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Driving While Distracted – Driver Distractions, Auto Accidents And Your Car Insurance Rates
Distractions draw your attention away from the road whenever you're behind the wheel. On any given day, you might confront thousands of things that cause you to divert your attention or take your mind off traffic. Some are necessary. Stop signs, merging vehicles, traffic lights, and construction cre Continue Reading
Why an Independent Insurance Agent Is Your Best Friend When Buying Insurance
OK - this post is going to read like a plug for the insurance industry, or at least for insurance agents and brokers. And maybe it is, but rest assured the endorsement is based on life experience and not on any an affinity that I have for the profession or any single member engaged in it. Nor am I i Continue Reading
5 Ways to Cut Your Health Insurance
In 11 Ways to Cut Your Car Insurance - we examined ways to cut your car insurance premiums. Today we?ll flip it around and take a look at what we can do to lower our health insurance costs. This one is even bigger ? in many households, health insurance costs are second only to housing as the top exp Continue Reading
Life Insurance – Your Most Important Insurance Policy
Ask nearly anyone, what is your the most important insurance policy, and it?s a good bet that the answer will be ?health insurance?. You may also get one or two suggesting auto insurance, or even disability insurance. You probably are unlikely to hear ?life insurance? as an answer from an Continue Reading
Our health insurance premiums increase with EVERY renewal--and each time we have to figure out how to cut the cost. Raise the deductible, drop coverages... Continue Reading