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7 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Paycheck
Financial issues are some of the most challenging parts of life for many people. This is even more true in a tough economy. Financial difficulties are extremely emotional matters for many people, which adds an extra level of complexity to finding solutions. There are countless sources of financial a Continue Reading
Why Credit Unions Are Better than Banks
Many of us have had more than our fill with the banks. High and frequent fees, the lack of a personal relationship, and difficulty getting loans are hardly uncommon with banks. That's true even if you've been a customer of a bank for many years. But there is salvation out there, and you can find it Continue Reading
The Hidden Flaw in Utility Budget Billing
Got another one last month, as I opened the highest Georgia Power bill ever. A little flyer fluttered out to remind me how much I could save and how I could avoid surprises by just signing up to their ?Utility Budget Billing? plan. Here?s the hook (my power bill sins for the past year): Janua Continue Reading
Ever Wonder Why You Seem to Fall Behind – No Matter How Much You Earn?
Back in July we received a notification from our gas supplier that our rates would increase by 13% effective August 1. Not the 2.something percent that the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps telling us prices are rising by based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI), but several times higher. The tr Continue Reading
An Under-Appreciated Skill: Leveraging Limited Resources
In a world that?s so hyper-focused on technical skills, ?getting a good education?, and getting into ?the right career?, it?s easy to overlook the critical importance of what we might refer to as ?soft skills?. As shaky as things are in the economy and in the job market today, soft skills are more i Continue Reading
Living Beneath Your Means Is the Ultimate Financial Plan
A lot of?ink and cyberspace is dedicated to finding ways that help you to achieve financial independence. They tell you of ways to cut your credit card interest rates ? all the way down to zero ? to earn more money on your investments, and how to earn more money in your career. Those are important, Continue Reading
The Power of Saying NO
Have you ever noticed that truly successful people have little trouble saying ?no?? They may do it politely, but they do it and do it often. And they?re on to something - it's the power of saying NO. ?No? is a control word, a word that has real power. When we use it, we?re in control. When we don Continue Reading
You Can Only Cut Costs So Much?Then You Need to  Make More Money
Frugality has become popular as a way to help cope with an economy where jobs, raises and promotions are harder to find and to hold on to than they have been in nearly a human lifetime. But there?s a fundamental problem with relying exclusively on frugality to deal with the high cost of living. You Continue Reading
Tame The Gadget-Greedy Monster In 5 Easy Steps
These days, gadgets are high up on people's wish lists. Thanks to gadgets, a good number of American consumers have racked up a lot of credit card debt. This is an alarming development, but fortunately, there are ways to resist the temptation to buy, buy, and buy more stuff. Here are our suggestions Continue Reading
Imagine Being Owned By No One?
Way back on July 30th 2009, Trent Hamm of The Simple Dollar ran a post John?s ?Campground? - Some Thoughts on Investing with Added Personal Value. Rarely in my life have I been so intrigued at the life and philosophy of a person I don?t even know, but John is a virtual revolutionary against the bac Continue Reading