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78% of US Workers Live Paycheck-to-Paycheck – Where are all the Budding Early Retirement Millionaires?
On this website, I’ve often challenged the prevailing notion that the economy is booming and everyone is going to retire a millionaire. That happy narrative seems to apply to only a very narrow slice of the population. According to a 2017 CareerBuilder survey, 78% of US workers live paycheck-to-pa Continue Reading
Why Geographic Mobility May Be More Important than Ever
In this article I’d like to discuss a career issue that most probably don’t even think about. The human tendency is often to find a specific place, and “put down roots”. That certainly has emotional appeal, particularly if you have family near your home turf. But from an economic standpoint, Continue Reading
Becoming a Digital Nomad Can Transform Your Life
I can’t remember when I first heard the term digital nomad. But I got a strong whiff of the romanticized version in an article Is the ‘Digital Nomad’ Life as Good as It Sounds?. As something of a digital nomad myself, I’ve always thought becoming a digital nomad can transform your life, and Continue Reading
5 Ways to Eliminate Financial Stress – And Why You Must
This is a simple, straightforward concept, but not so easy to accomplish. But financial stress is literally a killer. Not only does it fill your head with painful clutter, but it also drains your energy, and compromises your health. To eliminate financial stress isn’t easy, and you'll probably nev Continue Reading
Going Partially Off the Grid – And Why You Should
Let me confess from the start that I am not a prepper. You know the type – they’re busy loading up on guns, ammunition, canned beans and bottled water, so they can retreat to a bug-out hideaway somewhere in the back woods. I’m not looking down at what they do, I just question the complexity an Continue Reading
Make Your Move to a New Location as Easy as It Can Be
Getting a promotion at work can be very exciting. There are times when a company requires someone to relocate in order to receive their promotion because another location needs their skills more than the location they are currently at. When it comes time to make your move, it is important for the pe Continue Reading
The Upper Middle Class Addiction to Conformity
Shouldn't higher income and greater net worth lead to a life of greater flexibility and individuality? Logic would seem to suggest as much. More commonly however, as people make the transition from middle/working class to the upper middle class, the addiction to conformity seems to grow ever larger, Continue Reading
Creating a Mobile Lifestyle for a Fast Changing World
The concept of a mobile lifestyle can mean different things to different people. But however we interpret, it’s becoming increasingly necessary. Many of the economic problems we’re facing today relate to the fact that the world is changing faster than we’re adjusting. The pace of change is acc Continue Reading
How Millennials are Achieving Work-Life Balance
It’s important not to overly generalize an entire generation, especially one as large as the Millennials. But with lots of 20- and early-30-somethings proving to be an odd fit in the traditional corporate landscape, many analysts are starting to take a look at common expectations that Millennial-a Continue Reading
We Did a Self-Move From Georgia to New Hampshire – NEVER Again!
Just before Thanksgiving, my family and I packed up our lives and moved from Georgia to New Hampshire. I wrote about why we made the move - unusual as most people would consider it - in a post last week. Today I want talk about the mechanics of the move, because the story could be a benefit for othe Continue Reading