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How Millennials are Achieving Work-Life Balance
It’s important not to overly generalize an entire generation, especially one as large as the Millennials. But with lots of 20- and early-30-somethings proving to be an odd fit in the traditional corporate landscape, many analysts are starting to take a look at common expectations that Millennial-a Continue Reading
We Did a Self-Move From Georgia to New Hampshire – NEVER Again!
Just before Thanksgiving, my family and I packed up our lives and moved from Georgia to New Hampshire. I wrote about why we made the move - unusual as most people would consider it - in a post last week. Today I want talk about the mechanics of the move, because the story could be a benefit for othe Continue Reading
We Did Something Un-American – We Moved From the South to New England
In late November – just a couple of days before Thanksgiving – my family and I uprooted ourselves from the Atlanta suburbs, and moved 1,200 north to New Hampshire. A strange move, wouldn’t you say? In fact, some may say it’s even downright un-American: we moved from the South to New England. Continue Reading
Why We Need to Approach Life With the Mindset of a Student
There’s a certain irony in being an adult. We expect children to be veritable sponges when it comes to learning, living in a state of perpetual willingness to soak up and master a relentless tsunami of new ideas. We fully expect them to approach life with the mindset of a student. But when it come Continue Reading
Consumption is a Poor Investment
On Monday, we talked about the importance of a low-cost lifestyle in Finding Financial Freedom by Living on the Cheap. If financial freedom is the goal, consumption is a practice that needs to be controlled. After all, consumption is a poor investment. And that’s the point. Each of us earn a Continue Reading
Creating a Worthwhile Life – that Doesn’t Rely so Heavily on Money
We all want to be happy in life, don’t we? That’s a worthwhile goal toward a worthwhile life. But happiness is defined by different people in different ways. Unfortunately, in our current money-centric world, happiness often comes with a dollar sign attached to it, as though we’ll be happy whe Continue Reading
Ending the Money Chase – Creating a Less Money-centric Life
Why does it seem as if money is the measure of all things in life? I’m not saying that that’s what I believe – only that it’s the clear signal that comes from our culture. It’s widely believed for example, that whatever the problem is, money is the answer. There is a certified worship of t Continue Reading