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You Can Only Cut Costs So Much?Then You Need to  Make More Money
Frugality has become popular as a way to help cope with an economy where jobs, raises and promotions are harder to find and to hold on to than they have been in nearly a human lifetime. But there?s a fundamental problem with relying exclusively on frugality to deal with the high cost of living. You Continue Reading
Tame The Gadget-Greedy Monster In 5 Easy Steps
These days, gadgets are high up on people's wish lists. Thanks to gadgets, a good number of American consumers have racked up a lot of credit card debt. This is an alarming development, but fortunately, there are ways to resist the temptation to buy, buy, and buy more stuff. Here are our suggestions Continue Reading
The Connection Between Financial Freedom and Being Frugal
In past articles, I?ve made the case that earning more money is more important than being frugal. On balance, this is a position that I still hold to. However, there are significant ways that being frugal can complement the effort to earn more money. And bigger picture, there does seem to be a stron Continue Reading
It can be quite a complex situation that you face when your relatives ask you about your financial situation. If your finances aren?t in the best of shape, you may be embarrassed to answer their questions. Financial discussions of any type can put us?or even the people we?re talking too?in an embarr Continue Reading
Stealth expenses hit us in small chunks and because of the variables related to each, you can?t know what they?ll cost you in any given year. Continue Reading
Spending money in business is all about assessing risks, taking chances which will grow your brand, and looking for opportunities. These are all attitudes you should take toward your personal finances in order to make your money work even harder, and to have the skills and knowledge to make the bes Continue Reading
By Kevin M Okay, the holidays are over?and the free spending with it! It?s time to clean up the mess before it becomes an even bigger one! Despite everyone?s best intentions, overspending at the holidays is pretty standard. It isn?t until January when the bills come in that the extent of the d Continue Reading
Vacation season is almost here, but there are substantial savings to be had if you do some homework and planning. Travel closer to home, take shorter trips and look for discounts. Continue Reading
By Kevin M How do we define rich and poor? The dividing line is more subjective than real in that we tend to think of rich as anyone with substantially more than we have, and poor as anyone with substantially less. Since we always see ourselves as more or less in the middle, how do we determine Continue Reading