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Here’s How You Leave a Great and Smart Legacy
A lot of people feel that they live and live well, but something about their lives just feels incomplete. Sometimes this missing factor can be a true sense of accomplishment. Other times it may just be fear of missing out on building a legacy. Maybe it comes from an unfulfilled desire to leave a gre Continue Reading
Bestow Review – Up to $1 Million in Coverage in Just a Few Minutes
Life insurance is most under-appreciated type of insurance coverage. Everyone needs it, but they hesitate to buy for three reasons: Cost Medical exams The often-lengthy application process But the industry is evolving rapidly, making greater use of technology. That shift is min Continue Reading
3 Key Differences between Whole and Term Life Insurance
Making the right decision regarding which insurance plan to choose can get quite confusing at times. If this is your first time coming across the terms such as whole and term life insurance, we?ve created this article to clear up at least some of the confusion. We've highlighted the main 3 differenc Continue Reading
General Liability Coverage:  What Options Should You be Looking for when Choosing General Coverage
Business insurance is a tricky slope to navigate under any circumstances. When it comes to carrying the bare minimum coverage for only the necessities, you certainly do not want to be missing something important. For example, some start-ups choose to only carry affordable general liability insurance Continue Reading
What to Do if You Don?t Want to Face a Life Insurance Medical Exam?
Have you been putting off getting Life Insurance because you don't want to face a life insurance medical exam? If so, I feel your pain. I?m documented to have white coat hypertension ? the sight of someone coming at me with a stethoscope and a tongue depressor causes my blood pressure to elevate. So Continue Reading
Whole vs. Term Life Insurance – Which is Better?
Everyone needs life insurance. They are two basic types of life insurance ? term life insurance and whole life insurance. The whole vs. term life insurance debate has been going on for decades. Some want to believe that one has a clear advantage over the other, but I think it all depends on what it Continue Reading
Would You Move to Another State to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium?
In 11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance suggestion #11 to lower your car insurance premium was to relocate to another state: 11) If all else fails, relocate? I?m not suggesting that you relocate to take advantage of lower insurance rates, but...car insurance can vary significantly based on geographic Continue Reading
Cutting Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers
I have more than a casual interest in this subject. That's because I have a 21-year-old son and a 19-year-old daughter. When you're that age, car insurance rates matter more than usual. Cutting car insurance rates for young drivers becomes something of an ongoing part-time occupation. As if getting Continue Reading
11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance
Car insurance is virtually mandated in the Western world, and since you have to pay it, it helps to keep it is inexpensive as possible. How do you do that? Continue Reading
6 Ways to Lower Your Life Insurance Premium
For most people, term life insurance doesn?t cost too much. For other people, it?s a different story. Here?s the good news: You can lower your life insurance premium by making some lifestyle changes. When you?re done, you can either renegotiate your rate or buy a policy from a more reasonable carrie Continue Reading
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