self in a tough financial situation or career crisis tries their luck at one of the Big Three Sales “Careers”. Let’s face it, we all see ourselves as som Continue Reading