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Shared Housing for Millennials ? Boarding Houses Are Making a Comeback
Much as was the case prior to the Financial Meltdown in 2008, housing ? both purchases and rentals ? have made a stunning comeback. At least prices have. Late last year it was reported that house price levels finally eclipsed their 2006 price peak and are climbing higher. The recovery is of cours Continue Reading
A Detailed List of Experts You’ll Need to Purchase a Home
From the outside looking in, it seems simple to purchase a home. You save up for a down payment, get approved by a mortgage company, hire a real estate agent, make an offer, and move in. Though these steps are part of the process, purchasing a property is a complex process that requires a lot of exp Continue Reading
Top 4 Ways You Should be Taking Care of Your Home
With the way that prices are rising on houses, it?s a wonder that most people really can?t afford to buy the home of their dreams these days. That is why it?s so important if you are one of those lucky enough to own your own home, to be taking care of your home to maintain that investment so that it Continue Reading
Why Rising House Prices Aren?t Necessarily a Good Thing
I suppose I?m about to commit yet another heresy here. After all, it?s likely that most people think that rising house prices are a wonderful thing. But as is my happy little way, I?m going to take the counter position to this belief. While everyone is cheering on ever higher house prices, it?s l Continue Reading
Solar Energy and How It Can Help Lower the Hidden Costs of Home Ownership
So, you have been house hunting for a while and finally found one you fell in love with. The realtor might say that the house costs $200,000. Most prospective homeowners would think that they will need to have a conversation with a lender about getting a loan for that amount. If you are a veteran Continue Reading
The Housing Bubble?s Back ? Why It?s NOT Different This Time
My many years of working in the mortgage business, especially during the lead up to the last housing bust, have given me a special interest in the current housing market. From where I sit, the housing bubble?s back. Don?t get me wrong, I?m glad to see that property values have come back, and bailed Continue Reading
Is Renting Becoming the New American Dream?
I first wrote on this topic back in 2012 (updated in 2013) when I posted Is America Becoming a Nation of Renters? What's interesting is that while the real estate market has shown some improvement since then, the basic trend toward renting remains firmly in place. This is despite the cheerleading co Continue Reading
The Many Benefits of Renting a Home
You keep hearing how it?s a buyer?s market. It seems like everywhere you go, someone is always talking about how they just bought a new house. While there is no disputing the fact that current mortgage rates are in favor of today?s buyers, that doesn?t mean that buying a new home is for everyone. He Continue Reading
Why You Should Make a Minimum Down Payment of 20% on a House
So many of the financial problems people face (and the country too) is the buy now, pay later mindset. That means financing most or all of major purchases. In fact, the dominant obsession now is 100% financing - on cars, recreational vehicles and even houses. It's all about putting the least down an Continue Reading
10 Budget Mistakes New Homeowners Make
Owning a home is the ?American Dream.? But there are budget mistakes new homeowners make that can turn it into a nightmare! Ever since our culture began emphasizing that property possession is the epitome of personal and financial success, young marrieds have started planning for that big day as Continue Reading