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Quick Tips for Diversifying Your Investments
We hear a lot about diversifying your investments. And it’s kind of like the financial version of “not putting all your eggs in one basket.” When you diversify, you’re essentially limiting your risk. Some of your investments might be hit hard if there was a big economic event tomorrow Continue Reading
5 Reasons to Trade Bitcoin in 2020
Bitcoin has been big news for a long time now, but despite its popularity, many people still wonder whether it’s the right investment for them. There's more reason than ever to trade bitcoin in 2020. With 2020 being such an unusual year, there are lots of different considerations when makin Continue Reading
Has the COVID-19 Crisis Changed the Way We Trade?
The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread around the world. And even though the situation appears less dire than in March or April, it cannot be denied that a crisis of this scale has had a massive impact on the foreign exchange market. Entire countries have been going under lock down and entire sec Continue Reading
Bitcoin vs. Traditional Money: Has Bitcoin’s ‘Moment’ Finally Arrived?
Are you wondering what the difference between bitcoin vs. traditional money you use daily is? The bitcoin price is much different than your average dollar. So we will walk you through the comparison between virtual money and the money you use to buy your coffee. Here are a few tips and tricks to kno Continue Reading
The Wall Street – Main Street Disconnect Continues Even with the Coronavirus
The stock market has been on a wild ride in 2020. It started the year on a high note, rolling through to February 12, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit an all-time high close of 29,551. News of the coronavirus was already a daily staple at that point, but Wall Street was continuing to do wha Continue Reading
Investing in Cryptocurrency ? Why You Should ? And Why You Shouldn?t
Back in 2017, when Bitcoin exploded to nearly $20,000, investing in cryptocurrency was gaining credibility. After all, who didn?t want to be ?in? on what might be the biggest speculative investment success story of the 21st century? But the magic began to wear off after the peak of December, 2017 Continue Reading
Why ETFs Aren?t Risk Free the Way Most Investors Think
If you?re an investor, you?re probably aware of exchange traded funds, better known as ETFs. Every bull market in stocks creates new wonder sectors. In the 1990s, it was tech stocks, and the mutual funds that invested in them. Back then, it was an article of faith that you couldn?t go wrong with tec Continue Reading
7 Investor Rules That Helped Turn Thousands into Millions
Every investor wants to turn thousands into millions. Making this type of gain in the stock market IS certainly possibly. But it still takes knowledge, skills, and the right mindset to accomplish such a feat. Instead of going after this accomplishment on your own, it?s best to look at what successfu Continue Reading
5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in Stocks
Making mistakes is part and parcel of investing in stocks. While it may not be possible to avoid making errors at all times, what you can do is learn from the mistakes of others. This way you can reduce unnecessary risks while cutting losses. ?Wise men shun the mistakes of fools.? Here are some Continue Reading
Four Alternative Investments to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio
Many people are realizing how important it is to diversify your investment portfolio. This means that you don?t simply invest all of your money in one investment. You may want to add alternative investments to be truly diversified. You take the time to invest in a few different things so that if som Continue Reading