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Mortgage Rates May Never Be Lower Than They Are Right Now
If you?ve been thinking about either buying a house, or refinancing your current mortgage, there may be no time like the present. According to Bankrate.com, 30 year fixed rate mortgages can be had at rates below 4% with no points. That?s just a fraction above the record low mortgage rates that we ha Continue Reading
Zero Down Payment Mortgages Are Coming Back – But Don?t Fall For It
If you?re hoping to buy a house in the very near future but are finding it tough to save money for a down payment, help may be on the way. Last month, federal regulators took steps that may restore zero down payment mortgages. It?s thought that the cherished zero down payment mortgage is just what t Continue Reading
Why Paying Down Your Mortgage is More Important Than Ever
The foreclosure wave and forced short sales of the past few years have shown that paying down?and ultimately paying off?your mortgage isn?t just desirable, but perhaps even a completely necessary step toward securing you financial future. Continue Reading
Why You Should NEVER Cosign a Mortgage
Cosigning a mortgage has been a popular tactic used, particularly for first-time home buyers. It involves a person with a strong financial profile, signing onto a mortgage with another who has a weaker profile, so that the weaker party can get approval for the loan. It happens every day - no big dea Continue Reading
Reverse Mortgages – If You Need One It?s Probably Time to Sell
Getting a reverse mortgage is to slowly but surely becoming a viable option for more of the elderly with each passing year. But is it the right thing to do? This is just one man?s opinion, but I think not, at least not in most cases. Most reverse mortgages are being taken for the purpose of holding Continue Reading
Get Ready for even Tighter Mortgage Restrictions
I recently had a conversation with the vice president of the last mortgage company I worked for, one that I had been affiliated with from 2000 until 2008. A colorful speaker, he described the current mortgage approval process as ?every loan is like going through a barbed wire enema?. The process, he Continue Reading
Subprime Mortgage Loans – The Return of the Living Dread
There has been some speculation ? and even some evidence ? that subprime mortgage loans are making their way back into the mortgage universe. An article on the respected mortgage website HSH.com seems to confirm this. In The Return of Subprime Lending? HSH projects the return of certain speculative Continue Reading
Mortgage Help when Unemployed
Who doesn't need mortgage help when unemployed? People need help with home affordablity at least while unemployed, in order to avoid facing foreclosure on their mortgage. Continue Reading