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EFTs vs. Index Funds vs. Active Investing
To help you build the best possible portfolio for yourself, here?s a closer look at EFTs (exchange-traded funds), index funds, and active investing. Each of these investment opportunities has its benefits and drawbacks, and knowing the differences between them will help you create a profitable and d Continue Reading
Why the Dow Will Probably Top 20,000 This Year
A lot has happened in the past few weeks. We have finally chosen two front running presidential candidates and Britain has voted to exit the European Union. We've now settled into the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, but with a stock market hovering in record territory. All of this makes me think t Continue Reading
Is Forex Trading Right For You?
Investment is a big broad world with lots of methods for different kinds of people. You probably need to invest if you want to have a comfortable financial life in the future, especially during retirement. But contrary to what you might hear from investment advisers on TV and radio, there are more t Continue Reading
Knowing Your Investment Options: A Brief Rundown of Five Essential Instruments
A large number of people look to investing as a means to supplement their income or increase their wealth. The markets seem to offer dazzling opportunities for profit, and although the risks are undeniable, those who can stomach the risk are often drawn in. One of the most common misconceptions t Continue Reading
Why Small Investors Get Clobbered in Bear Markets
If small investors are following the preferred investment handbook - buy-and-hold, dollar cost average, etc. - why do they seem to fare worse than large investors in down markets? In fact, small investors get clobbered in bear markets. I think there are whole bunch of reasons why this is true and Continue Reading
5 Reasons Millennials Are Not Saving or Investing
As millennials grow older, that generation of young people born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s, they are clearly a force to be reckoned with by the rest of society. A larger generation than even the baby boomers, the U.S. Labor Bureau predicts that, by next year, millennials will be the Continue Reading
Forget the S&P500 Level ? It?s the PE10 Value that REALLY Counts
I was having a discussion with some Valuation-Informed Indexing skeptics when the words popped out of my head -- ?An S&P 500 priced at 1,000 when the PE10 value is 30 is the same as an S&P 500 priced at 500 when the PE10 value is 15.? That?s a pretty darn simple way of making the essentia Continue Reading
How Do You Pick Stocks?
Do you like to?make your own stock picks? Or have you thought about it but just don?t know where to start? The maturing of the bull market in the past five years has to have some of us thinking that there?s got to be a better way to pick stocks - an inside secret even. Most of us go with mutual f Continue Reading
Five Reasons Why 2014 May Be Another Great Year in the Stock Market
This week I?ve been writing about the potential for a major reversal of the stock market this year in Gravity - The Stock Market?s Mortal Enemy, and how it wreaks havoc for small investors in particular. In the interest of balance - and to concede that my opinions on the direction of the stock marke Continue Reading
Gravity – The Stock Market?s Mortal Enemy
On January 14, 2000, the stock market hit an all-time high, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching 11,722.98. On October 9, 2002, the Dow was at 7,286.27 - a decline of nearly 40% in less than 21 months. Five years later, on October 9, 2007, the market hit a new all-time high with the Dow Continue Reading