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What You Need to Know About Fix and Flip Loans
With a vision, some hard work and a bit of technical knowledge about construction you can begin making an income fixing and flipping houses. But the hurdle that determines who can take on this endeavor and who is left in the lurch comes down to the loan. There are a few different loan types for flip Continue Reading
5 Small Ways to Make Your Home Feel Fresh and Inviting Again
With all of life’s demands, it can sometimes be difficult to prioritize cleaning and sprucing up your home.  This can be especially tough during the holiday season, when most of your free time is probably spent baking, wrapping presents, and sending out holiday cards.  If your space could use so Continue Reading
How to Get Rid of Your Timeshare For Good
Why are so many people drawn to vacation ownership? For one thing, it is an incredibly affordable way to vacation. You can purchase a timeshare at a resort of your choice for a lifetime of vacations that include luxury accommodations, a plethora of incredible amenities and services, and the ability Continue Reading
Are HOAs Cults Behind Smiling Faces?
In Why You Should Avoid Buying in HOA Neighborhoods, frequent commentator Nila Ridings suggested that HOAs are cult-like. Having lived in several myself, I have to agree with Nila's observation. I've described them as the adult equivalent of a high school clique. Are HOAs cults? A strong case can be Continue Reading
Why You May be Better Off Renting Your Home
There's no question, owning a home is the emotional preferred choice. It also fits more comfortably with him humanity's tendency toward normalcy bias – the general assumption that whatever has worked in the past will always work in the future. But as the nature and core structure of America's econ Continue Reading
Shared Housing for Millennials – Boarding Houses Are Making a Comeback
Much as was the case prior to the Financial Meltdown in 2008, housing – both purchases and rentals – have made a stunning comeback. At least prices have. Late last year it was reported that house price levels finally eclipsed their 2006 price peak and are climbing higher. The recovery is of c Continue Reading
A Detailed List of Experts You’ll Need to Purchase a Home
From the outside looking in, it seems simple to purchase a home. You save up for a down payment, get approved by a mortgage company, hire a real estate agent, make an offer, and move in. Though these steps are part of the process, purchasing a property is a complex process that requires a lot of exp Continue Reading
Top 4 Ways You Should be Taking Care of Your Home
With the way that prices are rising on houses, it’s a wonder that most people really can’t afford to buy the home of their dreams these days. That is why it’s so important if you are one of those lucky enough to own your own home, to be taking care of your home to maintain that investment so t Continue Reading
Why Rising House Prices Aren’t Necessarily a Good Thing
I suppose I’m about to commit yet another heresy here. After all, it’s likely that most people think that rising house prices are a wonderful thing. But as is my happy little way, I’m going to take the counter position to this belief. While everyone is cheering on ever higher house prices, Continue Reading
Solar Energy and How It Can Help Lower the Hidden Costs of Home Ownership
So, you have been house hunting for a while and finally found one you fell in love with. The realtor might say that the house costs $200,000. Most prospective homeowners would think that they will need to have a conversation with a lender about getting a loan for that amount. If you are a veteran Continue Reading