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Is an Obsession with Security Stopping You From Succeeding in Your Life?
Walt Kelly is generally credited with the saying We have met the enemy, and he is us. Have you ever felt that way? It's usually a true assessment. One way this plays out is when we have an obsession with security. It stops us from succeeding in reaching our goals. "The desire for safety stands aga Continue Reading
How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind
On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your life? Are you a 10, so happy that you honestly couldn?t see how life could get any better? Or maybe you?re closer to a 6 or 7, where you?re pretty satisfied with life most the time, but sometimes you wish for something more. Do you understand that y Continue Reading
Myths that Keep Us from Doing What We Were Born to Do
This topic has been suggested by frequent reader/commenter Tim Kozlow, and it's an excellent one. I believe many have a nagging feeling deep inside that they should be doing something other than what they are. Tim suggested we?re constrained by myths that keep us from doing what we were born to do. Continue Reading
How to Set Up a Budget Plan
Knowing how to properly manage money is important, yet a good majority of adults don?t have a budget plan. In fact, only 41% of Americans have a budget, meaning that almost 60% of the country doesn?t keep close tabs on their finances. While budgeting may not be the sexiest part of being an adult, it Continue Reading
4 Ways to Utterly Destroy Your Financial Health
If you?re a regular visitor to (welcome back!), then you know that the fundamental purpose of this website is to provide great people like you with advice, tips, tactics, strategies, techniques and insights on what you should do ? not what you shouldn?t ? to strengthen your financia Continue Reading
The Common Sense Guide to Family Wealth Planning
Everyone wants to leave their children a legacy of sorts when they pass on. It's something to be remembered by, whether it?s a favorite tea set, a special hand-made blanket or a trinket that has been handed down from generations. Of course, the biggest legacy (although not the most important or sent Continue Reading
Why Discipline is More Important Than Talent, Skills or Credentials
This post is inspired by the comments from readers on my last post, Counting the Cost of Convenience ? Do We Even Bother? The desire for convenience has become an all-encompassing objective in our culture. In the comments thread, we identified the lack of discipline among youth as a major reason why Continue Reading
Focusing on Your Areas of Brilliance
Do you want to know (at least) one of the best kept ?secrets? of success? It?s focusing on your areas of brilliance. That means concentrating your time and efforts mainly on those skills and abilities that are your strongest, and that are most likely to put money in your pocket. Lest you think th Continue Reading
Overcoming Life’s Hurdles – Achieving the “Impossible”
I?m concerned that my last column (Following Up With a Second Act ? Age Discrimination Work-arounds) may have left some readers drawing conclusions that I hadn?t meant for them to draw. So today I an even broader view, of overcoming life's hurdles. What I Didn't Mean to Say in the Last Post It w Continue Reading
The New Face of Financial Management
With advances in technology, increased use of mobile devices, and growing demand for convenience, the face of money management is changing. In the past, managing personal and business finances revolved around brick-and-mortar banking institutions, which provided most of the services necessary to man Continue Reading